Tim Jeffs Draws Incredibly Detailed Lizards Using Pencil Crayons

When it comes to art, Tim Jeffs loves three things: drawing, intricate detail and animals. The illustrator  uses ink, pencil crayons and paint to bring his animal artworks to life. In a recent post on reddit, the artist shared his latest drawings of a chameleon and iguana. When a another member asked why he chose to use ‘unrealistic colours’ for the iguana, Jeffs responded:

“Artistic freedom. Having the control of making it my own creation, and not just another photograph.”


This Wall In Romania Was Covered With Over 15,000 Origami Pieces For The No Hate Speech Movement

This year Cluj-Napoca in Romania is the European Youth Capital. On the 15th day of every month, an event is organized to send a message through simple actions.

This month, they chose to take part in the global No Hate Speech movement by decorating the city walls with origami. The wall you see in the pictures has over 15,000 pieces of origami that were put up in 12 hours.

Via: http://www.boredpanda.com/origami-invasion-in-transylvania/