colorado farm


Charles Hendrix showed me around his Aquaponics greenhouse the other day. Aquaponics is a growing process in which Tilapia (and, less so, goldfish and koi) provide nutrients for the plants (which are primarily lettuces and others which thrive with constantly wet roots) and the plant beds help filter the water. It has a lot of potential to feed hunger stricken communities near rivers and could help lessen agricultural water waste in drought-stricken areas like California. 

the signs as places and times
  • aries: a walmart parking lot, 3am, colorado
  • taurus: an apricot farm, 9am, colorado
  • gemini: a denny's in 104 degree heat, noon, arizona
  • cancer: a smallish fishing town during a heavy fog, 3pm california
  • leo: a metro car, 1am, washington d.c.
  • virgo: a beach on a windy day, with long, slow waves reaching out to touch the sand, 2pm, michigan
  • libra: a tiny town that looks like it never left the 1950s, 2am, utah
  • scorpio: a garage band concert, 9pm, salem
  • sagittarius: a flying j parking lot, sunset, south dakota
  • capricorn: a crosswalk, 8pm, chicago
  • aquarius: a long, dark highway between two cities, 11pm, kansas
  • pisces: an apartment, not yours, boston, 7am