time-is-death asked:

Pupils colored deep red flicker up; sharp fangs bearing. It's unbearable -- he's starving. He spots someone -- just in an allyway. He sprints, and leaps at them. In a moment, he's lapping away at the delicate blood. He's in heaven. He hasn't eaten in weeks. When he finishes, he's still hungry. He craves the red substance, almost enough to kill again. But he doesn't; he finds self control. But .. he feels a presence. It's an unwelcome one. He can feel it.

From the corner of the alleyway, Levi watched from the dark shadows. He doesn’t say anything, he just keeps a firm hold on his ice blue marble cross hanging from a silver chain around his neck. Levi’s dark-steel colored orbs glanced up to the tan, freckled man, hoping he would go unnoticed. But with a nose like that, Levi wasn’t so sure. Blood.. the dark, thick liquid dripping from the man’s mouth and hands makes Levi feel excited, but he contained it. He knew he couldn’t kill. No, he was too holy to even think of it. 


FRIDAY FRENZY | etsyfindoftheday 3 | 2.20.15

orb pendant lights by markdouglassdesign

if you’re feeling slightly stuck in a design rut, sometimes a new pop of color or new shape can be all the inspiration you need. enter: markdouglassdesign. this shop’s glass orb pendant lights come in all kinds of shapes and textures and colors, so you’re bound to find one to strike your fancy and get those design vibes flowing.