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Mad: Part 1

“We’re all a little crazy on the inside. Some are just better at hiding it than others.”

Warning: Will contain smut, violence and tense situations in later chapters

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Moulin Rouge! // Min Yoongi


the prompt: do you think you could write a yoongi x reader fic? Something with a situation/plot like Moulin Rouge?

words: 6636

category: moulin rouge au

disclaimer: all references and rights of moulin rouge go to it’s original creators.

author note: right so I watch the whole movie and there are like 7 different angsty plot twists. i skipped only a few. anyway this is a lot like the movie since it was fresh on my mind so i hope you don’t mind that. I also took a few things that I wasn’t comfortable with writing out. I hope you guys enjoy this because it’s my longest scenario yet at 6k+ words.

- destinee

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More RvB icons! This time with Freelancers!

Free to use with credit!

Bonus Florida:

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Handbell anon again: So about that space caterpillar mini-prompt...*sly look* you wouldn't happen to be referencing Tribbles, would you? 🤔😜

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they basically are tribbles, okay

A bug/dragon fakemon based on the tsuchigumo and Cyriopagopus schmidti

  • Tsuchigumo fill a roll in Japanese mythology very close to that of western dragons.
  • Tarantulas are called otsuchigumo in Japan, apparently in reference to the yokai since Japan has no tarantula species, the same way giraffes and tapirs are called kirin and baku.
  • The tsuchigumo’s description was later altered to be tiger-like which was possibly in response to accounts of Cyriopagopus spp. native to China and Vietnam.
  • Said tarantulas burrow, have striped abdomens, are particularly defensive, and are called “earth tigers” in English.
  • C. schmidti is by far the most superior species with its gold coloration and bushy white mustache on its chelicerae.

The only catch is….am I really audacious enough to make a THIRD tarantula line? FOUR if you count Aviculor separately and FIVE if you count Galvantula?

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y you don't have pink skin?

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Um… Because of my dad, I guess? I mean, my mom has pink skin but my dad doesn’t. I’m not surprised that I have the same skin as my dad though. I have a lot of his traits. He actually has a pink eye like I do! *rubs her arm awkwardly* He told me that some people used to make fun of him when he was younger because of his eye. They said that he was weak and that pink is a girl’s color. 

*smiles proudly* But my dad is the strongest, bravest person I know! He proved them all wrong and showed that it doesn’t matter what a person looks like on the outside. All that matters is the heart that beats on the inside! *waves her hand dismissively* Besides, there is no such thing as a girl’s color or a boy’s color. Colors are for everyone… 

*shrugs* Lots of people assume that all watchdogs are the same, but we aren’t. Every single watchdog is unique. Some have pink skin and red eyes… While some have different colored skin and different colored eyes. *motions to herself with a slight blush* I’ve even seen some watchdogs with hair. *giggles* My dad has a mustache…

Merry Christmas to my @pjosecretsanta2016 person, @aphroditesintimidating! Hope I did Percabeth justice and hope you enjoy it :)

Annabeth saw the first gift during the morning coffee rush while training the new kid they had just hired. She shoved the letter addressed to “cute blonde barista” into her apron and forgot about it. Customers were always trying to get her number, it was nothing new.

The second gift couldn’t be shoved into her pocket or forgotten, at least not without damaging it. Attached to the thorny fresh-picked rose was a note: “read my letter :)”. She made a mental note to open the envelope when she got home and plucked the petals off the rose, throwing away the stem. She’d find something to do with them; they were too pretty not to keep, even though Annabeth praised herself on being sensible enough to avoid getting caught up in fanciful things like flowers. They were too pretty to go to waste.

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