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thats right! i’ve created a redbubble a month ago to help with future funds that will be showing up like college and have been stocking it up with some material before showing it off officially

some stuff already there is the pictures seen above! you can get them as a variety of things (except the sticker set of course) like shirts, mugs, prints, bags, stickers, etc.!

ill be adding more pictures in it very soon too and announce every so often about new content! please check it out! and id appreciate if you signal boost too, thank you!

also i still have PWYW commissions! so check that out here!

Useful Photography Tip #123: How to Deal with Skin That's Too Orange

Here’s how it fix a problem that tends to happen to photographers during the Golden Hour.

Model: Bec Fordyce

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There are times in portraiture where your camera will render a person’s skin as way too orange. This tends to happen a lot during the golden hour. But getting rid of that problem is very, very simple and it can be fixed in less than 10 seconds. It has nothing to do with the desaturation slider–at least the one all the way at the…

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Aseprite v1.1 released!

And it’s here, Aseprite v1.1 is available on Gumroad and! There are so many changes that it’d be impossible to make an exhaustive list. The main new features you can start looking at are these:

And I forgot, there is a new Ubuntu 14.04 package to give a try.

Latinx YouTubers

In an attempt to have more Latinx representation shown, here’s a list of latinx YouTubers I’ve found or been recommended to me bunched together by category.
If you’re a latinx youtuber and would like to be added, please message me!

Chachi Gonzales - dance and vlogs 
Strawburry17 (Meghan Camarena) - games, DIY, sketches, entertainment
FLAMA - comedy sketches, music, entertainment 

xXslyfoxhoundXx - gaming channel
Comosedicenerd - gaming channel showcasing indie games and characters of color
GreenEggzAndCam - gaming/comedy channel

TheNotAdam - vlogs, LGBT advocacy, comedy sketches
Eliel Cruz - LGBT topics, faith and sexuality, feminism and race

Caroland - beauty and fitness, trans issues, pop culture and nutrition
Yulema selfbreeze - fashion
Sarah Rae Vargas - fashion, beauty, body positivity
DulceCandy - fashion, beauty, lifestyle
Laura Cuellar - fashion and lifestyle  
Leslie Alvarado - makeup and fashion
masonandmiles - style, makeup, vlogs

Tina Woods - comedy videos
Isla the Great - comedy videos, lip sync

Matt Nazario - vlogs about life
SebeeeG - vlogs about life, advice, travel
Miranda Adria - vlogs, rants, advice, music, games
nicegirlnicedreams - pop culture, lifestyle, real talk

mynameismarines - booktuber
The boy who cried books - booktuber, Queer representation
Spantonline - vlogs about movies and books 
Rosianna Halse Rojas - vlogs about books, travel, intersectionalism, women in media 
Proyectomascolor - vlogs about Afro-Latinx representation in media
yyolandaa - vlogs about diversity in movies & TV, latinx identity, feminism


doneeee! having problems with the color channels cause there are lots of parts that should be recolorable,but we only have 4 channels :s

anyway,your thoughts?

Lee Hyun Jae


cr: &

Episode 10 - The Color of Friendship (with Chad Reid)
  • Episode 10 - The Color of Friendship (with Chad Reid)
  • Zach Heltzel
  • Zetus Lapodcast

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Episode 10 - The Color of Friendship (with Chad Reid)

Due to a technical malfunction that corrupted our recording of our Brink! episode, we’re posting an episode we were planning to unleash months from now. Comedian Chad Reid joins us to talk about the Disney Channel Original Movie “The Color of Friendship,” a fun family comedy about racial tensions between blacks and whites in the 1970s. As both our guest and our host are white men, you can be sure that this is a sensitive, reverent conversation worthy of this film’s NAACP Image Award. We’re sorry and you’re welcome.

Please rate, review and subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher! If your review makes me laugh, you might be asked to be a guest on a future episode.

Follow Chad on Twitter @ReidReadRedReed, Zach @zachheltzel and the show @zetuslapodcast.