colored rims

Yo y yo, la pareja perfecta.

“Me and me, the perfect couple”

A really happy scene for a very special person for me, he’s been one of my best friends ever, and even if he’s confused of who really he is, that he says he’s a deer when actually he’s a hyena :P

So this hyena and the deer are the same person, yup.

This is Marchenko, Stoopideer, Rosfru, or any of the thousand nicknames he has put himself.

Mixed media: watercolors, markers and color pencils.


Yoav tables by Nui Design Studio

The guys from Nui studio created the Yoav series of tables as a reinterpretation of representation furniture for flyers, handouts and other things. But they also make a very good coffee table, keeping your favorite magazines at the side to leave enough space for your cup of coffee. The table is made of sweet chestnut wood with a sandblasted finish and a little red color highlight at the rim.