I thought a bee themed painting of mine would be perfect for #throwbackthursday this week! 🐝This little lady is “The Beekeeper.”  I painted her in 2013 for my “Spilled Milk” Exhibition with an important message in mind about being conscious of our impact on the environment 🌎 so I wanted to share her and my motivation behind creating her! 😄 Because of our actions, Honeybees, and other pollinators, are being negatively affected. 😔 If we’re not careful, we’ll lose our natural world and all we’ll have left of it will be imitations like The Beekeeper’s white porcelain stag. 🦌 I think we all have the potential to help the environment so we should try our best to make a difference! 🌎💚 Besides planting seeds, buying organic, and recycling, what are some ways you lovelies like to try to help the environment and make it a more friendly place for our fuzzy little bee friends? 🤔 I’d love to start a conversation about this so we can learn from each other so please share all your suggestions in the comments below! 😊💖


Behold… The results of the bytrialanderror x approtis collaboration are upon us!

It’s Bayonetta, ladies and gents! It’s absolute chaos!

We took two separate roads with this one. We both lined our work traditionally, but Approtis went the digital route with his colouring, since he was going for a very posterish, arcade-y look. Half-tone shading is to die for, let’s be honest.

I took the traditional path, and just did it with good ol’ ink and markers. I just don’t trust myself with an ‘Undo’ button, guys. I’d never get anything done.

If you wanna see how my sketch of Juliet Starling turned out when @approtis applied his magic, stay tuned, it’s coming :)