Mexican X-23 hanging out with a pack of stray dogs. I think this concept would be nice to pursue further … .  If I ever felt confident to draw multiple dogs doing dog things…  anyway I enjoyed coloring this sketch, it’s a new approach I’m trying to iron.

Using Clip Studio Paint and starting with a base color that blends into all the other colors I use. It’s fun and challenging and I’m not used to work like this but will continue to do so.


This thing came like triple packaged! Love it! It was in a box filled with those white peanuts (thats what my family calls then at least, i dont know what theyre really called), inside a sleeve, bubble wrapped, and then put in another box. The pans of the eyeshadow are huge!! Love the color range! I was leaving my house to go to class when I saw the box on the porch. So I brought it with me and unboxed it in the parking lot. So the lighting is kind of weird! Still, you can see the amazing colors quite well here. Im dying to play with the green shade!

METROPOLIS: With more than half the world’s population concentrated in urban areas, megacities are a swirl of 21st-century energy and humanity - photography & text by Martin Roemers - National Geographic March 2017

  • “Seen from a rooftop, the urban bustle of Lagos, Nigeria, is a blurry mosaic of colors. Africa is a rapidly urbanizing continent. By 2030 its three current megacities - Lagos, Cairo, and Kinshasa - will likely be joined by Dar es Salaam, Johannesburg, and Luanda.”