colorado flowers


Dictamnus albus is in the citrus family Rutaceae. Commonly known as gas plant or burning bush, it is native to Eurasia, but is commonly grown as an ornamental. Gas plant is an herbaceous perennial that can grow between 3 and 4 feet tall, and does best when planted in the sun. While the flowers alone make this plant intriguing, it also produces highly volatile fragrant oils on the leaves and stems which have a citrus like smell. These oils are highly flammable; with the strike of a match, the whole plant can burst into flames. However, the oils combust and burn away completely, leaving the burning bush unscathed.


Penstemon strictus is in the foxglove family Plantaginaceae. Commonly known as rocky mountain penstemon, it is native to Colorado, Wyoming, Arizona, New Mexico, and a small area of California. Rocky mountain penstemon is a herbaceous perennial found growing in subalpine areas including pinyon-juniper forests, and open meadows. It is also considered one of the most common penstemon species in the Rocky Mountain area, often forming dense populations of plants that cover forest clearings and bloom in the spring and summer. Because of its vibrant display of blue-purple flowers, coupled with its high drought tolerance, rocky mountain penstemon has been cultivated widely for use in perennial beds and native plant gardens.

Viola canadensis is in the family Violaceae. Commonly known as Canada violet, it is widespread throughout much of North America. Canada violet is an herbaceous perennial that produces cauline heart-shaped leaves and solitary white flowers that are streaked with purple stripes at the throat of the corolla. It grows in a variety of habitats including moist shady forests, and along streams, and blooms during the mid to late summer. This species attracts a variety of pollinators depending on its location, including numerous different bee and butterfly species.


There is an incredible (and attractive) man in downtown Denver, Colorado that sits in front of the Tattered Cover book store that (for a tip) will make up a poem on the spot about whatever topic you want. He’s amazing! I chose Sunflowers as my topic and this is what he came up with. 🌼 I recommend anyone in the area to go see him. He’s really really nice too.