The LGBT+ Pride Project, No. 23

Nadia Ramírez Fernández | 17 | Bisexual

Why did you decide to come to the photoshoot?

I liked the idea of participating in this type of project and I think it’s important to give visibility to the LGBT+ community. We’re just like everyone else and we would like to be heard and seen.  

Do you feel included by the flag? Why?

I really don’t know the meaning of each color, but for me it represents unity and acceptance, which is why I feel included. (Although some people tend to not actually “believe” in bisexuality)  

What do you think about the fact that there is an LGBT+ community?

I think it’s a very positive thing because that way we can support each other. Sometimes we’re not accepted and having people that have had similar experiences can be very helpful.

Sof Boyo

I was looking around for color palettes when I found this amazing one by kysecs

There is a palette called soft boy
There is a palette called soft boy
There is a palette called soft boy

The second I saw that I knew exactly who to draw. The colors are so pretty, though of course, these are not his actual colors. But still.


Color Palette © Kysces
art © caramel-kitten-lion 2017

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