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vsadcactus asked:

Thank you for being wonderful!!! You are like my mother princess in terms of graphics <3 you should make tutorials or something

my beautiful daughter that makes so happy  thank you for this lovely ask! 

I started a tutorial but I never finished… I’m lazy and I’m not very good in explaining stuff specially in english

Fanfiction goodness

It had been a rough morning. Of course, Jonezy hadn’t meant anything by his little prank, but Sloshy had taken it to heart. He may have gone to extremes that evening by summoning the Midnight Man, but later on, it was decided that such a decision wasn’t as terrible as it could have been. It simply would have been nicer if Sloshy had mentioned something before midnight while he and Jonezy sat on the couch playing video games.

“I did it,” Sloshy said suddenly while they were in the middle of their game. Jonezy wasn’t paying much attention, but gave an offhanded “Did what?” in response. “I did what I’ve always been threatening, you gorgeous devil.”

Jonezy paused the game, confused by his friend’s words. For a second there was simply silence. Sloshy had threatened to summon the Midnight Man, but Jonezy had figured that his friend was too chicken to actually do it. “No way. The lights have to be out to play the midnight game…you’re gonna make him mad.” The last part was said in a whisper, prompting a laugh from Sloshy. He turned around and pointed at the door behind him.

“22 times, on that door. Just as midnight started.”

“No way, I would have noticed!” Jonezy could already feel goose bumps start on his skin, but Sloshy nodded. “You were the one who got op to go to the bathroom.” And with that, Sloshy retrieved a crumpled piece of paper from under his couch cushon, his name and his blood on the paper.

“HOLY SHIT MAN!” Jonezy was in the air, landing on the floor, trying to scoot away from the paper of doom. Sloshy gave a playful laugh, but Jonezy shook his head. “Not funny! We have to turn off the lights. Where the fuck is that candle?” Sloshy stopped his laughter, giving his friend a confused look.

“What are you talking about?”

“HE’S GONNA BE MAD, DUDE!” Jonezy screeched, and Sloshy sighed, pulling out the candle in order to make his friend feel better. Honestly, he was thinking that that would be the end of it, but as soon as the flame was flickering on the wick, Jonezy was at the light switch. With a click, the lights were gone.

“JONEZY!” Sloshy gave an irritated groan. His friend was a weirdo. Did he seriously think some ghostly man was going to care if they played a made up game from the internet? Jonezy’s face appeared in the dull glow of the candlelight. “You’re lucky that the rest of the lights in the house were already off. Now where’s the salt?”

“What salt?”

“THE SALT, MAN! How else are we going to protect ourselves if he finds us?? Didn’t you read that thing the whole way through??” Jonezy had a look of terror in his eyes and for a brief moment, Sloshy felt bad for preforming the ritual. It was just supposed to be funny. Jonezy should have just laughed it off.

“I donno, there’s probably some in the kitchen…” Sloshy said, but Jonezy stood perfectly still, his eyes wide with shock. “Slosh…behind you…” The boy gave out a whisper, his whole body shaking. At first Sloshy didn’t believe there was actually anything there, but the look in Jonezy’s eyes was too real. This wasn’t a joke.

Sloshy spun around, the candle losing sight of Jonezy. There was nothing. “Ha, ha, Jonezy.” Sloshy grumbled, turning back to where his friend had been standing on to find him missing. This time it was Sloshy’s turn to be flooded with fear. “Jonezy?” His voice came out as a whisper.

A few steps forward produced nothing. Sloshy felt his heart beginning to race, feel guilt bubbling up inside him. “Jonezy…?” He said it a little louder, but with no more confidence. Had something really gotten his friend? Suddenly, a pair of arms wrapped around his waste, and something touched his cheek. Sloshy gave a shriek of fright, and spun around to come face to face with Jonezy. “Gotcha.” The boy was grinning, a flashlight held within his hands. “You jerk!” Sloshy blew out the candle. His eyes closed briefly to take out the candle, and as he looked back up to scold his friend, he found that Jonezy had already beaten him to the punch, his face in front of his, his lips pressed against his own.

Sloshy stepped back, his face reddened. “That was way scarier than the Midnight Man.”


By ColorCloudsdale

The number one thing that displeases me about this is that I’m not a pony. Jimmies have been rustled.