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So piper's "kaleidoscope" eyes sound a lot like hazel colored eyes, which authors never give to characters for some reason even though they're really cool! Seriously, I've read more characters NAMED Hazel than with hazel eyes.

They do and it would have made more sense to give her hazel eyes, but according to the wiki her eyes literally change colour from brown to blue to green (which is stupid). And I know right? I never quite understood that…

ok but eye colors are so cool?? Like each one is unique and a little different from the next.

Blue: ranges from the color of the sky at noon to the stormy ocean with dark grey clouds above

Green: it’s like looking into the meadow,
it’s peaceful and captivating.

Brown: Your staring right into warmth and comfort. It can remind you of the blazing sunset or hot chocolate on a winter’s night.

Hazel: You see a forest with rivers on the side and soft, dark soil. You get lost in all the different colors blending together

Grey: it reminds you of summer rain, the grey clouds hovering over you and gifting you with tiny droplets of water.

Devil's Backbone

Sam and Dean x Sister!Reader

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Warnings: maybe some Angst, being buried, I think that’s it.

A/N: this is going to be a series so let me know if you want to be tagged. Also the readers names picked out already. I’ve been wanting to do that and finally did. Feedback is very much appreciated.

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The feeling of a slimy object crawling across your face got your attention. You found yourself wanting to open your eyes but had no luck. Where the hell were you? Breathing was impossible. Dirt surrounded you. Were you…buried?

Up. It was the one thing that made sense. Dig up. Grab dirt and pull it out of the way. The moment your hand reached above the surface, it felt as though the sun was wrapping itself around your skin.

Grabbing onto nearby grass, all you could do was pull. Pull your body up from under the ground. Then it happened. Fresh air. You inhaled it violently. Gasping for a good time before you were breathing normally. Now all you had to do was finish getting out.

From the stomach down you were still covered in dirt. And weak. God you were so weak. Both of your arms steady themselves on the ground and locked position, trying to pull the rest of your body up and out. But they both gave out. No surprise you were weak. You’d just risen from your grave.

It took forever it seemed. Wiggling and squirming anyway you could. Eventually you got out. For a moment you just laid there. On the ground. Surrounded by fallen trees as an omen. You paid no attention to them.

The sun. It was all that mattered. Every inch, every fiber in your body, was soaking up the light. It was beautiful. The way the rays danced on your newly re-exposed skin. It was almost like two friends meeting each other once again after being apart for so long. Your eyes closed, allowing the light to embrace you after being trapped in the dark for so long.

Some time had passed. Night had now fallen on the once beautiful and vibrant blue sky. Tomorrow would bring another day to dance alongside the sun. For now, you became aquatinted with the old friend of dark. Following the bright street lights which led to a lit up town not far from you. Cars occasionally passed by on the busy road, but they all ignored you. Of course you didn’t blame them. You were beat up, wearing ragged clothing and looked like you’d just crawled out of Hell. Maybe because you had.

How were you even back? Your brothers. Sam and Dean. They must’ve done something stupid to get you back. There wasn’t any other way you could be back. If one of them sold their soul, you’d kill them yourself for being so stupid and reckless. It was bad enough your sold yours to save Sam after the fiasco with Azael and his special children’s fight to the death. You didn’t need to keep going down the same path.

Finally- not too far away you could see something. Something you’d thought you’d never see again. A telephone booth. Lucky for you, there was change in your pocket. Funny how neither of your brothers thought to empty your pockets.

With excitement and success flowing through you, you ran as fast as you could over to the phone. Closing the door and looking around before dialing the number. First you tried Sam’s. No answer. How could he not answer?

Okay- no need to panic. There was only enough left for one more call. Bobby would decline a number he didn’t know. So Dean it was. Part of you said a little prayer before dialing the numbers.

“Please pick up. Please pick up.” Your hand rested above the box while your head hung low as you whispered to yourself.

Then you heard it. The familiar, tired, gruff voice on the other end of the phone.

“Hello?” Dean.

You wanted to yell. Wanted to cry. But your voice was so hoarse and dead.

“Hello?” He was getting inpatient. No doubt he would hang up. There was no way for you to talk. So you did the only thing you could think of: Morse Code.

“D-E-A-N” you hoped and wished he would understand. “H-E-L-P”

When you heard movement on the other line you got hope.

“Sammy, get me a pen and paper.” He understood. He knew you were trying to tell him something. “Do it again.”

You wasted no time. “D-E-A-N. H-E-L-P.” The whole time you tried to get your voice to work but found no luck still.

“Where are you? Who is this?” He knew that not just anybody would have his number and know his name. It had to be somebody he knew.

“Cadlin Lane. P.W” you have your initials. Phoebe Winchester. Before he could respond to you, the line cut out.

Great. Now you were stuck in this town. Alone. At night. No money, no car, no anything. So you did the only thing that made sense: sit in the booth and wait for Baby to hopefully pull up.

Lucky for you, nobody tried using the phone while you remained inside of it. Hiding from the unexpected down pour of rain and hail. The water outside threatened to seep into the small cracks and destroy what little warmth you had. Two headlights in the distance shined bright in your general direction. A comforting putting sound of an engine sent chills down your spine. It wasn’t just any engine belonging to any regular car. You’d know that roar anywhere. Baby.

Both of your legs were stiff and cold from being in the same position for hours. Nevertheless you pushed the door open, resting on your knees, and tried your best to stand up. Tries instantly squealed roughly against the jagged pavement and rocks. Two bodies swung open the shiny black doors and hauled towards you. There was no question which was which. Dean was driving as usual and Sam rode shotgun.

“Phoebe?” Dean’s arms wrapped around you while the scent of his leather crisp jacket did the same. Sam came up behind you, holding a silver knife and holy water in his hand. Without hesitation you held out your arm. First came the holy water. Obviously you passed the test. The knife made a small fit on the tip of your finger. He too wrapped his arms around you as you switched from one brother to the next.

The hug was warm. It made you feel alive. Your head rested perfectly on his chest as his right hand held the back of your head.

“Come on.” Dean was already heading back to the drivers seat.

“Your freezing, climb up front. The heaters work better up there.” Never did Sam give you the front unless special circumstances were upon you all.

You climbed in, sitting on an old jacket of course. Both of your hands were crookedly extended outwards to greet the blasting air vents in front of you.

“Jesus, Phebe’s. Your fingers are purple.” Dean was right, you hadn’t noticed it until now. “Come here.” His right arm moved and made room for your body, and you happily moved over to him.

Somehow he’d managed to get his jacket off and wrap it around the front of your body. Sam did the same and covered your legs. On the floor board you could see an unopened bottle of water. Within seconds it was in your hands as you downed it faster than you ever bought possible. With the final swallow you set the bottle in a cup holder and resumed your position next to your driving brother.

Both of your freezing hands were balled up in each other as they tucked neatly into Dean’s side. Trying to absorb his heat. Sitting up slightly, you set your head into the crook of his neck, still facing forward to see the road barley. The small chuckle that came from him shook your bones as his right hand wrapped around your shoulders and rubbed lightly. Creating friction and heat.

“How the Hell are you even back?” His eyes stayed focused on the road ahead.

“I could ask you guys the same thing.” It was the first words you’d spoken with your voice.It hurt, but you did it anyways. “One of you had to do something stupid and reckless to get me out.” From the corner of your eye, Sam was leaning forward onto the back of the front seat.

“No. Neither of us did.” His arms were crossed neatly across the seat. “Not that we didn’t try, because we did. Nobody would make a deal with us no matter how hard we tried.”

Of course they tried. So there was good reason to worry they did sell their soul. Phoebe one, brothers zero.

“Well I’m not back because of nothing.” Your head was turned so you could look into your brothers hazel colored eyes.

Turning onto your back, you were surprised to feel a burning pain coming from your right side. With no questions asked you pushed the jackets off of your now semi warm body and slowly began to lift up for shirt. There were red swollen and puffed out markings on your side. But there was more hidden by your pants. Slowly you started to roll down the waist of your jeans, only on the right side. Until you could make out what it was.

The mark was wrapped around your hip. You rolled over just slightly to see the last of the puzzle. A thumb print which curled around to your backside just a little. It was a hand mark. There was no doubt about that.

“I wouldn’t call that nothing.” Both you and Dean exchanged a look of concern as he spoke. Never taking his eyes off the road.

Day one of the rest of your life of rebirth began now.

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I don’t thing I deserve it.. Part 1

Characters: Teen!Reader, Sam, Dean

Warnings: Needles, Injuries

Word count: 1996

Summary: You’ve been a slave for almost 4 years now to a demon named Clarke. When you luckily escape you run, literally, into the winchesters and they take you in and take care of you. They help you overcome your fear for basically everything and you become like a little sister to them.
What will happened when you want to start to hunting down Clarke for revenge? What happens if she catches you first?

A/N: I orginally posted this on ao3 and it’s my first fanfic ever so i wanted to share it with y’all. This will be a series with multiple parts with no smut whatsoever.. Happy reading! (Oh and if you wanna be tagged just send an ask <3)

Part 2

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You ran as fast as you could, not stopping for a minute. It felt like your heart was going to pump out of your chest and all you heard was the loud sound of your heart pounding in your ears. Your lungs hurt from all the running and you were struggling to breathe. The thing behind you was closing up and you felt the panic rise within every second. You rounded a corner as you looked back to find the thing gone and your breath hitched.

You didn’t see where you were running so when you ran into something you fell on my butt, hard. A whimper left your mouth and with panicked eyes you looked up to see that you had just ran into a man. He was really tall and muscular and his shoulder-long hair fell in his face when he looked down at you in surprise. His hazel colored eyes looked at you and you stumbled away instantly.

“Hey, shit, you okay?” the man asks. His voice was deep, but still comforting in a way you didn’t understand. When you didn’t answer he took a step forward and bent down a little but as he did that you let out a shaking breath and backed away. “I’m not gonna hurt you kid” he said and held his hands over his head. You made a frowning face and tried to stand up with your eyes fixed on him in case he would attack you.

As you try to stand up you put your weight into your left leg and a cry leave your lips as you fall down again. Instantly the man was right beside you and you stopped breathing. He bent down and reached for you. You tried to crawl away in fear but the pain in your leg just escalated. “I’m gonna pick you up, okay?" 

He didn’t wait for an answer as he put an arm under your legs and the other one under your back and lifted you up bridal style. As he rose up you shut your eyes and bit your lip as to not scream out the pain. You tasted the familiar taste of blood in your mouth.

You jumped as the man who carried you screamed. "Dean! Come quick, i found someone!” His long legs made him walk a lot faster and you were thankful for not having him running. You didn’t hear the footsteps in front of you and you inhaled sharply as another voice came to your hearing. “Who’s this? What happened?” The voice of this person, Dean, was much deeper than the other man and he sounded a little older. It was definitely another man and you couldn’t help the fear creep up on you. 

You shivered in the man’s arms and he tightened his grip. “I don’t know, she ran into me. Something happened to her leg and I’m pretty sure she hit her head or something before, because she’s bleeding.” You shut your eyes even tighter as you felt a hand on your upper arm.

“Hey kiddo, can you tell us what happened?” Dean said, directing his question to you. You didn’t answer, too afraid of what might happened if you answered wrong to his question. “Do you have a name?” the man who held you squeezed you a little. You didn’t know if it were for comfort or threatening, but you shook your head lightly and regretted it the second you moved your head. 

A sharp sting from the back to your head took you by surprise and you cried out. Tears ran now freely from your closed eyes down your cheeks. “We gotta stitch her up. Take her to the bunker and I’ll try to call Cas”

The man carrying you began walking again and you felt the rumble in his chest that he was talking to you but all you could focus on was the pain. Sooner or later he stopped and he opened a car door. “Hey, I’m gonna put you in the car, and It’ll probably hurt, but you can’t pass out on me, okay?” He lowered you from his grip and into the car. 

As soon as you body hit the seat you took a deep breath, trying to calm down. It helped a little and you were now half sitting, half laying down in the seat. You opened your eyes a little and you saw the man going around the car to take the seat with the wheel. You were sitting shotgun. When he opened his door you looked at him with tired eyes. “Don’t close your eyes” His voice became shallower as he kept trying to talk to you but you’ve already given up and you were slowly sinking into the darkness.


You were in the state between awake and asleep and you didn’t really have control over your body. The sound of a car driving fast was comforting. You began to wake up now and that was something you really didn’t want because the pain was still there. You groaned a little and tried to move but you ended up feeling worse than before. Wait, where were you? Your eyes shot up with fear and your body tensed. 

You looked around with panic in your eyes until you saw the man beside you. The Running. The two men. Your injuries. Everything came back to you. You didn’t realize you made a noise but suddenly a pair of eyes were on you. “Hey, hey, hey, calm down.” He put up his right hand in the air and kept the left one on the steering wheel. As he moved his hand towards you, you flinched away and he took away his hand.

“How are you holding up? We’re at the bunker in about 15 minutes and then I’ll take care of your leg and head, okay?” You wanted to ask what this bunker was, but you kept quiet. You began to shake and you couldn’t feel your toes and fingers. “You’re freezing because of the blood loss, I’d give you a blanket, but I don’t have one, sorry" 

The car went faster for a second and soon enough you were at this odd looking iron door. He parked the car and instantly got out. The door opened beside you and he ducked under the roof of the car to hover over you to pick you up. This made you panic and you tried to get away. He got his arm under got legs and the other one under your back as before, and lifted you out. Your body was tense and the pain was too much for you. "You gotta relax, I’m here to help” He mumbled as he walked to the door.

As he went down the stairs you shut your eyes again in pain. Once you were down he almost started to run and when you felt a comfortable sheet under yourself you opened your eyes. You’re in a bed? The man started to fumble around in boxes and he came forward with a first aid kit. He ran out of the room and came back with a bottle of something. “I’m gonna stitch you up and I’m not gonna lie, it’ll hurt” he took a scissor and qut your pants off of your left leg. 

The cold air that hit your leg gave you goose bumps but you didn’t have time think about it anymore as a liquid hit the contrast of the injury on your leg and it burned like fire. You screamed as tears welled in you eyes. “I’m so sorry, but it has to be done” said the man whith a slight panicked voice. 

He picked up a needle and a thread and you instantly started to breathe funny. “N-no, no, no” you sobbed as you tried to get away. Apparently you shock him with speaking, but you were not gonna let him use that on you. He stared at you for a few seconds before speaking “This needs to be stitched up if you don’t want to die” He looked at you with apologetic eyes as he returned his attention to the needle. “Please d-don’t” you whispered.

The door slammed open and you jumped. The other man, Dean walked in and his eyes wandered to the gasch in your leg. “Need some help Sam?” He said, his eyes never leaving your leg as he spoke. You guessed it was pretty bad. 

Sam closed his eyes and sighed as he said “Hold her” You shock your head in protest. As Dean came forward you began pulling away as you sobbed “N-no, please, d-don’t” your head hit the headboard and you panicked. Dean were now standing next to the bed on the opposite side of Sam.

He grabbed your ankles and carefully tried to drag you down so that you were lying down but you screamed and desperately tried to get away. You tried to hit him but he caught your wrist and putted it over your head. “Calm down! You need to calm down so that Sammy here can stitch you up and everything will be fine" 

You tried to get away from Sam now when you had realised that Dean weren’t letting you go. You scooted over to Dean’s side and Sam looked at you. "It’s okay. You’re scared of needles right? It’s gonna go fast and smoothly if you just calm down” He looked at you in your eyes while speaking. “Yeah, Sam here is really good at it, it’s okay” Dean said. You locked eyes with Sam and he smiled a little and you calmed down a bit.

Dean scooted you over to Sam and you began shaking. Dean took both of your hands and put them on your stomach as he laid his arm over them. The other hand pressed down a little on your left leg to keep it still. In this way you wouldn’t be able to move as much. “Deep breaths, It’s gonna be fine” Sam said. You shut your eyes and as you felt the needle go into your skin you held your breath. It hurt so much and feeling the needle under your skin made it worse. 

After about 2 minutes Dean noticed that you still held your breath and he looked over to your face. “You have to breathe or you’ll pass out” When you didn’t respond he removed his hand on your leg and loosened the arm on your stomach, but not completely moving it away. “Hey, you need to breathe, it’s going good” He put his hand on your cheek and you inhaled sharply. You let out a shaky breath after that and Dean kept talking to you about breathing.

“All done” Sam said, and he moved to the first aid kit to get a bandage to wrap your leg in. As he wrapped it around your leg Dean moved away completely from you. “We have to check your head too, okay?” You nodded a little as you turn to the side, with your face to Dean. He kneeled down and looked over at Sam with an expression you haven’t seen before. 

You flinched a little as Sam started to run his fingers gently over your head as he kept asking you where it hurt. You tensed a little when he moved his fingers over a little bulge. “You don’t need any stitches but you might have a concussion, and we need to get it clean from all of this blood too”

Dean nodded, even tho it was meant for you, and he rose up and walked up to the closet and pulled out a towel. He then went out of sight, but your heard water running. Dean came back with the wet towel and gave it to Sam. Sam cleaned you up and you were losing yourself to sleep. Your eyes were heavy and your breathing evened out. Less than a minute later you were asleep.
Hazel Eyes I Was So Color Blind

Summary: “She’s my best friend,” Rachel defends, suddenly feeling very protective of their relationship. She’d worked so hard for it, and they’ve come so far from where they’d started. Of course Quinn’s good opinion means everything to her.

Number 33 in the Don’t Blink series (otherwise known as the epiphany).

Warning: Original male character in the form of Rachel’s ex-boyfriend, Peter.



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do you have any tips on how to find face claims/ references for your characters?

Totally  ^ U ^  ok so when you have a Oc at least for me I have a image in my head of what I want them to look and I try not to base it on just one person. I’m like I want olly to have a golden hazel colored eyes so I google that and find the kind that matches what I imagine or close enough, then i think about face shape I want a square jaw, then  long hair, nose, lips, body type. I gather all those photos and make a mood board. then I go on to styling : I want him to be a metal head I want him to dress like a crustpunk and so I gather fashion inspo photos and that’s put on another page, THEN after all that i gather little details so for me it’s pictures of piebaldism, expressions things that show his personality  and THEEEEEN I start drawing, it’s a lot but I like the outcome rather then me being “like fuuuuuuuck I like brad pit in interview with a vampire
 … OC zad bitt is brad pit with his lip pierced” 

Soulmate eye color AU

Based on this post:

  • Percy’s frustrated because he can only see black, white, and gray
  • On the other hand, grey isn’t a very common eye color so he thinks it might be easier to find his soulmate
  • Until he sees that all of the Athena kids have grey eyes
  • Is it Annabeth? Malcolm? There’s like, twelve or so others, and it could be any of them!?
  • But he loves storms
  • Meanwhile Annabeth’s favorite place is the ocean
  • It has so much color
  • And the way the waves move
  • For a while she was scared she didn’t have a soulmate (the colors are really specific and grass isn’t the close enough)
  • But then she sees the ocean when she gets to Camp Half-Blood
  • And she’s so relieved
  • The first thought she has is that her soulmate has really pretty eyes
  • Frank is also worried about his soulmate
  • He can’t see anything besides black and white for the longest time
  • Then suddenly he’s in the armory polishing shields and stuff and every thing just blooms into color, bright gold everywhere
  • In the back of his mind he’s worried about why the colors didn’t show up until then but he doesn’t think about it too much because he’s so happy he can see color
  • Hazel is surprised when she can see color after coming back to life
  • And it’s the same brown as before
  • So she wonder’s if Sammy’s still alive
  • But then she’s confused about the slight shift in the shade
  • Is it possible she has a different soulmate?
  • Leo gets worried because sometimes he can see the color and sometimes he can’t
  • Like a radio that can’t quite get the right station
  • He wonders if that means the universe hasn’t decided on his soulmate yet or something like that
  • Calypso couldn’t tell what color her soulmate’s eyes were because Ogygia’s magic blocks out the color
  • She wonders if her soulmate can see her eye color
  • Sometimes she wonders if she even has a soulmate
  • Nico didn’t notice one day in Lotus Hotel that he could suddenly see blue
  • But then he went outside, and remember he couldn’t see it before
  • He spends a long time looking up at the sky, trying to remember the shade exactly for the days when the sky’s too dark or cloudy
  • Will has been able to see dark brown since he was born
  • He loves the color
  • He keeps a flower by his bed that everyone thinks must be his soulmate’s eyes but he really keeps it their for the color of the earth
  • The warm brown color greets him every morning
  • Piper’s glad she lives in an area where the sky is blue most of time, filling her world with color
  • She loves watching the sunrise where the color slowly comes into the world
  • And the sunset when it slowly fades out
  • Jason is amazed by his soulmate’s eyes
  • He can see so many different colors
  • Some days more colors are more prominent
  • But they’re all there
#276: The Way He Looks At You


Is everything that makes you weak all at once. He doesn’t need to do anything it’s just that little dimple in his cheek that seems to take you away. It’s not always that he does it on purpose but when he does he smiles so widely it also affects you. It’s what you love about him because you know that every time you look at each other it always ends with happiness spreading. It was something that amazed you at times because with just one look he had you hooked up for everything and he didn’t even need to say anything. Just that little smirk over his lip could swoop you off the floor within a second. He loved it. 


It’s the thing that makes you giggle without notice. No matter how many times he would do it, stare at you from apart or just for one glance you would giggle by eye contact. He barely had to flick a muscle but just the sight of his face spread so many thoughts and memories at once you couldn’t stop doing it. He loved that he could just make you laugh by the small smile he had or the way he could make his eyebrows wiggle. It all came down to the fun of it especially when you would be trying to look away just to avoid his gaze. But no matter how many times you tried to avoid his eyes you always seemed to find your way back to him right away. 


Could be close compared to the first time he was looking at you. At this point he didn’t care if he was obviously giving you the elevator glance, he just wanted to take all of you in. He was never afraid to show how much he loved looking at you and ever after you’ve caught him staring he won’t stop. He loves taking in every single bit of you and biting down on his lips almost believing how reality can’t be true. The fact that you’re really his seems to surprise and he loves it because every single time he looks at you this close to him, the feeling of you. It all makes him realize how real everything actually is and how lucky he is to have someone like you in his life. 


There was never nothing else but love in it. The warmth from his hazel colored eyes and the dimple that seemed to deepen the bigger he smiled. He never failed to make the blush spread on your cheeks and he didn’t have to come up with something cheesy to make it happen. His face always told more than words possibly could and to have someone always looking at you like you were the only person around you was the best feeling ever. You never felt more loved than you had with him and it was always proved through his expressions. The way he looked at you always brightened up not only yours but also his day.

Why do people always say I have brown eyes?

Another appearance-related post My eyes are mostly dark green.  With a small circle of brown in the center.  Like this (yes I was opening my eyes wide so you can see them better):

Or this for a more fuzzy example:

With rare exceptions, people assume I have brown eyes, and sometimes argue with me at length about it.  Sometimes if they get up close they’ll admit they’re hazel, sometimes they insist they have to be brown.

Most people are not red-green colorblind.  What’s happening here?

Goodbye Loneliness || Surprise! x Reader

{summary: like the love seen in all of those fairytales, the magic will cease once the clock strikes at midnight.}

warnings: none

word count: 2,600+

**don’t repost/plagiarize this story!!**


”James is already in love with someone as beautiful as Lily Evans, I know this, yet…why do I still want him so much?”

With your Herbology textbook open and resting against your lap, you sigh while running your fingers across its pages, still keeping your gaze facing the front. You knew that you were supposed to be studying, but you couldn’t seem to focus-

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