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Hey, do you recommend any fancy colored pencils for drawing that are on the cheaper side? I've gotten into drawing and I know I am getting nice pencils and a nice sketchbook for Christmas, but I really want nice colored pencils for it too but I know nothing of what I am doing. My budget is pretty small, but I am open to hearing options if you have any. Thank you xx

Hey, dear Goddess :-) Here’s my personal exprerience:

I personally use Prismacolors. I know other people prefer Faber Castell’s Polychromos, but for having tried them both, I still stick with Prismas. If you ask others, they may tell you differently, and it’s totally ok, it’s all down to how a specific product fits with your way of using it.

If I’m not mistaken, I think @splunge4me2art uses Polychromos, and she’s doing formidable stuff with them so, again, it’s personal preference. One thing i like about Prismas is that they are a bit less expensive. They’ve got a bit of a bad rep these days, though, i see lots of comments on how they break more than they used to. I have the Faber Castell Pitt Paster Pencils, the wood casing is fantastic and sharpen like a dream. So between these two, it’s not a wrong choice to go with either. 

There are two ways of seeing things, depending on how serious you are with your work. 

1 - If you plan on making art that you want to keep forever, maybe sell it, or perfecting your skill, you might want to invest in “proper tools”. They’ll have a lightfastness grade that will make your art endure time, and using good tools always make better, more satisfying results, motivating you to continue. Starting with a smaller budget, you can go with a smaller set, no need to go with the 150 colours right away. Smaller sets made for artists will have all the necessary colours to make more colours by blending them (cool and warm colours of each primary ect..) . I’ve seen the 24 colours set for 15$ in some online stores! the more quality the pencil has, the more blendable it will be. You can then buy more as time goes, to widen your set.I started with the 48 colors tin, and sold it (it’s easy in these Adult coloring book craze these days) to help buy my 150 colours set. I mean, this arstist was able to do this incredible portrait of Emma Watson with only 12 colours so eh, anything is possible.

2- If you don’t plan on keeping anything, it’s mostly for fun and explore what you can do, it’s totally ok to go with Student Grade pencils. I’d recommend Derwent or Staedtler set of 48 for 15$ (although not the Noris Club range it’s aimed for kids) or the Prismacolor Scholar sets. These are not lightfast, have less pigment (will let the white of the paper show more compared to more pigmented pencils) but will break less and last a lot longer, as you won’t need to sharpen them as often. It’s also great for colouring books, as the lead stays sharper, useful for these small little details most books have.

So there you go! I hope it will help you in deciding what to get! Thank you for asking me, it made me want to grab my colouring book again! 

i really don’t want to do that again