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Charles Hendrix showed me around his Aquaponics greenhouse the other day. Aquaponics is a growing process in which Tilapia (and, less so, goldfish and koi) provide nutrients for the plants (which are primarily lettuces and others which thrive with constantly wet roots) and the plant beds help filter the water. It has a lot of potential to feed hunger stricken communities near rivers and could help lessen agricultural water waste in drought-stricken areas like California. 

the signs as places and times
  • aries: a walmart parking lot, 3am, colorado
  • taurus: an apricot farm, 9am, colorado
  • gemini: a denny's in 104 degree heat, noon, arizona
  • cancer: a smallish fishing town during a heavy fog, 3pm california
  • leo: a metro car, 1am, washington d.c.
  • virgo: a beach on a windy day, with long, slow waves reaching out to touch the sand, 2pm, michigan
  • libra: a tiny town that looks like it never left the 1950s, 2am, utah
  • scorpio: a garage band concert, 9pm, salem
  • sagittarius: a flying j parking lot, sunset, south dakota
  • capricorn: a crosswalk, 8pm, chicago
  • aquarius: a long, dark highway between two cities, 11pm, kansas
  • pisces: an apartment, not yours, boston, 7am

Ok! I guess we should start our first post with introductions/explanations about our project!

To start, we are Jenna of Boarfeathers, and Alee of Sargassos here on Tumblr. The hyperlinks go to our respective art and nonesense blogs here. We live together in a very small mountain town usually found right around the L in Colorado. While we aren’t really a PROPER homestead, we are working towards getting a place where we can have the space to do all we’d love to do. For now, we’re doing a little rural town homesteading, and honing what skills we already have as we do it.

While this is all a learning process, it’s not entirely new to us that we decided to jump into on a whim. Alee grew up on a small ranch in Arizona and has been working with horses, cows, and dogs her whole life, on top of learning gardening and small home farming from her mum. Jenna has been gardening with her parents since she was small, and has raised rabbits and chickens in the past. Sure, some parts of it are new, like the beekeeping (which we failed at our very first attempt at) and the smithing, but hey, it is all part of the learning process here!

Besides the two of us, our little house is home to:

  • Alee’s dog Tsavo, a labrador/doberman (we think?) mutt who is too smart for his own darn good,
  • Berlin and Pippin, a pair of male californian (again, we think?) rabbits who were rescued after being dumped by their original owners (don’t do this, people. Domestic rabbits were not meant to be released into the wild. NO pet is.)
  • Six full grown chickens of vicious and troublesome personality.
  • And eight 4 week old chicks who will hopefully never meet the cranky hens (and will hopefully have very different personalities, if we’re lucky)

We also have a beehive, but it currently stands empty. Unfortunately our location doesn’t produce very many NATURAL bee flowers in town, and our garden is just not quite up to par to sustain bees yet. That is one MASSIVE project for summer 2017. Perrenials EVERYWHERE.

Spring of 2017 is upon us, and lets face it…’s still snowing in Colorado. But no matter! There are projects to be started, and projects to finish! We have a batch of crab-apple jelly to be made soon, chicks that are growing up WAY fast, and garden beds to be laid out! Alee is determined to put a hammock in the front yard if it kills her. Not to mention we kind of just turned our kitchen into a makeshift greenhouse to start some flowers and herbs for the coming season.

By all means, come hang with us on our random adventures in rural homesteading! Comments are welcome, heck, any advice is greatly appreciated! Questions are also welcome, though we can’t guarantee we’ll have the answer. We’re still learning as we go ourselves!

Posting more soon, cheers!

Boarfeathers and Sargassos-Moose

Photo: Our dog, Tsavo, loves hanging out with the ladies.


Happy Birthday Dolores Huerta! It was a an honor and a privilege to meet you. 

Some recent work of the UFW (United Farm Workers) co-founder for The San Francisco Chronicle. Huerta was visiting Denver for a screening of her upcoming documentary “Dolores.”

Thanks to Alex assignment & Nicole for the edit. :) 

A John Deere combine between rows of late season corn under a classic Colorado sunset.  This is from my first ever batch of home developed e-6 film, I’m now happy to be completely free of labs for film developing!

Near Greeley, Colorado - November 2015

Shot notes:

Velvia 50 4x5, 90mm Caltar Lens
10 seconds at f22, 2 stop soft GND filter