Daisies, Sunflowers, Roses ;; Tom Holland

a/n: this got rly poetic idfkkkk. i mean i based this off of ed sheeran’s Hearts Don’t Break Around Here (aka my fav song of his) so what do you expect. also, this is written from toms perspective. let me know what ya think!

summary: hmmm little moments with tom involving flowers and such

warnings: literal fluff


Summer was spent next to her. The setting sun causes the world to have a sort of golden tint to it. My eyes drift upon the yellow field with specks of white daisies. I look at her back and study it for a while. Her skin tanned, reminding me of the color of honey, and her hair, wild curly from swimming earlier and letting it air dry, is sat in a top knot on the top of her head. Her white sundress with red and pink flowers flows out around, contrasting against her tinted skin. The strap on her right shoulder slips down, but she doesn’t pull it back up, knowing that it was only the two of us out here. I look at the back of her neck, a ray of light hits it perfectly, highlighting the darkening birthmark beaneath her hairline.

She lifts her head after looking down for so long and peeks over her shoulder, “You ready?”

I smile softly, sitting straighter and nodding, “I suppose. I’m not sitting here alone for fifteen minutes for nothin’.”

She grins, rolling her eyes and turning to me, her arms still tucked behind her back. I keep eye contact with her light irises as her walks over to me only on her knees. Her teeth, white and straight, tug her bottom lip between them before she sets her legs on either side of hips in anstraddle position. I lean back on my hands to get a better look at her smiling face. When I do, I can’t help but catch her contagious grin and smile happily back at her.

She whips her hands out from behind her back and places them on my head, moving around the mess of curls before situating something atop of them, “Ta-da! For my prince.”

I feel around the top of my head blindly until I touch the flowers in the shape of a crown. The corners of my mouth turn upward, my eyes flash to her face. She wears a matching crown, woven with daisies and other wild flowers. She stands, her knees brown and caked with mud, and does a twirl. Her dress lifts just a bit as she spins, showing off her cheeky underwear with polka dots. I smirk, standing up and walking towards her.

“Does that make you my princess?” I ask, placing my hands on her hips and pressing my nose to hers.

A single strand of hair dangles in front her eyes as she licks her lips while nodding, “I believe it does.”

I flash her a grin before ducking and wrapping my arms around her legs and holding her over my shoulder. She squeals, hitting my back softly and gripping my shirt. My feet lead us back to the Jeep that brought us to this fairy tail kingdom she created.

“Tooooom!” she whines as we near the vehicle, “What are you doing?”

I chuckle, walking to the passenger door and opening it. Setting her down, I look at her, replying, “I’m about to carry my princess into the sunset. Happily ever after.”


I listen to the bedroom door creak open along with four furry paws and two human feet pad in. My eyes close, pretending to be asleep still, even though I woke up thirty minutes earlier due to the coldness of empty sheets. Looking at the back of my eyelids, I hear her set a tray down on the small vanity across from our bed. Then, the bed slowly dips beside me. I feel her peek over at me, to check if I’m still asleep.

“Steady,” she says to Tessa in a low, quiet voice, “go on. Wake Tom up now.”

Suddenly, a warm tongue is being spread all across my face. I open my eyes and smile and energetic dog licking my chin and ears. I laugh hoarsely, petting the back of her neck and ears. I look over to my left and see Y/N, wearing a pair of pink undies and one of my oversized jumpers. She has a soft smile on her natural face, watching the happy scene in front of her. I start to sit up and calm Tessa down.

“Morning Tess.” I coo as she settles down in between Y/N and I. I turn to Y/N, leaning in and kissing her, mumbling against her lips, “Mornin’ darling.”

“Good morning, slober face.” She giggles, wiping the palm that was resting on my cheek against my bare chest.

I run a hand across my face and wipe it on the comforter before pulling her in for a another, more compassionate, kiss. She pulls away, breathing out a laughing and walking over to her he vanity.

“Before we do anything else,” she smiles, bringing over a plate, “breakfast.”

Tessa’s ears perk up at the word and she jumps down to eat her kibble. A grin sits on my face as she hands me a plate, complete with eggs, toast, bacon and a hash brown. How did I get so lucky?

“Tea also.” She hands me a mug and sits beside me with a plate and cup of her own.

A sleepy smile stretches across my face, so wide it probably touched each ear. I take a sip of my warm tea, and glance around the room. The morning sun is peaking through the curtains and morning birds whistle happily. My eyes land on a few sunflowers soaking up water in a vase. I look between them and Y/N before getting up and snagging one before walking back to her.


“I don’t know how to show you my gratitude, so here’s a sunflower.” I smile, tucking the particularly large and yellow flower behind her ear.

She grins, leaning up and kissing my chin before sitting back down, “Hurry up and eat your food so I can hug and kiss even more.”


The energetic airport froze for a moment, I swear it did when she placed her hand on the back of my neck as she hugged me tightly. For a second, the paparazzi was gone, no one was speaking on the intercom, and we were alone together. A scene from a movie, perhaps. It almost didn’t seem real. Was this a dream?

“I missed you, Tom.” she mumbles into the corner of my neck, kissing the skin there.

I pull away to we’re I can see her and kiss her. Her soft lips against my chapped ones, a feeling I’ve longed for these past few months. She leans back, holding on to my biceps and grinning at me. I smile back, the happy gleam in her eyes making my worries vanish. We were back home together, and it felt so good.

“I got you something, from the airport shop in Canida.” I bite my lip as I smile. She raises her eyebrows in excitement as I turn to retreats her gifts. The littlest things make her ecstatic, that’s why I chuckle when I hand her a small bouquet of red roses and a Canadian flag.

“Tom!” She squeals, wrapping her arms around me once again, “Thank you so much.”

I hug back before handing her the roses. She lifts them to her noses, taking in their sweet scent and closing her eyes. When she opens them, she’s looking at me. I can see the happiness in them, how thankful and cheery she is to have us back together again. I take her hand in mine and my luaggage in the other and lead us both out of here.

“I’m so glad you’re back.” She whispers in my ear, her lips brushing against the love as she does so, before kissing my temple.

I look at her, kissing the top of her head, “Me too, love.”

BTS Drabble/Imagine: Alone at the Cinema (Hoseok)

Member: Hoseok

Prompt(s): “Can you do a scenario where both you and Hoseok end up getting stood up and then just take each other out.”

Requested by: skylions-den

Summary: You’re waiting at the cinema for your date. And waiting. And waiting. What happens when he doesn’t show? 

Originally posted by liveforeverneversaynever

Checking your phone for what had to be the hundredth time that evening, you sigh.

You’ve been stood up. Or so it seems.

You aren’t one who dates very much. At all, honestly. It just doesn’t seem to be worth the effort most of the time. However, when one of your new co-workers asked you on a date to the cinema, you readily said yes. It would be a nice change of pace and maybe something would come from it that would make your family members stop asking about why you don’t have a boyfriend, when you’re getting married, or when you’re going to have kids at every single family gathering.

That would’ve been nice.

Your date, however, must have had other ideas. He is nowhere to be found, he isn’t responding to your texts, and the movie started 20 minutes ago.

You pretend to be busy, switching between aimlessly scrolling through the different apps on your phone and studying the “Coming Soon” movie posters. You don’t take in any of the information though. You are stuck in your head. ‘What did I do? Where is he? Is he okay? Of course, this happened. I could’ve been on my couch in my PJs but no, I had to agree to meet this idiot. Should I just buy a ticket and go watch a movie? That would probably look less pathetic than me just walking out. But I don’t want to sit there alone.’

While you’re having this internal conversation with yourself, your eyes are scanning the cinema lobby. If you had been paying attention, you would smell the popcorn burning because the young man behind the counter forgot to dump the kettle. You’d hear the little kids raving about the movie that they just saw and how the explosions couldn’t have been real. You might’ve joined in on the conversation of the couple in line for tickets…they were talking about your favorite book that was being turned into a movie in the coming months. You would’ve seen a young man, about your age, standing near the entrance with a quaint but gorgeous bouquet of flowers in his hands, searching the scene on the other side of the glass doors as if he was a kid waiting for the ice cream truck. His radiant smile was reflecting in the window.

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anonymous asked:

Why do you think England is related to Germania? I’m not hating, just curious!

Well, other than the fact that there were lots of German settlers in earlier centuries, England’s hair is blond. His mother, Britannia, is shown to be a red-head. This is presumably the hair color you would expect from Scotland or Ireland if they were to be given character designs. Then again, England’s blond hair could just be a result of German influence, rather than a biological relation

@djiinraidinnae added: The Angles, Saxons, and the Celts are all Germanic, like most of North/west Europe. The English language is a blend of Romantic and Germanic language. Pretty strong relation, I’d say.