A World of Color

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Warren Worthington III x Reader

A World of Color

Author: Morgan

Prompt: Another soulmate AU with Warren!!! Like countdown clocks on their wrists, or the colour one where you don’t see colour until you meet your soulmate!!! Love your imagines <3

Note: Why not both?

Warnings: None?

You looked through your closet. It was hard to pick what to wear when all of your dresses looked grey. Today was the day. The special day you would meet your soulmate. You only had four hours. And on top of that, you were going to a new school. The pamphlet sat on your bed.

Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. A home and school for mutants. It was a safe haven, a place for people like you. You had the power of telekinesis, telepathy, and energy manipulation, and while it was cool and all, it was dangerous, and at the moment it was very hard to control.

The lights in your room flickered, getting brighter and darker and changing the shades of gray. You sighed, trying to calm down. You were so nervous.

“You need help?” your mother asked, walking into your room. “Big day, you know.”

“I know. Yeah. Could you help me pick a dress? I don’t know what to wear.”

“You look good in red.” your mother told you.

“Not that I would know,” you laughed as she handed you the red dress. You put on, tying the ribbons in the back.

“Here. Take this,” your mother handed you a necklace. It was a pair of angel wings on a silver chain.

“Is he-?”

“I had a dream about him last night,” your mother told you. She too was a mutant with powers of predicting the future. “I think he’ll like it.”

“Okay,” you put it on, fastening the clasp behind your neck. “I’m just so scared. What if he doesn’t like me? What if…?”

“He’s your soulmate, baby.” your mom wrapped her arms around you. “It’s the best feeling in the world. You’ll know. Everything will change.”


Warren stared at his wrist. Two hours. Not even. He looked around the courtyard full of gray students, gray trees and gray flowers. Kurt walked over and sat on the edge of the fountain.

“Did you know I’m blue?” Kurt asked. Warren shook his head laughing. “Scott just told me.”

“Bro, what if I’m blue?” Warren asked, looking at himself. “Then I’d be more of a freak than I already am.”

“You? A freak? You’re not zhe one vizh zhe tail. Or zhe pointed ears. Or zhe-”

“I get it.” Warren said, staring at his boots. “I just,” he paused. “I’m scared.”

“So is she,” Kurt put a hand on his friend’s back. “I still have zhree veeks before I meet mine.”

“It still doesn’t feel real,” Warren shook his head. “I can’t believe she’s coming.”


“Twenty minutes,” you whispered, sitting in the back of the car. “Twenty minutes.” You stared out the window as the gray trees rolled by. You couldn’t wait to see what green looked like. Or red. Or blue. Would you know what they looked like, or would you have to learn? It was a mystery.

“How you doing, sweetie?” your father asked.

“I’m holding it together,” you replied, staring at the numbers on your wrist.

“It’ll be fine.” Your mom said. You took a breath, fingers fiddling with the pair of wings handing around your neck. You closed your eyes, trying to imagine him.


“Welcome to Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters!” greeted a very friendly girl named Jubilee. “I can show you around if you want!”

“Two minutes,” You mumbled. She glanced over your shoulder.

“Oh my gosh, no way!” She smiled pulling you out the front door and into the courtyard. “Come on! I know exactly where he is.”

She led you down the path to a fountain. There was a boy there. He had thick curly hair and was wearing a leather jacket. His wings were large, feathery, magnificent. You straightened out the skirt of your dress, looking up just as he turned around.

The moment your eyes met, the world exploded with color. His eyes were blue. His hair was blonde. The trees were emerald green, the leaves shimmering in all of the different shades. It was amazing, breathtaking, the most beautiful thing you had ever seen.

Warren stood, his hand caressing your cheek.

“I’m (Y/N),” you introduced, your voice shaky and your heart racing.

“Warren,” he replied, smiling. His eyes drifted to your necklace. “You knew.”

“My mom knew,” you nodded. “She thought you would like it.”

“I do,” he smirked, pulling you close. His arms wrapped around your waist as his large wings surrounded you, keeping you warm like a feathery blanket. You kissed his cheek, never wanting to leave his arms. “You’re so beautiful.”

“Thanks,” you blushed. “Your wings are amazing.”

“Thanks,” he pulled out of the hug. “You can uh, you can touch them. If you want,”

You raised your hand and gently stroked his feathery wings. They were softer than anything you had ever felt. He smiled, wings faltering a little under your touch. He soon found himself staring at your lips. You smiled, your eyes tracing his gaze.

You took a step closer, one hand coming to rest on his muscular chest. He breathed softly and you could feel the ghost of his warm breath on your face. You were silent, faces inches apart. You closed your eyes, enjoying the pleasant feeling of his warm lips against yours. He hummed, pulling your body against his.

God, you’re hot. You projected into his mind. You felt him smile against your lips.


Among other things.

Well, you need a tour of the place, right?

Yeah. You replied. You can show me around and then we can have some alone time. If you know what I mean.

He pulled away, pressing a quick kiss to your nose. You laughed.

“I like the way you think,” he smirked, intertwining his fingers with yours. He brought your hand to his lips, pressing a kiss to each of your knuckles. “Come on, soulmate. We’ve got a lot of ground to cover.”

Imagine growing old with Obi-Wan

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When We Were Younger - Older Obi-Wan/Ben Kenobi X Older Female Jedi Reader X Luke Skywalker

Written By: @sakuraaeris1497

(Y/F/N) - Your First Name

(Y/L/N) - Your Last Name

(H/C) - Hair Color

(E/C) - Eye Color

(L/S/C) - Lightsaber Color

Author’s note: This was a fourth anonymous request made to, but now I am a contributor to their blog as a Star Wars imagine blogger. Therefore, I decided to help them out by writing requests that they couldn’t get to. I apologize if this is very short because I really had no good ideas except this and if it totally sucks, then I really apologize. But please enjoy anyways! 😉

(Luke Skywalker Point of View)

It had been a few moments since I first met Ben and (Y/F/N) Kenobi. They had told me about my father Anakin Skywalker and the old stories of the Jedi before Darth Vader destroyed them with the help of Emperor Palpatine and the Galactic Empire. Ben and (Y/F/N) were the only survivors of the Jedi Purge alongside an old friend, Master Yoda. I kinda feel terrible for them because I don’t know what it’s like to lose all my friends and family like that. However, when I found out that I could use and sense the Force, then I actually began to want to learn from Masters Ben and (Y/F/N) about how to use these newfound powers.

One day for our daily lessons, Ben made me wear a bowl-looking helmet on my head to get rid of my eyesight so I would use the Force to fight. After hours of training by fighting a robot that shot lasers at me, (Y/F/N) decided to let Ben and I take a break as I sat down with her. After a few minutes of settling my sore legs and learning how to breathe again, I looked towards (Y/F/N) with her graying hair arranged in a braided bun and her eyes becoming more gray with age. She was still attractive even for being as old as my aunt and uncle, so I often told her as such like I did today, “You know, for a Jedi who’s been living here for twenty years or so, you still look good.”

With that, (Y/F/N) began to laugh as she slapped her knee with her outstretched palm before she made a small jest, “Oh, Luke, you never cease to amaze me…You should’ve seen me and my husband when we were in the Order before we became old and gray.”

“I heard that!” Obi-Wan/Ben replied sarcastically as (Y/F/N) responded with her own sarcastic jab at the top of her lungs, “I know, that’s why I said it loud, old man!”

“Oh, I’m old?! You’re the same age as me! Look at yourself, Mrs. Wrinkles and White Hair.”

“Ok, you know?” (Y/F/N) responded back with her hands on her hips and her head tilted to the side before she continued her thoughts aloud, “I’m tired of your sass, Mr. Ow-My Back!” At this point, I couldn’t stop laughing at these moments between the sassy old couple as they turned to look at me before Ben asked, “And what do you think you’re laughing at, Skywalker?”

“He’s just a crusty, crotchety old man, Luke, honey. Just ignore him.” (Y/F/N) responded jokingly before Obi-Wan gave his wife a tender kiss on the lips. I thought it was cute to see old people kiss, or anyone kiss for that matter, but then again, it was just awkward to see my teachers kissing in front of me.

After I coughed against my will to get some dust out of my throat, (Y/F/N) turned to me before she sat down next to me while I asked her, “Mrs. Kenobi?”

“Yes, Luke?”

“I was wondering if…while we took a break…you could tell me more about you and Mr. Ben’s days as a Jedi?”

After thinking for a few minutes, (Y/F/N) decided to speak with me as she sat closer to me with my hands in her lap. As soon as she started her story, the older woman didn’t stop as she set the scene, “We lived in this big city called Coruscant where Senators from every nation had a voice to rule the Galaxy and the Jedi were around…All Jedi started as young as toddlers to learn the ways of the Light Force, including me and Ben. Younglings were what we called our youngest Jedi while Padawans were the older students, but we all learned under Jedi Masters…Back when we were younger, when my hair was (H/C) and my eyes were (E/C), I met Ben when his hair was a healthy shade of auburn and his eyes were as blue as the skies overhead.”

“Ben with red hair and blue eyes?! You can’t be serious.”

“But I am, it’s the honest truth. You can just ask him yourself…Anyways, where was I? Oh yes!…For many years, we fought with our lightsabers of blue and (L/S/C) alongside your father and his blue lightsaber…In fact, Ben was your father’s teacher and they got along so well that they were almost like brothers or father and son. We saved so many people and fought so many enemies. We even faced a few Sith Lords over the years and we even participated as soldiers in the Clone Wars…I loved dear little Anakin like my own son and I…It was so sad when Vader killed him.”

“I’m so sorry…” I replied as I put a tender hand on her shoulder while she patted my head before she stroked my cheek with her small, wrinkled hand, “Bless you, child. You are as sweet and kind as your father, and just as handsome…Sometimes, when I see the way your blonde hair curls around your neck or the way your blue eyes twinkle in the Sun, I see Anakin again…”

Then, (Y/F/N) began to tell me all sorts of stories in regards to her and Ben’s adventures. She was such a great storyteller because she could paint a complete picture of what happened during things or who was involved, even the smells and sights of everything that happened. Just hearing about the Jedi flying starships to all these different worlds and fighting in grand battles made me want to go on adventures like they did. The Jedi sound so cool and I wish that they were still alive and thriving. It’s a shame that people like my dad are gone and people like Yoda, Ben, and (Y/F/N) have to live in hiding. That’s why I’m determined to be a Jedi just Iike my dad, to save the Galaxy from the wicked Emperor and Sith Lord Darth Vader. That’s why my hope is that I’m strong enough to do this task and learn the ways of the Jedi to the best of my ability, just like my father before me.