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Day Two: Failure/Insecurity

Day two of @vldangstweek. I decided to focus on the insecurity bit of this day. I’m really happy with the positive feedback on day one, thanks everyone! Under a cut for length. 

“Keith? You okay? You seemed a little…off…during that workout.”

“I’m fine, Hunk. Thanks for asking. I’ll be out to dinner in a second.”

There was a long pause, and Keith waited with baited breath until he heard the sound of Hunk’s footsteps moving down the hallway towards the dining hall. He sighed with relief and gingerly peeled off his jacket, fingerless gloves coming off after it. With a deep breath, he lifted his shirt up and over his head, the fabric drenched in sweat from training, and tossed it into the laundry chute.

When Keith turned back to the mirror, he couldn’t help but flinch. He lifted a hand and ran it over the skin of his stomach, over the faint lilac color that had been steadily stretching outwards ever since his encounter with The Blade of Marmora. It covered nearly his entire torso at this point, dipping just below the waistband of his jeans and curling up around his collar bone, over his biceps. He knew he wouldn’t be able to hide it for much longer, but keeping it covered, keeping it hidden from the others….

It made him feel less like a villain, less like a failure as a teammate, because since he was Galra, he was partially to blame for the death of Coran and Allura’s planet, partially to blame for Shiro’s disappearance, for everything.

He swallowed and dragged a hand through his hair, watching as the strands glistened a deep purple color in the light of the bathroom. That was the hardest to hide, but luckily for him, it seemed to be staying a darker shade rather than becoming the pale lavender he had grown so used to seeing on the Galra. It blended in with his hair, except in certain lighting, so for the most part it wasn’t visible.

Keith sighed and hunched over the sink, taking a shaky breath and turning the tap on. He splashed a bit of cold water into his face, letting it drip down over his chin and down his neck, the coldness replenishing his energy and making it easier for him to relax about this whole damn predicament.

A knocking at the door. “One sec, Hunk.”

“It’s not Hunk. Dude, you okay?”

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Fangirling Cecil for anon! Hee, with the colors, it was the only situation I can come up with :p My headcanon is that Cecil wears a headband to keep his hair from falling when at home ;D (the person he’s speaking to is indeed, Carlos)

Edit: AHHH I ADDED CECIL’S TATTOOS! (how could I forget? i’m such a failure OTL)

This is an F-35 jet. It can go 1.5 times the speed of sound, and it’s most efficient at 0.95 Mach. They’re run by over 8 million lines of code. It allows the pilot to have 360 degrees of vision around the plane, and can detect where the pilot’s eyes are looking and shoot a missile at that target. It’s designed to be incredibly stealthy. On my tour of it, a little boy asked “Why are the jets painted grey?”. The lieutenant laughed and said “Literally, because the military refused to paint them pink. Light pink is the hardest color for the human eye to see from a distance, but the military thought that pink was too girly, so they went for the second best color which was grey.”

Men would literally take a higher chance of being shot down and killed than fly a jet with a “girly” color.