Well, there’s been some interesting hubbub lately and since this blog seems to get referenced quite a bit, I thought I needed to dust it off and weigh in. 

Above, you’ll see sei has finally acknowledged tracing but with nary a sign of remorse or apology (this is not new) and claims she has moved on from it. I clipped it down from a series of posts to save on scrolling. 

I have addressed her bullying tendencies several times before on this blog (or other people have addressed it by their own accounts), but the point of this blog was always about a lack of integrity as an artist, so without further ado:

To her credit, sei has posted a set of livestreams (heads up, she says she has technical issues) which has been broken down and critiqued rather thoroughly here. Kindly view both halves. You’ll see in dapperpants’ post references to partially traced poses where the untraced parts are incredibly awkward looking. To which, I would like to direct you to this:

External image

(source for original here) where girlJude was drawn 9 months after girlHayden. You will also notice yes, this is the exact same pose she used in her livestream. In fact, for someone who is known for inconsistency (as per dapperpants’ explanation above and also this old post), it is interesting she can do this without a lightbox (or a low opacity sketch hidden by low resolution and chopped up streams).

Also surfaced recently just by way of social circle:

External image

(from august, edit: source redacted at request of OP, sei’s illustration from last week. Original artist was also a former friend and tells me she has hits on her blog from where sei lives)

Since the tumblr art community has enormously diverse definitions of tracing vs referencing, I don’t really want to open that huge debate up again on this blog. Instead, I trust everyone will do their due diligence and put on their critical thinking caps and come to their own conclusions.