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Simblr vs Sim tag

I was tagged by @cruisinfdr thanks sweetie!! :3c 

Make a 3x3 grid for you and your lovely sims, you can either use one of the templates here or make your own from scratch

If you’re not comfortable showing a picture of yourself, feel free to make/use your simself! (it’s all about the positivity my guy)

Tag as many people you want <3

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Things (tired) François has probably said:

“Why is blue.”

“Tower of Pisa? More like tower of Pizza, am I right?”

“Draw a circle that’s how straight I am.”

“Awww, you’d be cute if you weren’t out to kill me all the time~”

“Whatever, I’m going full sin.”

“So I might be haunted, but are any of us really surprised by that?”

“You better laugh or I will take of my shirt. And yes this is a threat.”

“Do I look like I care?…. Cause I do, I really do.”

“Wanna watch something scary? Like me without my morning coffee?”

“Why does Norway of all people look so good in a dress?”

“I’m a guy, I can perv on other guys if I want to!…. Wait no that’s morally wrong, I take that back.”

“Stop being such a gremlin and get off of the closet before I go get the broom.”

Watch this video and tell me that that dancer IS NOT @markiplier


Here are a few clothing studies that I did the other day, I know it’s not perfect but I’m trying to improve skills and my content this year! Things might take longer, but I think it’s worth the effort! 

Let me know what you think! I don’t always get to go this in depth with drawing, so let me know if you want to see more!

I’ve heard that Slytherin find good friends in Hufflepuffs


Fanart for @soupfulness​‘s divine servant AU bc soup’s designs and ideas are so inspiring! I took some liberties with coloring… and Iwa has peaches just because it’s what I associate with Chinese mythology. Thanks for letting me draw in your AU, soup!!