color: peach white

Ordered a black butler figurine set online. All great reviews.

But this is some janky shit I got right here.

Madame Red and O!Ciel are looking awkwardly down. You can see what is wrong with Party Ciel’s dress. Sebstian’s gloves and shirt are peach colored instead of white. Lau once on his stand leans far to his right. And Grell looks like they are wearing red tinted sunglasses.

They must have sent me the rejects :p

Believe it or not, there are actually quite a few reasons to buy a recast other than funds! ^^

1, the company could have a bad reputation and you don’t want to risk getting sent a broken doll, or support their terrible buisness practices.

2, the company doesn’t offer the resin color you want, or any color other than white/peach.

3, the doll was limited and the second-hand market is flooded with over priced, chipped, yellowed versions.

4, it’s your first BJD and you don’t know what you’re doing, so you don’t want to risk ruining a doll you can’t replace.

5, You want a variety of sizes to sew for, either to sell clothes or just learn / You want a variety of sculpts to do face-ups on, either for examples or for practice.

6, You are in an abusive situation where someone else is controlling your funds, even if you’re an adult, but you want to be able to enjoy something. Recasts can be less expensive than even the cheapest legits and so you’re less likely to feel at risk spending $60 on a recast than $200.

7, You want to get a doll for a younger member of your family who is interested in the hobby, but little fingers are clumsy and sometimes things break, so it’s easier to replace a recasted doll should something unfortunately happen.

People are in different situations, even if you don’t understand them.

And for those who do own recasts: Ignore the comments on this, as they’ll sadly be harmful to you. Instead, know that your doll is beautiful, you are beautiful, and you are loved! ^^

Image by BJDConfessions