Colorblind Problems
  • Me (holding up two Gatorades):Are either of these purple?
  • Gas Station Employee 1:Huh?
  • Me:Are either of these purple? I'm colorblind and was asked to get a purple Gatorade.
  • Gas Station Employee 1:Uhhh... No, these are both kind of orange, let me find you a purple one.
  • Me:Son of a bitch... ORANGE??!?! I didn't know I was THAT colorblind!
  • Gas Station Employee 2:NO NO NO NO... The CAPS are orange, he meant the Gatorade inside, Doug. This one is blue and this one is kind of purple.
  • Me:Oh, ok. (thinking, WTF?)

I read this whole post today where people complained about SJWs and how they ruin everything by “seeing race” etc. The point was that wanting something other than primarily white, hetcis males as characters in the next Trek production was to stop this wonderful thing that is “not seeing color” etc.

I love Star Trek. That is apparently something you need to say before you critique it. I want to say something about Star Trek and colorblindness. This vision Gene Roddenberry had about a time where none of it matter. I love that! The problem is - that isn’t really what happens in Star Trek.

Star Trek isn’t created a few hundred years from now. It is created within the cultural context of 60′s, 80′s and 90′s USA. That is very apparent. Especially so for someone like me, that isn’t from that place or that era.

Take Voyager for example. We have Harry Kim and B’Elanna Torres. Torres is hispanic/latina, Kim is american-chinese (which isn’t even mentioned on screen but was part of his character bible).

The thing is, this is never mentioned. Torres grapples with her klingon identity, but the other side of her is just “human”. Which, you might say - isn’t that we’re trying to achieve? That we are all just human? But still, no, that isn’t what happens.

Because holidays, history, food, traditions and the majority of the crews names - are (Anglo-based, primarily white) American. But it isn’t described as American. It is described as human. So what we get is the default position of “human” being ascribed to American culture, without that word ever being used. All other cultures that supposedly still exist on planet Earth are ignored - while Starfleet is simultaneously claiming that they are represented.

Harry Kim is as much “human” as anyone else on the ship. But his chinese ancestry is, as a paradoxical consequence of this, totally ignored. And the same goes with Torres that, presumably, has some hispanic/latin roots. But there is no attempt to show or even mention that part of her identity.

While (white) American traditions, history and culture is evident throughout the series. “Human expressions” and “Human customs” are rarely from Zimbawe or Nepal. But we get baseball and 50′s hot rods.

This is an American tv-show. So of course it will be based on (white) American culture. But this also makes it a perfect example on how colorblindness can function as oppressive.

Since it erases diversity when it doesn’t acknowledge that the traditions, view of history, food and customs are part of a specific culture. Not a neutral one, that somehow isn’t connected to a specific set of people under a specific set of circumstances.

I want Roddenberry’s vision to work. But, as I said in an earlier post, it is important to recognize the flaws in writing so that we can improve on what we have already done. Like recognizing the flaw in both claiming that we have overcome racial and gender disparity - while only showcasing one culture, with primarily white (hetcis) males as its representatives.

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i just saw someone try and pull the “i think hamilton should have colorblind casting because that means equality!!!” card and im just

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I’m colorblind, and we had a fire drill the other day at school, and so I was outside on the grass with a few of my friends, and they started to play a game where they would throw this red bottle cap somewhere into the green grass and then they’d start cracking up because it was invisible to me and I couldn’t find it for the life of me.

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I forgot what number it was but the green question.

omg I had my fingers crossed for this one! :D

I associate green with peace and darkness and the smell of rain. My favorite shade of green is the night sky during a heavy storm. I’ve always found the dark really comforting because when people share it, it’s usually quietly and gently. Rain’s similar: it cools off the world’s color scheme a bit, makes it easier to look at. Plus even when it’s coming down in sheets, it feels nice and soft. Just as long as it’s not raining sideways >__> Wind chill is not comfortable.

And on top of that, my messed-up color vision turns the clouds my favorite color :D or maybe that’s why it’s my favorite color. idk xD