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Spent the long weekend in Colorado, the place that got me into photography a decade ago, and fell even more in love with it than I was before.

Various locations in the state of Colorado. July 2016. (Instagram)

My dad told me a story about his college years today, apparently he had a class where on the first day the professor pretty much shouted at them the entire class period on not to be late, ever. Like if you are late just don’t even show up.
The next time he had that class he was biking his way there, and there is a couple biking in front of him on the road. The husband of the couple turns and keeps going but the wife apparently crashed and my dad was the first one there and pulled her over to safety so she wasn’t in the road, and she’s badly hurt, so there is my dad with other people helping him out in finding the husband, getting someone who knew medical aid, etc. By the time he was able to leave the scene, he was late for class.
He still biked the rest of the way and when he walked in the professor immediately looked at him and said “oh, oh no don’t worry just sit right down, don’t worry about being late.” and as my dad was sitting down he thought that it was odd that the professor was so strict about not being late before, and then just letting him slide.
Once he made it to his desk he finally looked down at his hands which were covered in blood from the injured woman earlier.
And my dad is convinced he just terrified his professor, that he just thought my dad killed a man before walking into class.

Alternate team names
  • Edmonton Oilers: Oil Boys
  • Boston Bruins: Disappointment Bears
  • Colorado Avalanche: Falling Snow Fucks
  • Calgary Flames: Tiny match boys
  • Toronto Maple Leafs: gaaaaaaay
  • Pittsburgh Penguins: birds with a superiority complex
  • Columbus Blue Jackets: The blow me blue jackets
  • New York Islanders: this would be easier if they had a home

Rashaan Salaam, the 1994 Heisman Trophy winner and Colorado standout, has passed away at age 42. Salaam was found alone in a park in what may be a suicide.

You never know what battles people battle and struggle with silently, especially during the holiday season. My thoughts go to the Salaam family.

Photos via Twitter: @dailycamera, @NFLonFOX, @chicagobears


Today, Rocky Mountain National Park is taking over our Instagram account – celebrating its 100th anniversary, while honoring the wilderness, wildlife and wonder of the park. 

Over 95 percent of Rocky Mountain National Park is designated Wilderness, an untrammeled landscape where humans are only visitors. Setting off on any of Rocky’s 355+ trails will leave you with a wilderness experience to last a lifetime.

Rocky Mountain National Park is home to an abundance of wildlife. Perhaps the most famous are the elk.

For over 100 years Rocky Mountain National Park has inspired wonder. Many have visited, looked up at the same night sky, and pondered their future. Feeling dwarfed by the stars or a mountain peak keeps life in perspective.

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