colorado thunderstorm


Wray Colorado Tornado | Photo taken on May 7, 2016 by Dale Kaminski, on Flickr. See more stunning nature shots on the Your Best Shot 2016 - Landscapes Flickr gallery.

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Time lapsed view of a lightning storm over Den

Colorado National Monument has experienced some intense thunderstorms this month, making for some dramatic photos. This amazing shot by Bob Ingelhart from July 10 captures a lightning storm overlooking Monument Canyon. Photo courtesy of Bob Ingelhart.

In this rare sight, a rainbow (we like to call it a “blob-bow”) brightens the dunes following an afternoon storm at Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve in Colorado. Summer thunderstorms at the park are common and bring cool winds, heavy rain and lightning. When storms approach, be sure to come down off the dunes, as lightning often strikes the dunefield. The electrical current fuses or melts sand particles together, resulting in a “fulgurite” (Latin for lightning rock). Photo by Patrick Myers, National Park Service.


haveyoumetmyhusband-nightwing submitted: 

  Before I start my story: Every year in the summer my family and I vist my Aunt, Uncle, and their two kids in Colorado. In Colorado they have random thunderstorms that come and go with in a few moments. Being from California where thunderstorms are far and few in between, they always excited and even frightened me. Because of these freak thunderstorms, in my cousin’s neighborhood they have large ditches or cement canals about 10-20 feet deep to help keep it from flooding and to guide the water. My mom always told us not to play in the canals because a storm could come on before I could climb out and wash me away. But that’s not why I’m afraid of the canals. 

One day my cousin Maddie, her friend Lauren and I were hanging out in one of the canals in their neighborhood. At the end of the canal was a large metal tube or pipe. The opening was about 15 feet high, and completely pitch black. Curious the three of us decided to go inside the tunnel. I have no idea how long we’d been walking, but I could no longer see the light from outside, nor could I see my own hand infront of my face without the use of our cell phones as flashlights. 

Lauren was walking a few feet a head of us, and Maddie decided to scare her. So at the same time we both turned off our phones and screamed ‘gotcha!’ while grabbing Lauren’s arms. She screamed and hightailed it out of the tunnel. Maddie and I laughed, and turned our phones back on content to walk a little farther. But, and I can’t force you to believe me, before we could walk any further I felt something cold, hard and what felt like fingers grab my shoulder. I was terrified, and stone still, and I swear I heard a male voice whisper ‘Gotcha’. 

I  heard my cousin scream and we ran as fast as we could outta there. Needless to say we’ve never gone back in the canals or the tunnels. My cousin and I never told anyone about it, till now. 

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey: I don’t know what’s creepier, the idea that there was something paranormal,  or the idea that a grown man would pay that mean of a joke on children! 7/10 for scares and thank you for sharing!