OC October~Hit Me Like A Man (Kai Anderson) part 1

This OC was made by @i-write-smut–not-tragedies. Enjoy!

Character name: Nichole (Niki) Harris

Age: 23

Eye color: Brown

Hair color: Bright red, naturally brown

Physical Features: Wolf tattoo on left upper arm, bird tattoo across back and shoulders, “This moment will just be another story someday” across right collarbone, septum piercing

Body type: Hourglass figure, thick thighs

Personality: Rude, sarcastic, her way or the highway, general dislike for people, bitter, mouth like a sailor

A short biography of character: Lived in New York until she murdered her father. Father was an abusive drug addict, so she staged his murder to look like an overdose. Fled to Detroit after she killed him and temporarily sold drugs to get by before getting a job at a record store.


I was at the gym trying to blow off some steam from today. I was mostly focused on my legs today, since I worked on my arms the day before.  Still I needed something for my arms to keep them active.

I walked to the free weights, rolling my eyes at the sea of testosterone that laid before me. I started to walk to the weights and started doing arm curls with just the five pounds. I could hear the snickering around me and started to get pissed off.

“Just ignore them, their underdeveloped and steroid abused brains make them dumber than a twelve year old. Mentally they’re still going through puberty. It’s sad really.” I heard a guy say. I looked over to see a guy standing next to me, curling forty pound weights. His blue hair was in a sweaty topknot, which caused a few loose strands to hit the side of his face.

I chuckled at his comment, “Trust me, they’re tame compared to what I’m used too.” I said. “So is this how you hit on every girl in the gym? Act intellectually superior to offset the dumbasses across from me?”

He smirked, “So you can see through my ruse, I guess I have to try a different approach next time.”

“It’s cute that you think that there was going to be a next time.” I rebutted, but still adding a smile back to him.

“Kai, time to switch weights.” said a gym worker. He walked back to the weights and started talking to the same man who called him over. On occasion he would glance over and flash a short smile or wink at me.

“You know, girls like you should just stay in the kitchen. Five pound weights are a joke.” I heard one of the guys say. I sighed and placed my weights down. “How much can you bench press?” I asked, cocking my head to the side.

The head guy of the group scoffed at me and sat under the bench. “Let me show you babe.” He air kissed me as his head placed down on the cushion of the bench. Kai and his trainer looked over to us. “Hey, I gym rules. I have to put the weights on.” the guy said walking over.

“Fine, put 200 on there.” he told the trainer, “Harrison.” He squinted down, almost sneering at the trainer’s name tag. I rolled my eyes as I stood silently by Kai as we watched Harrison load up the bar with 200 pounds.

“I guess today is the day I break my record.” the douche dick laying on the bench said flashing a wink at me.

I almost couldn’t help myself from laughing as I saw the guy strain to lift the weights. He managed to get ten lifts before he had to quit. A noticeable bead of sweat was on this man. His buddies cheered him on over his pathetic accomplishment and turned to smirk at me.

“Harrison that was 200 right?” I asked. My eyes stayed focused in a menacing glare at the man gloating before me. Harrison nodded his head. “Make it 400.”

The group of men all went quiet as I took my position on the bench. Harrison started to load up the weights. “Make it 450 actually, I guess I’ll be breaking my record too.” I tell him. He nodded and added the extra fifty pounds.

I had Harrison spot me as I started to do my presses. I strained slightly since my arms were still sore from my workout yesterday. “26. 27. 28. 29. 30.” Harrison counted. I put the bar back and got up. The group of men who were snickering at me all went silent and the man who just pressed before me was red in the face. “Let’s fucking go.” he said and ushered his friends out of the free weights area.

I laughed to myself over their embarrassment and emasculation. “Shit, that was both impressive and a turn on.” Kai said offering me a hand up. I took it and rolled my shoulder, to try and do something about the increased soreness I had. “Thanks. If there’s one thing that turns me on more it’s being able to take a man’s balls from him.” I responded.

He met with a slight chuckle, “So maybe you can try and castrate me over dinner tonight then?”

I smiled, I never really liked getting hit on when I was working out, but he was slightly more tolerable. Still I wasn’t all that interested.

“Listen, Kai right? I do think you’re cute and shit. Seriously that blue hair topknot combo is really fucking sexy and tonight when I masterbate I’ll think about you, but I really would like to finish my workout before I gotta haul my ass to my day job. So bye for now.” I told him before walking away to the treadmill.

I lost track as of Kai as I started to get back into my workout. I probably ran for about forty five minutes before I finished. My body was covered in sweat so I walked over to the locker rooms to get my bag. I told myself I would never shower in the girls section since some chick decided to crap in the stall and just leave it there.

I snuck into the men’s area and to my luck it was empty. I walked to their shower room and I could hear grunting from down the hall coming from an opened shower. I knew what it was, but my curiosity was still getting the better of me in this situation.

I got close enough to the shower to lean forward to see who it was, without having whoever notice me.

I smiled and leaned against the glass door, “Need some help there Kai?” I teased. He looked up and smiled at me, his hand still working his shaft. “So you’d skip the date and go straight for the sex, aren’t you just a little whore?” he joked.

I just shrugged off his comment, “I like to skip to the fun parts of the date. Now, I’m sure having a partner would feel so much better than your own hand. Just say the word and I’ll join you.”

His grin just grew, “What’s your name? I can’t invite you in properly if I don’t know your name.”

I playfully sighed, “Nichole, but I go by Niki.” I sat down on the bench as I kicked my shoes and pulled my socks off.

“Niki, would you like to join me in the shower?” Kai asked in a somewhat mockingly sweet tone.  I smiled as I got up to rolled my spandex workout tights off my body, taking my panties off with it. I pulled my shirt off with my sports bra right after.

I just kept my eyes on him as I stepped into the shower, closing the door behind me, and let the water hit me. “How do you want me then?”

He grunted and pressed my back against the wall. “This will be perfect.”

His hands trailed down my torso, stopping right at my cunt. His head leaned forward and his lips crashed onto my neck. He didn’t hesitate in marking me for himself against my jawline.

“Tell me how long it’s been since a guy has touched you?” he groaned into my ear. “A month ago. This good though, years.” I confessed to him. My legs were already shaking against him, from his touch or my workout I couldn’t tell, but god he felt so fucking good.

My legs parted for him when he started to press against my clit with his thumb as I he started to I plunge his fingers in me. I let out a groan; my hands started to wrap themselves in his hair. “You fucking cocksucking tease.” I growled at him. “I came in here for some dick, not two fingers.”

He just chuckled and continued his teasing of me; his thumb started to move in soft circles around my clit. I felt his erection pressing lightly against my hip. My hand moved down and I grasped his dick. I started to place languid strokes on it, revelling in the noises I was pulling out of him.

“Kai, I think we’ve had enough foreplay.” I muttered to him. His head pulled up from my neck, now covered in various purple marks. “Couldn’t agree more.” he responded.

He turned me over, the palms of my hands pressed against the tile wall as he situated my hips to himself. “Spank me. Treat me like the slut I am.” I begged him. My head pulled back as I felt him suddenly thrust into me. “F-Fuck.” I grunted.

His hand clawed down my back to get something close to a grip against my wet body. Just like I begged him, I felt the sudden sharp pain of his hand hitting my skin. My body lifted and I let out a yelp, which melted quickly into a groan. “Fuck your cunt is fucking amazing.” he growled. I felt a hand get in and wrap itself in my hair. He jerked my head up with one pull and I let out a stifled groan.

“You should fuck me in the ass sometime.” I tell him. I start to move my hips against him, pushing him further into me. “Later, I want to fill this pussy first.” he groaned.

He started to move one of his hands from my hips and dragged it back down to my swollen clit. I pushed back into him as my back hunched outward and my head dropped, only for him to snap it back with his hand still pulling on my hair. I tried to prevent the loud scream coming out of my mouth by gritting my teeth,but it only turned to a long heavy grunt. My palms lifted from the tile, leaving my fingers firmly pressed against it.

“Yeah you’re gonna fucking cum all over my dick, you little slut?” Kai muttered, his movements were getting sloppy, which meant in my experience that he was just as close as I was.

With my less sore arm I reached down and took a hold of his balls, gently squeezing and fondling them. “Not before I get daddy off. That’s what good little sluts do.”I responded back to him. He let out a groan as I started to play with him. “That’s exactly what they do.” His hand went over my wrist and pulled me away. “But for now daddy wants to see you cum.” he forced my hand down to my clit, “Now touch yourself.”

I did what I was told and started rubbing vigorously against my clit, my hips bucked against my movements as my build up increased. “Fuck…Kai…daddy. I’m gonna cum.” I groaned out. “Then cum, let me feel this cunt of yours cum all over dick.” Kai ordered out of me.

His words easily drove me over and my hips rolled against his pelvis as I came hard. I groaned out his name as I tried to ride it out. I heard a high pitched moan from his mouth, followed by his cock throbbing in me. His jagged and forced thrusts gave me mini convulsion as my body was still sensitive from my orgasm.

We were both out of breath as we started to come down; Kai pulled away from me to lean against the wall opposite of me. I leaned against the wall only to slump down to the floor. “Maybe I’ll take you up on that date tonight.” I said, smiling at him.

He chuckled and push his hair back, “Give me your address and I’ll pick you up. Nice tattoos by the way.”

He helped me to my feet after he turned the water off. “I will and thanks.” I responded back.

I grabbed my towel and quickly put my clothes on once I finished drying. “I actually don’t have a car, so pick me up from work. It’s the old record store on Haggard and Main.” I told him.

I got everything of mine into my gym bag and pulled it over my shoulder. “I’ll be off at six.”

“You wear jean shorts and a flannel to work?” he questioned me. “Yeah, it’s chill there. So I’ll see you at six?” I reconfirmed.

He nodded his head. “See you then.”

We quickly parted ways after our encounter. I had about an hour before my shift started at the record store, and it would take me about a half hour just to walk there. Work was slow, per usual. I was mostly in the back reorganizing old records and cleaning the display cases. I maybe dealt with three people throughout my shift.

“I got Subway.” my boss said coming into the store, she was a nice lady. For 70 she still rocked to Elvis like she was a 16 year old. “Thanks Marigold.” I said taking my sandwich from her. “So who’s the person in your life?” she asked me. “Those aren’t bruises, I know a hickey when I see one. In this case multiple hickeys.”

I just snickered, “Just a blue haired guy from the gym, we got a little intimate in the shower, he’s coming to pick me up to take me to dinner.”

Her face twisted and she swayed her hips, “Oooo. Get it sister, do the curtains match the drapes?”

“What? Gross no, Goldie.” I said feigning disgust. She just laughed, “Well I hope you have fun on your date Niki, God knows you deserve a good lay after the mediocrity this city has to offer.”

“That’s because your dating pool is limited to people wearing a life alert.” I retorted. She just waved me off and went to the back to eat her food.

The rest of the day was just as slow, which made me all the more happy when 6 rolled around. I had already cleaned up and just waited until I could lock up everything. I heard the door opened and I was glad to see it was Kai.

He leaned up against the counter I was behind. His hair was down, settling on the sides of his face. He had a black leather trench coat over a black t shirt and black pants. “You look about ready to vandalize something.” I asked jokingly.

“Yeah, you.” He responded plainly. I was taken back by his bluntness, almost choking on my spit. “Sweet. Well I just have a few minutes left before I can lock up and get out of here.”

“Nonsense I’ll lock up.” Marigold said coming from the back. Bitch was eavesdropping again. “So you’re Kai I presume?” she asked looking him up and down. He looked at me and smirked, “So you talked about me at work, I’m flattered.”

He suddenly jumped up from Marigold swatting his ass and grabbing a cheek. “Ooo, nice and firm. He’s a good breeder Niki.” she said smiling at Kai. Kai chuckled, “Thank you ma’am.”

“Niki, you and Kai go and have some fun. Don’t come back until I have grandkids.” she said shooing us both out of the door. She tossed me my bag. “I’ll actually see you tomorrow sweetheart and Kai, if you’re going to bother with hickies on my girl, at least do both sides.” she said before closing the door.

I laughed, “Excuse my boss. She’s eccentric and off her meds.”  He just shook his head as he started to walk with me. “I don’t mind. It’s a nice change of pace.”

He helped me into his car and we drove off to wherever he planned on taking me to dinner. He took me to the Butchery on Main. Heard about this place, but never bothered to check it out. We were seated quickly and were given our menus.

I opted for a burger, while he took a steak for our orders.

“So Niki, tell me about yourself. Any interests or hobbies?” he asked. “I dislike most people, I love animals. I lived in New York before coming here.” I responded.

“What was New York like?” he asked. I shrugged, “Long story short, it was shitty. I was stuck with my addict dad and my mom walked out on us.”

“That’s unfortunate.” he simply responded.

“Eh, dad was an asshole, mom was a bitch. When he died from a drug overdose and I was freed from the both of them. Came down here to start a new life, haven’t looked back.”

He leaned forward a bit, gaining interest in our conversation. “Please, tell me more.” he asked.  I shook my head, “I am not ready to go down that hole just yet, another time Kai. What about you what do you do?”

He smiled, as he got the chance to talk about himself. “I’m running for city council actually. Looking to make a difference in the world.”  “Impressive.” I said amused by his words. “Well I’ll be happy to vote for you.”

He just smiled again at me. After a few more minutes of chatting our food came. We ate in relative silence, but not an awkward one. Once the bill came he paid for it, “You know I don’t really want this date to end just yet, why don’t we go to the ice cream shop down the block?” I suggested.

We both got up from our seats as I spoke.

“Yeah I would like that actually.” he said and we left. The city was dark, and almost quiet. The street lamps illuminated the sideway as I curled my hands around Kai’s toned arm. Things were nice for a moment until a group of thugs suddenly walked in front of us.

“Hello there sexy mama, why don’t you had over the bag?” one of them asked. “You fuckers think I’m fucking threatened by you?” I snapped back.

The leader was quick to pull a knife on me. “Want to watch what your bitch says?” he said eying Kai.

While his attention wasn’t on me I grabbed the knife from his hands and stabbed his shoulder with it. “Now you all are pissing me the fuck off. I suggest if you don’t want to be fucking castrated you step the fuck off of me.” I threatened. They all started to run away, “Fuck this bitch.” one of them muttered.

I felt my arm being pulled; I looked over to see that it was Kai who was pulling me. “That was fucking hot.” he said. He led me into an alley and leaned me against a stack of wood pallets. His lips crashed against mine and he let out a strained groan against my lips. “Daddy’s going to reward you.” he groaned in my ear.

His lips met against the other side of my neck, leaving marks on me. His body pressed against mine, making his bulge go against my body. I moaned, “I can’t wait daddy.”

He grunted from my words and his hands worked to push my shorts and panties down to my ankles. His fingers ran down my entrance, already soaked from the anticipation of his body. “I love how your body reacts to me.” he said as he pulled on my earlobe with his teeth.

“It’s because you know how to make me feel good daddy.” I teased. My hand trailed down and groped the bulge in his pants. His voice hitched and he undid his pants. I helped with pushing his boxers enough to free his dick. “You want me to fuck you out in public like the little slut you are?” he asked me, his hand was on his shaft, letting his tip rub against me.

I groaned, “Yes. I wanna feel daddy’s cock in me, I wanna let the town know you make me feel good daddy.”

“That’s what I like to hear.” he said and pushed into me. He grunted and started to thrust quickly into me. He pushed my shirt up and pulled my bra down to expose my chest to him. He cupped them in his hands and started to pinch my nipples. I groaned out for him. “Don’t be so loud.” he snapped at me. “I’d rather not get caught by some idiot with a camera.”

“So choke me daddy.” I said, my eyes stared at his with a lustful gaze. He bit his lower lip and his hands shot to my neck. He rubbed the sides and I tilted my head to give him a better angle. He started to apply pressure and he let out a light chuckle, “Wow, that just makes you wetter you little slut.” he said. He thrusted faster and squeezed harder on me. My hands went down on my body; one playing with ony of my breasts and the other started to rub my clit.

The overwhelming sensation I was feeling caused me to let out strained moans as Kai’s grip on my neck was good at keeping me quiet. “The way you handled those assholes was the fucking shit. I need a girl like you by my side.” He let out a grunt before he continued, “If you want to keep this going, then you’ll say yes.”

I nodded my head to his words. “Good. Now fucking cum for me.” he ordered. I felt my body come undone and I came hard on his dick. He quickly came right after me. Our hips still hit against each other as we rode out our highs and came down together.

His hands moved away from my neck and I fixed my shirt. When he pulled I put my shorts and panties back on. I coughed a bit as my body was reintroduced to air. Kai fixed his pants before pulling me into a kiss.

“So, did you still want ice cream?” he asked me, flashing that damn smile again.

anonymous asked:

Why don’t you wear eye contacts that show your real eye color?? I love your natural beauty you don’t need blue/green eyes to be prettier. Just an opinion.

that’s very sweet of you and yes everyone is beautiful just the way they are, but the thing is I don’t see it the way you or most people do, I think anything I put on myself whether it’s clothes, jewelry, make up or even colored lenses are a part of showing my creativity. It’s a canvas and I get to paint this canvas every day however I want, sometimes it’s green, sometimes it’s colorful, sometimes even blank. I never take any of those things too seriously. I think the way people view those things is what’s the issue. everything I do on the outside tells you something about who I am on the inside! And btw phthalo green is my favorite color, not blue not green just in between

Acadia National Park, Maine

Surprisingly, I was the only car in the parking lot at the peak of Cadillac Mountain for this “sunset” a couple nights ago. A little rain scared all the tourists away and I had it all to myself. Looks like just home.