Word Count:1393
Genre: Mature
*Triggers: Nudity, Sex
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Hello! Can I request a Jimin smut, where you two are roommates (and he has a crush on you, but you doesn’t know it) and one day he walks on you naked?

A/N: Sorry for the long ass wait omg, but here it is! I didn’t edit the grammar just edit so if there’s anything wrong just shoot me a message but I’ll edit the grammar tonight! <333 Thank you so much for requesting! <333

“I don’t want to study that,” Jimin said, causing her to look up at him with an eyebrow raised.

“Then..what are you going to study..?” she asked. Jimin let out a soft breath, walking over towards her and leaning down a bit, looking at her beautiful colored orbs.


Jimin leaned down, closing the space between them as he pressed his lips to hers. The kiss was soft and sweet, but equally as passionate. The feeling was exhilarating; making her heart and mind race as she processed what was happening.

He pulled away slightly, eyes reading the woman before him for any kind of reaction or emotion. Y/N licked her lips, taking in a breath before letting it out softly.

“Study hard or you won’t pass the exam.”

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Capítulo 24: Reinventar el reencuentro.

Preguntaste qué quería este año, y traté de ser lo más claro posible. Sólo una oportunidad de que, quizás, encontremos días mejores. Porque no necesito regalos, un amor diseñado, o cosas vacías, sólo la oportunidad de que quizás encontremos días mejores. Así que toma esas palabras y canta en lo alto, porque todos están perdonados ahora. Ésta noche es la noche en que el mundo comienza de nuevo…- Better days / Go go dolls.  

“Por eso no seremos nunca la pareja perfecta, la tarjeta postal, si no somos capaces de aceptar que sólo en la aritmética el dos nace del uno más el uno. Por ahí un papelito que solamente dice: Siempre fuiste como mi espejo, quiero decir que para verme tenía que mirarte.”

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“¿No es precioso?” dijo la morena a su acompañante, dejando que el viento moviera sus oscuros cabellos mientras sus orbes color de miel se posaban sobre el atardecer que se le permitía ver en tierras griegas. Sentandose a la orilla de la piscina del edificio departamental, dejando que el agua de la misma acariciara su delicada piel en un intento de refrescarse después de tan cálido día que ha presenciado. Una sonrisa apareció en su rostro, a la vez que el sol se escondía detrás de los arboles dando su despedida. “Que maravillas las que la madre naturaleza nos permite observar, ¿cierto?”


His slim fingers held up his heavy mind. A mind heavy with thoughts of an unrequited love. A love he’d like to say was even somewhat possible but he knew deep down that it would never be. His mind began to think of her flaxen trellises. Oh how he’d love to run his fingers through every strand. Be able to smell her scent. He had thought about it so much that he took in a deep breath only to let it go once he opened his eyes. 

Coral colored orbs looked around before he delved back into his delusions of Miss Sonia. Slowly letting out a sigh, her name playing on his lips, he began to imagine the both of them on a deserted island. A smile finally tugged at the corners of his lips, revealing sharpened fangs. He thought of their fingers intertwined.

Her voice saying his name.
“Oh Kazuichi, you’re so handsome and smart!” 

It wasn’t until he opened his eyes that he saw his classmate, the Ultimate Musician, standing before him. He stood up, putting his hands in his pockets.

“What is it, Ibuki-san, y’want me ta’ fix yer guitar again?”

creamydove  asked:


~ Molly ~

A teacup mermaid! Her favorite time of the day is teatime, and there isn’t a tea on the planet that she hasn’t tried. Her nest is decorated like a sugar dome, with floral streamers and sweet pearls scattered around. She has a white peach colored tail, that is flocked with velvet making it soft to the touch. She has hair like Rapunzel and heaven colored orbs. Many call her the Fleur of the sea because she is so decorated and kind to all. She spends her time crafting tea cakes from fruits and candies. She is a quick, witty mermaid who sweet talks just about anyone she crosses.

                                            lylat-milkyway ❤’d THIS POST for a starter

                        ❝ W o w, I uh… I’m glad I stopped by t’help… I’d hate t’think
                                of what woulda happened if I didn’t, lotsa bad guys out here yanno?
                                Anyways, I think I can fix this, I mean I’m no expert but I learned
                                a thing or two from Slippy so… This should be pretty easy, at
                                least I hope. You got any tools on hand that I could use? 

                        Leaning over the spacecraft, his honey colored orbs emitted a soft
                                glow as his gaze darts from one part to another. Brows knitted
                                together as he thinks in silence about what he needed to do and the
                                tools he needed to do so, James wasn’t the best with plans but he
                                thinks for once that he could handle this.