color combination


DREAM TEAM - model: Armando Cabral - photographer: Nagi Sakai - stylist: Mitchell Belk - grooming; Kenshin Asano - How To Spend It Financial Times UK December 2015

  • Alexander McQueen - Marc Jacobs - Tom Ford -Dior Homme - Paul Smith - Canali - Dolce & Gabbana - Giorgio Armani - Etro

Outfit Of The Day - Perfect color coordination

Grey is neutral, goes well with everything.

Brown goes very well with grey and we all know it suits best with navy.

The Navy shirt complements the whole outfit and perfectly defines the whole look.




I just thought of this but….

Has anyone ever thought to look at the color combinations?
* What if yellow diamond went to plead with white diamond into healing the corruption on Steven’s behalf but instead angered her… and before yellow could get proofed she accidentally fused with Steven who ran in to protect her with his bubble… creating a red diamond. Look at the bingo book too .. new fusion, new look look (oops it was Conny who got the new look) Steven gets new powers..

Note: or maybe white was about to force Steven to change back but yellow ran in to protect him

● note: there a yellow diamond on reds chest … but what confuses me is .. its next to a tint of blue… if that was the case what if they needed a black diamond to defeat white so they all fused… also notice reds cut is similar to pink diamond. Okay! I’m thinking too much lol either way I think another diamond fused with Steven

What do you all think? Agree or disagree and why?