colored version later



My friend Sincerely Sam  @alphakittenoverload and I did this as a Collab. She made the first inicial composition sketch, and then I re-sketched it and colored it, and she’s going to make her own colored version of this later once she’s done. XD Gonna be awesome! :D 


Hinata- WTF Komaeda seriously!
Komaeda- What?
(Based of a Tumblr post I saw, if I could find it again I would link it but I coulndt sorry! Also thanks to @bpdnk who was the main inspiration for my new cartoon style, you should all check them out their amazing! I’ll also post a colored version sooner or later)

i saw this image on tumblr and i couldn’t resist 

Hana Song!! I took a lot of inspiration from her standard outfit, but I wanted to make it a little less… skin tight. Her outfit is still very fitted, but I felt it kept her in-game silhouette while dampening her bait-like design.

Her padding has been shifted around to reflect where her weight should be concentrated while laying down on her mech.

So, not the biggest change, and not the most realistic change, but I also felt that this design still suits the style of blizzards character design a bit more than the bulky flight suits I was looking at for reference.

I might release a colored version of this design later, who knows! After all D.Va is my Main and I do so love her with my whole heart. She’s number one ;)

Posted to my twitter last week.  The line art of the Vex painting I’m working on!  I downloaded the FireAlpaca program to give it a try and I’m never going back.  I found the stabilizer and now I have the most beautiful lines!  Never has anything I’ve ever done digitally looked this good!  I usually hated and avoided doing line art cause it was so painful to do but now!!!  Look at this beautifulness!!!!

Full color version to come later.  And hopefully the rest of Vox Machina.  At least a Percy, cause he’s next.

Sketch of my favorite Scene from “Until I Lose Count.” 

Will probably do a color version later. 

If you want to read a super fluffy Marichat monstrosity feel free to check out the fic it’s from Here:

Also: OMG Yay I finally remembered to SIGN MY OWN ARTWORK >_< Please don’t repost without permission. Thanks! 


“Sure enough. Everything about you is stressful.”
             "As you insisted, I did something I liked to do.“
      "If you fool around too much, I’ll attack you.”
                   “I promised I wouldn’t pull this sort of joke anymore.”