Useful Photography Tip #123: How to Deal with Skin That's Too Orange

Here’s how it fix a problem that tends to happen to photographers during the Golden Hour.

Model: Bec Fordyce

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There are times in portraiture where your camera will render a person’s skin as way too orange. This tends to happen a lot during the golden hour. But getting rid of that problem is very, very simple and it can be fixed in less than 10 seconds. It has nothing to do with the desaturation slider–at least the one all the way at the…

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- Mesh : Kewai-dou black butler cloth mesh, Shokoninio bow mesh edit by me

- Texture : EA default, Shaninily Male Cloth n4, 2 clothing texture I don’t know who the creators are. But I think it’s no longer for download. My friend told me to upload it. So… here! I hope the creators don’t mind I’m using their texture. Just for simmers who love sims. >_<

- Color: 4 channel

- Generation: Young Adult, Adult

- Clothing Type: Fullbody

- Category: Everyday, Formalwear


VivianDang Male Vest Edit

Mega | Mediafire

VivianDang Male Vest with Bow

Mega | Mediafire

Made this on Tuesday 21st, 2015.

Finishing touch of making Kracie Nazonazoneruneru!

Edit this on my Nintendo 3DS XL

Flavours are Orange - フルーツオレンジ , Peach - モモ果実

In my opinion I didn’t really like the orange flavour (shone on the left) because it didn’t take me to heaven. Its not like I hate it, but the aroma did not smell like orange at all. It smelled like the orange peels, when you cut or peel them off. The other flavour peach (shone on the right) which I love the most. It took me away tbh. The aroma is fresh. Actually it did smell like real peaches and after tasting it….I just wanted more! It took me to ~HEAVEN!~  Wouldn’t you want something so delicious to take you to HEAVEN!!!??? I would personally. 

Anyways~ I had fun making this diy making! Hope you enjoy this little opinion talk! ~~~~ 

If you want to know more about these Japanese DIY making kits!

Please message me! I’ll try to talk it out what’s what’s.  

See you next time! 

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