Some color palettes for a new character, Wick!

Wick is a little fire imp cleric. They are thoughtful, but a bit flighty. Still, Wick always tries their best and loves helping people.

Fire imps don’t have any gender (they’re magical fire beings) but they come in lots of different colors. They can change color whenever they like by eating different things.

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It’s a webcomic five years in the making, about superpowers and making mistakes. Updates on Sundays!

Credits: Written And Drawn by: A. Frizzell 

Flat colors, Initial concept, occasional Graffiti, Credit for Quinn: A. Salvadorini 

Beta Reader, concepts/assorted ideas, support and enthusiasm. Lydia Concept: C. Church Beta 

Reader, Idea Jammer, World Building Santa, Credit for Nathan: C. Boynton.

I actually started this a while ago but forgot about it. I just wanted to do a side-by-side of her mutation over time, including colors, which the original concepts didn’t get. Also, adding the whole extra eyes thing.

And yes, had Bronz been allowed to continue cannibalizing more and more Gears (including living ones and not just corpses) and, eventually, Holy Order soldiers (purely for biomass) prior to Justice’s defeat, she would have eventually become a mile-long Megadeath-Class… thing.