colored rims

My creative energy is a fickle, fickle monster, apparently, and today it has decided to bless me. Or curse me I’m not sure

@miraculousfluffmonth Day 8: New. 

“The new intern at Father’s company… well, he’d mentioned her being in school, but I hadn’t imagined her being around my age. Do you think I could… befriend her?”

-Adrien to the butterflies as he hurriedly changes into regular clothes to go make a good impression, probably

probs done a thousand times already but I just watched Pacific Rim again and I had to

Keep waking me up at 5:30am?

Second attempt. First time it got eaten.

I lived in a very ghetto apartment complex for a while. While there I was working grave yard shift, and there was a car that would come at 5:30am on week days to pick up SOMEONE and they would lay on the horn for at least 20 minutes. They would never get out of the car, they would just lay on the damned horn.

I did ask them politely, once, to stop, to go knock, I work grave yard and would like to sleep. I basically got told to fuck off. Ok, you’ve asked for it.

He was driving a VERY pimped out Cadillac. Maroon in color, tinted windows, gold rims, large white wall tires, etc. Obv very proud of his ride. I waited a month, so it wouldn’t be obvious it was me, then I borrowed a paint ball gun from a guy at work. I took the screen off my window facing where he always parks, and waited for the next morning.

When he started laying on his horn I sprayed his car with neon orange paint. He stopped laying on his horn after that. I think I made my point.

pretty tired of seeing this hair trope on Asian characters

EDIT: here’s an insightful look into this trope from divallon 

to reiterate, this is not necessarily a bad trope or stereotype 

it is overused in Western media and East-Asian women deserve more variety and better representation than this 

as shoorm put it it’s not the literal hairstyle that’s offensive, that’s not the point

it’s the subtleties that this trope carries, it’s about how race-specific this trope is

arphiercipher  asked:

omg , 24 for newt and hermann from pacific rim !! (jesus christ i love your art bro)

UUUUUGHHHHHRR thank you so much @arphiercipher and sorry this took so long holy hell.

main reason was the fact that I know a lot of the Pacific Rim universe but never watched the movie so I had to spend a long time researching (fanfics and wikia) as well as the fact that its two people so i need to get their interaction at least somewhat accurate. I’m so sorry if this still sucks.

Research notes: Kaiju apparently do have organs such as guts , kaiju are also referred to sometimes as aliens and were made by aliens, so I hope that term is okay to use. Alien Guts is actually also the name of a level three Kaiju from Ultraman.

(yeah i looked up a lot of stuff just to make sure. also looked up a height comparing website for hermann and newts hieght difference. its slightly off sorry)

(also this color set is harder because of the wide range of value, which is good since i need to practice that so thank you)