Fall can come and go in the blink of an eye at Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. This early fall picture captures the beauty of the park in autumn, but snow is already beginning to fall in the upper elevations. Soon, most of the park will be covered in a blanket of white. Photo by Vikas Garg (

Reflection Canyon is one of the unique wonders in the Southwest. Located in a remote section of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Reflection Canyon offers unparalleled views of the Colorado River twisting and winding through colorful sandstone cliffs. After the tough hike to reach Reflection Canyon, photographer Wan Shi was rewarded with this spectacular shot. “This has to be the most colorful and surreal scene I have ever seen in American Southwest.” Photo by Wan Shi (

Ascendancy by Taylor Franta

A flat tire on a mountain road, a gnarly sunburn, lost sunglasses, and a bad case of altitude sickness later I at least have this to show for it. 

What I like most about this picture is that fact that is shows action over a large period of time. I kept my camera stable for about 2 hours and shot the crawler coming up the road, a car driving down the road in the valley, the faint flashlight of a hiker off on the right, and a campfire up from the road in the valley. All of these were ultimately unplanned but I was fortunate enough that they all happened close enough together on this evening to shoot them. Finally, the moon was just out of frame and initially I hated the flare coming into the frame and tried my best to minimize it but in the end I think it adds its own unique effect to the image. It was one of those nights where despite the hardships everything ended up alright.