colorado mural


Memories of the Rockies

As some of you may have seen on my Instagram stories, I spent the past week painting these murals on the walls of my lil’ sister’s house. They were a belated gift for her marriage and her first child. Her family moved from Colorado to Alabama last year for her husband’s work. She, like me, misses her home state and the beautiful nature found there.

Thus, I painted these iconic scenes. Pine trees for the new baby’s room, aspens for the master bedroom, a waterfall for my niece’s room, and the continental divide for the guest room. Each room is 8 feet tall, except the master which is significantly taller. (Largest paintings I’ve ever made!)

This project took up many hours and tubes of paint, but I enjoyed it, and they loved the end result. Win-win!


Denver day! After lunch we headed towards Denver to check out some Art galleries, local coffee spots, and food, of course. My sister tried to use her photography skills on me. I only half complied, ha ha. C'mon. Tell me you wouldn’t have tried to pick that giant nose! I’ve had a such a blast here. If she didn’t have to work I would’ve definitely stayed longer!