Cool clouds fill the sky just after sunset in this picture of Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. Taken from Bear Lake, the image shows the park’s beautiful alpine landscape, including Hallett Peak in the background. Photo by Glenn Nelson (


I wanted to run 3 miles today but instead ran 4.15. The run was nice and easy and I enjoyed every minute of it! It rained and then was super sunny and I had a beautiful view of a double rainbow!

This run was so necessary because the past few runs I have gone on, I have been super emotional, super in my head, and didn’t enjoy any of them no matter the distance and that is really unlike me.

When I run, it’s me and the pavement and my music. My breathing grounds me and my sweat and hard work are put into my run- nothing else exists. It’s just me living in the moment, breath by breath.

And thats exactly what I got today. Fucking amazing.