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Got the urge to finally create my own tarot card art. I’m going to try to do the entire major arcana but I’m going to be changing the classic names and imagery to better fit (in my opinion) the meanings of the cards when drawn.
01 would normally be The Fool but I decided to make it
The Young Heart

- Upright: Beginnings, betrayal, extravagance, folly, intoxication
-Reversed: Absence, apathy, carelessness, naivety, negligence

Homicide detective Jerry Thompson questions Ted Bundy after picking him up at his apartment on a warrant for possession of burglary tools-

“Did you ever go sailing, Ted?” detective Jerry Thompson asked. “Ever own a sailboat?” Bundy shook his head.

“What about skiing? Thompson asked. “Ever go skiing in Colorado, Ted?”

“No,” Bundy answered.

That afternoon, Thompson searched Bundy’s apartment. He removed a book called The Joy of Sex, a map of Colorado, a Chevron credit card and a Colorado Ski Country brochure. The Wildwood Inn, the lodge where Caryn Campbell had disappeared, was underlined in black ink. Salt Lake police contacted Michael Fisher, the Aspen investigator in charge of the Campbell investigation, and informed him about the brochure. Bundy’s statement that he had never skied in Colorado was reported as a flat denial that he had ever been in the state.

“The denial was the ticket,” Fisher said later. “We really had no suspects. We had nothing on the case except the boyfriend, and we had cleared him in ten days. Bundy had denied ever being in Colorado. With that in mind, I ran a credit card check.”  (Rolling Stone, 1978)

The second floor elevator of The Wildwood Inn where Ted may have encountered Caryn Campbell. Caryn (23) was last seen on January 12, 1975 at the Wildwood Inn where she was staying with her boyfriend and some friends for a skiing holiday. She disappeared while on her way to fetch a magazine from room 210 on the second floor and never returned.  Photo by @cmortensen from “Ted Bundy: A Visual Timeline”


My top five photos of 2016 for Gray-Card’s annual Top Five Extravaganza.  2016 was a particularly good and bad year for me, and not my best year for photos… but looking back, there were more good ones than I remembered.

1.  Green bee (September)
2.  Cliff with clouds, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area (June)
3.  Brown jumping spider (May)
4.  Hesperus Mountain (September)
5.  January, the butterfly we found in the house (January)

Tarot Kickstarter

My sister just launched an incredible Kickstarter and I wanted to spread the word. For all of you who’ve launched a campaign you know the feeling on the first day. I urge you to take a look at this beautiful modern tarot deck, her and her friends have created, and if you like it please support and spread the word.