Great Divide Brewery by NodToNothing on Flickr.

Cody’s beer of the week 4/4/12

Great Divide 18th Anniversary Wood Aged Double IPA 10% A.B.V.

Year to year I patiently wait for Great Divide to release their wood aged IPA, and this year they have really out done themselves. 18 pours a vibrant ruby red with a thin layer of pearly white bubbles, and the most satisfying nose. Aromas of caramel covered hops, vanilla and oak satisfy the senses and prepare the taste buds for the joy that follows. The mouth feel is incredibly smooth and round with a decent amount of carbonation and a sticky/hoppy/oaky finish. Cheers Great Divide! Congratulations on these last 18 years, heres to 18 more! - Cody


This weeks Boulder Co. and Colorado Card’s Barista of the week comes to us from Ozo Coffee Co. in Boulder CO.  We’ve know Greg for years because he used to work at Vic’s off 30th street.  When Justin Hartman left Vic’s to open Ozo Coffee Co., he took Greg Lefcourt with him.  Now the co-owner and operator of Ozo Coffee, Greg has received national recognition on his art and skills as a Barista.  Greg is a champion in Latte Art and has participated in major competitions, always representing his hometown, Boulder with pride.  

We are honored to receive his submission and will look forward to seeing him at local Barista competitions to come.  

Enjoy your brew and love your coffee!


This weeks Friday beer selection is something we had the pleasure of tasting this past week at Denver’s Bull & Bush Pub.  The Pub has been in business since 1971 and released their first in-house brew in early 1997 by two brothers.  Erik, one of the brothers showed us the inner workings of this incredible place, along with inspiring us for this weeks Friday Beer Selection.

First, you chose one of their 12 craft brews, either 20 or 40 ounces.  The beer you chose, whether it be the Big Ben Brown or the Happy Hop Pilsner is poured into a french press and into it is added HOPS!!  The Hops are from the Western Slope, so everything in your glass is local.  Admit it, you CAN taste the difference.

The old Bull & Bush uses Jack Rabbit Hops, a total of 5 different varieties that vary from citric acid to a well-balanced weedy taste.  The Big Ben Brown was the beer we chose for the dry hopped infusion using the sweeter, milder Northern Brewer hop variety.

The Brown as is, is a deep dark mahogany in color.  It’s taste is rich with flavors of molasses, toasted toffee, with a “dark pit fruit” essence.  With the addition of the Northern Brewer hops, the color became a more deep creamy-purple and the taste became sweeter with the weedy variety of hops used.  We are pleased to present this amazing idea behind a new micro-revolution of beer drinking.  Props to Erik and the staff at the B & B.  We look forward to seeing what you can do at the GABF and beyond!!!

Cheers, beer drinkers!



Avery Brewing Co. 10th Annual Strong Ale Festival (3/09/2012-3/10/2012)

         The weekend of March 9-10th has been set as the 10th Annual Strong Ale Festival at Avery Brewing Company in Boulder, Colorado since early 2011.  With 124 beer submissions and over 57 different breweries from 14 different states the two days were fueled with plenty of delicious strong ales, local music, and great company.  The front range and Colorado in general represented a massive amount of the submissions for this years strong ale festival and we’re happy to bring you our top 4 beers from Colorado Microbreweries.

During my two days at the festival I was honored to pour for three great local breweries, Breckenridge Brewing Co., Boulder Beer, and Bull & Bush from Denver.  Of all the ales I had that day, one of the ones I poured was exceptional and had to make the list.  Bull & Bush’s “The Legend of the Liquid Brain” was tapped out by the time people filed in for day two on Saturday and they quite honestly missed out on one of the greatest and biggest ales I have ever set my lips on.

“Liquid Brain” as people called it  is classified as an Imperial Stout with 12% ABV.  Aged in Buffalo Trace barrels, the huge stout had the nose of chocolate and mocha and tasted sweet with lots of coca notes.  It finished a little on the rough side, the way I like it, similar to a fine tequila.  I guess at 12% ABV anything can finish with that hard alcohol kind of flavor, but the maltyness of this beer complimented the hard finish that could have potentially been disastrous for this kind of ale.  The flavor profiles of this stout were so complex and the color was a gorgeous golden-black on the pour.  As full-bodied and heavy as this beer was, the malts were just toasty enough that you got a real chocolate taste from it.  They’re doing something right at the B & B!

The next beer weighs in at a generous 10% ABV and is the first of its kind I have ever seen.  Fool’s Gold from Odell Brewing Co. in Ft. Collins is a Double Extra Pale Ale, and oh was it Extra Pale!  These guys have it dialed in when it comes to their hops, but this one takes the cake for hoppiness for me.  It had a magnificent yellow-golden color on pour with a light head that settled quickly.  It smelled piney, citric, and a little malty.  On the tip of my tongue all the way back, this beer was bright, floral, and citric all the way!  I thought St. Lupulin was delicious….  This beer is definitely on my radar for possible top 5 of all time.  

Grimm Brothers Brett Bock - I had the pleasure of pouring this beer Friday evening and to my surprise I was incredibly delighted. This wonderfully dark and tart bock certainly had quite the following. It pours a deep brown with a glistening off white head. Aromas of brettanomyces, cola and kiwi were followed by the wonderful addition of toasted malts. The mouth feel was complex and refreshing, tart at first but with a layer of acidity that created a crisp and bright finish. Quite satisfying. Avery Barrel Aged Mephistopheles - Tearing myself from the taproom bar on Saturday afternoon proved to be quite difficult. Avery had so many rare and delectable offerings to taste it was just all to hard to sneak away. However, their Barrel Aged Mephistopheles was the one that kept me coming back for more and was probably the reason that the following Sunday will be lost forever! This bad boy poured black in color with a rich mocha head. The nose was complete with oak, vanilla, bourbon, bakers chocolate, and graham cracker. The moth feel was sticky and rich with notes of bourbon lasting all the way down to the stomach, creating a lovely but pungent finish.  Cheers!   @ColoradoCard and @NeonBlackBrain CC