Drow-  In a race that has a traditional, set look, I really like to play with variance in skin tones, hues, hair colors and textures so as to highlight the genetic diversity that would be present.  I like to give assumed features like the generic elf ear unique shapes and tilt and unless two characters are related, I really try to push that distinction so that a race that can tend towards blandness feels broader, more interesting, and more realistic.

These are some characters from probably the best D&D game I’ve ever played.  The elfess with the facial scar is Lilith, and I played the guy with the big spider-shaped scar on his chest, Zyrus.  I wanted to play an underdog type character and rise up through the system, so I went with a very average looking male in training to become a wizard.  He was rude, blasphemous, ambitious and insensitive, and just a blast to play.  He got involved with Lilith, a priestess of Lolth and it went about as well as a heathen carrying on with the zealous acolyte of a murder-godess can go.

I’ve always loved Drow for some reason, so this game was right up my alley.  It was a lot of fun to design a world that is so different from traditional, pristine fantasy.  Thinking about how a matriarchal, evil society (and later a matriarchal good society) would realistically work was so so fun, and I still plan on doing some more art with actual armor at some point in the future, especially since Lilith was such a boss. 


It’s my wish, that she would choose me as her warrior.


So here it is,the toddler version. I thought of sharing this despite of my poor meshing skill (im sorry) coz who doesnt like to see these haikyuu guys as toddler? They are effing cute XD.

Download here [simfileshare]

can wear hat but not very recommended.Base game compatible. All in 9 ea’s colors but some of them arent.I also add Semi’s color swatch in Suga’s hair too. ^^,

incase you dont know which hair is which, here is the name from left to right: 1.kuroo’s hair 2.akaashi’s hair 3.oikawa’s hair 4.suga’s hair 5.bokuto’s hair 6.ushijima’s hair 7.tsuki’s hair


Actually i don’t like this subject to being an only owner for a basic features of ocs. So i decided to make some exercises for Luna’s arc about dying her hair. Ocs can have similar or same physical features but they’re all unique cause they’re all have different characteristic features, arc and lifes. That’s the point make them special. Like Luna is same, even she have different hair color. 

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I'm working at the same chain, different store as my roommate and her store doesn't let them have fun hair and is terrible with schedules and I just had to tell her my store lets you have whatever hair color you want and posts 2 week schedule and she wants to transfer 😂

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And Three: On a separate issue, what do you think of Sims 4's genetics system? I know getting the right colours is a bit all over the place, but I've been really impressed by the combining of parents' facial features etc. I have a s4 game going where I took some of the Until Dawn characters and bred them together, and Sam and Josh's daughter is especially striking in what a lovely blend of them she is. I may still think as a Sims game 3 is superior to 4, but the genes system is SO much better!

As far as the actual facial features, the Sims 4 is pretty great in my opinion. It’s the hair colors and skintones ect where they need work xD Sims 3 will always be a beautiful game but for my personal aesthetic Sims 4 is what I prefer.

Kept Apparent || Fred Weasley x Reader

Prompt: You’re somewhat of an oddity, and not just because you held magical capabilities. It seemed to be that, depending upon mood, your hair would change color. And of course, Fred Weasley found that awfully amusing. 

Words: 2351

Warnings: Hair changing color, just fluff really, swearing, lil bit of teasing and jesting, very familial relationship with George and Reader

Author’s Notes: If you already have dyed hair, imagine your default hair in this being your natural hair color ^^ Also please note that none of these colors mean what do they in other areas outside of here (at least for some)

Color/Emotions key: White/Stressed, Black/Depressed, Gray/Anxious, Red/Furious, Pink/Flustered, Magenta/Bothered, Peach/Relaxed, Orange/Mischievous, Dark Orange/Confused, Yellow/Unsure, Gold/Confident, Green/Thankful, Dark Green/Envious, Light Blue/Happy, Dark Blue/Embarrassed, Turquoise/Tired, Indigo/Scared, Violet/Awkward, Purple/Defensive 

While you were walking along through the corridors of school, ready to your next class, you felt a shoulder purposely slam into you. Whomever did it, which honestly was blatantly obvious to you, knocked the books out of your hands and they spilled to the floor. Your cheeks puffed out and you knelt down to pick up your disarrayed items, gently colored red hair brushing against your face.

“Eat shit, Malfoy.” You glared once standing upright to see his smug face waiting for your reaction alongside his stalking duo - Crabbe and Goyle. He laughed alongside the buffoons, high-fiving and joking with them. Your cheeks heated with anger, and so did your hair - flowing out in a brighter shade.

Once away from the three enough, you took in a few deep sighs - relaxing your tense self as crimson fluttered into a more gentle peach - the scent of the beloved fruit even following behind as you strode to class.

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I'm not original anon, but hair color and eye color would be a tremendous help. I don't even really care about different variations of hair.

Here’s the most basic of basic, because I’m already 1500 words into Harry tonight and I want to spite him by procrastinating:

Order is eyes, hair, which will be obvious in most cases (and in the cases it’s not the eye colour and hair colour is the same, so)

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So I just realized I hit 200 followers a while ago?? Like wow I was not expecting to get so many in such a short period of time. Anyway, since I have no cc making experience whatsoever, I’ve decided to do the next best thing and do sim requests to show you all my appreciation!! All I ask is that you give me all the following info to work with:

  • life stage/age
  • gender
  • ethnicity/nationality
  • hair color
  • eye color (optional)
  • personality
  • any distinguishing features you may want that aren’t listed (optional)

I’ll be taking a total of 15 requests at the moment. Once those 15 are done I’ll probably reopen requests again (but with considerably less slots as my creativity starts to dwindle a bit). 

Thanks for following me, and happy simming!!

EDIT: Please send them by either ask or IM and don’t reply to this post!!