[INFO] NCT 127 appointed as advertising models for 4 brands following their recent debut!

Express Rookie Group NCT 127 has simultaneously emerged as a blue chip in both the entertainment and advertising industry. 

This rookie group consists of 7 members, encapsulating a colorful, vibrant concept. Following their debut, they have been the centre of the multi-fashion scene, with influential brands such as “SUPERCOMMA B”, casual brand “DESIGN UNITED”. After being appointed as advertising models for these various brands, it has led to overwhelming interest of their group. 

Aside from the current NCT 127 members, NCT U members Doyoung and Ten have also participated in the recent Lotte Duty Free photo-shoot, as well as the uniform brand Ivy Club. Since their debut, they’ve been offered promotional contracts from at least 4 leading cosmetics brands, giving this industry a refreshing twist once again. 

In addition, NCT’s Title Track “ Fire Truck” ’s Dance Practice video will be released on 12PM KST on the group’s official webpage, as well as through other social media platforms such as the SMTOWN Youtube Channel, Naver Cast. Through this one-take video, the boys have once again showed us their charismatic selves through their stage performances. Hence, we can expect to see a series of different charms displayed by the boys soon. 

Lastly, NCT 127’s first mini album #NCT 127 have done well, achieving 6th in the overall regional charts on iTunes, No. 1 on weekly domestic music charts as well as second place on the World  Billboard Charts. Their title track “ Fire Truck” has also been chosen as the “ Best song of the week” amongst other popular songs as well. NCT 127 will be performing their new single “ Fire Truck” on MNET’s M-Countdown on the 28 this month.

Translations: SooJung | Source: Naver

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Color script development from last week! The entire prequel takes place over the course of a single day, so we decided to split scenes up based off the “time of day”, giving each one a unique color palette. This helps establish a flow to the narrative, and the colors evoke certain emotions and ideas related to the events that take place in each scene.

The above color script encompasses half the day - all the way to the afternoon, where the colors become very sharp and saturated because of the bright noon sun. The other half of the day is still being developed.

Okay, before you ask, yes, I drew Jack as a weasel. Why? Well, back on Instagram, I wanted to draw the YouTubers as animals and I asked for some suggestions. One of the comments said that Jack should be a weasel :0

Then, when @wiishu made a text post saying something like “If Jack was a weasel, I would definitely be a lynx.” Which in all honesty, got me inspired to draw out the concept a bit more.
But, considering that Jack is more like a squirrel as @luximus claimed once, I guess I’ll do my own concept of him as a squirrel next time.

Aaand, I’ll tell you this, this was drawn waaaay back in December of last year.

Hope you like it!

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