colored version later

Happy Birthday Niles~


Hinata- WTF Komaeda seriously!
Komaeda- What?
(Based of a Tumblr post I saw, if I could find it again I would link it but I coulndt sorry! Also thanks to @bpdnk who was the main inspiration for my new cartoon style, you should all check them out their amazing! I’ll also post a colored version sooner or later)

“Be careful, Princess, you could fall”

Fall in love, that is! Okay you can ignore that tidbit. First time drawing this svtfoe and it came out right! I was worried that it would look weird. Ah but alas, I am late…with only line art to show. I may put the colored version on this later.


Idea of the bad boy x princess au goes to @fullertoons

Tryin’ to get myself back up to speed. 

It’s weird how skills deteriorate and morph when you don’t use them for months. O~o  I gotta practice lineart and coloring and movement all over again. 

Artists: Even if it’s just doodles, don’t stop drawing! Everything is so much harder when you let your skills go untouched for ages. 

This is a WIP. I’ll have a fully colored version up sometime later. 

Who likes da selfies? Holliday likes da selfies!

Cayde probably dislikes anything detailed with the word “camera”, but would only follow through per request of Holliday. Lol

I really couldn’t help but doodle these two. Might even make a colored version later ;p