colored character sketch

I felt like I should share this– A happy cinnamon roll with a flower crown to spread happiness, good luck, and positivity! ☆☆☆

Here to shake things up

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Painting practice with Ezra Amell 👌

Here’s a cropped preview of my take on “Lightning” from Final Fantasy!

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“Kacchan, I will always be here.”

“… you idiot.”

Kinda an afterward of the “Hug” piece I did? 

Kacchan is recovering from crying/small breakdown and feeling a bit embarrassed about tearing up. Izuku knows that well and decides to sit back-to-back with Bakugou to offer some comfort. 

They’re outside and sitting near a river; the lights are shining from the street lights not far away. It is a quiet place where both of them can stay calm and sort their emotions.