colored maxi dress

Psychedelic long dresses, Mademoiselle Magazine 1967.
Three models stand close together wearing brightly colored maxi dresses; from left to right: sleeveless dress with swirl pattern in green, orange, red and black by Fifth Avenue Robes; a long sleeve dress with paisley print in pink, purple and red by Chezelle; and a kimono-style dress with floral print in green, yellow, purple and white by Gigette. Photo by Didier Dorot

Costume For The Day:

- Crazy rust-colored hippy button-up maxi dress with embroidery

- Black faux motorcycle shoes that broke part-way through the day - seriously.  the heel up and fell off… I need to stop buying really cool shoes from the Thrift Store and wearing them to death… OR MAYBE I NEED TO DO IT MAWR!

- Gold mis-matched stud earrings

- Crazy double crystal necklace I made - it’s pretty heavy so I don’t wear it that often.  But you know what they say - double the crystals, double the fun.