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I love your gouache paintings! They look so solid, and almost graphic like. Do you think you could do a tutorial on using gouache? It's a medium I really want to start using. Thanks!

First of all, thank you for the compliments!
I think my paintings look graphic because I mostly use flat colors and a limited palette I can play with.

I took advantage of the Summer break to do a small step-by-step of the gouache painting I did today for the last Character Design Challenge.
I have to warn you, I don’t really have a special technique and don’t use tools like drawing gum or tape to delimit the shapes of the drawing : for me, it’s mostly the amount of time I spend on the paintings that makes them look clean and “solid” like you said aha.

This is my setting :

That’s what the inside of my paint box looks like.
I made the colors myself, with some cheap Pebeo paint, mostly with the 3 primary colors (that’s why I have some fancy colors on the side, that are harder to make yourself, like Raw Umber, Raw Sienna, Ocher, Gold…)

I then do a light sketch, that I tape to my desk.
Sometimes, I do a rough pass on Photoshop first, to find the colors and composition I want.

I can finally start mixing my colors on the tear-off palette.
I use a water spray bottle to humidify the dry paint inside the paint box.

Tips on how I manage to be “precise” : I use the edges of the brush to keep a straight line (and A LOT of layers of paint until I get the result I want aha!)

For this painting, I started with the blue color because it was covering the bigger area but the wise thing to usually do is to start with the lighter color aha! But that’s the great thing with gouache : you can always cover a dark color with a lighter one if you’re willing to wait for the painting to dry and do a few layers on top of it.

At this step, I finished covering all the blank spaces with the colors I wanted : it’s mostly colouring at this point aha!

You can now spend some time getting a “clean look” : try to get the colors as evenly as possible by painting one or two new layers on top of the first pass, while at the same time getting the shapes and lines right and solid.

Finally, it’s time for the details! I use a small brush for this step and spend a lot of time correcting my mistakes (stains, strokes…) then adding the last details like patterns, face, hair. You can also use a Posca or even a colored pencil if the brush is not small enough.

When the painting is finished, be carefull while removing the tape so it doesn’t get ripped off!
I usually scan it (but this time I had to photograh it) and then use Photoshop for the Levels and Color Balance to respect the orignal colors as much as possible.

This is the final result.
I hope this was useful enough, that’s my way of doing gouache, but it’s mostly about practice. Find your own way! :)


Another great week! This week was a witchsona (or witch oc) based off a mushroom given by @caromellarts

I recieved the Anthracophyllum archeri or Orange Fan mushroom. A fan shaped mushroom that grows in clusters - most of the species that falls under this name have one color caps but Caro was nice enough to give me a Raaaiiiinbow cap. They have no stem, white spores, and are Hiiiighly toxic so no muching on this little witch. 

I made a witchsona because I wanted to make myself a cute outfit.. though with this drawing it again would be a nightmare haha. 

(And the broom is supposed to be dead wood cause that is this mushrooms favorite growing spot) 


Go check out @caromellarts, @chikao-art @silent-songs, @kaizuart and @crimson-chains ‘s witches as well! THEY ARE AWESOME

@jawnifiedqueen | Afropunk Johannesburg 2017

I’m 20 & dealt with a series of trauma in 2017: from anxiety & depression, suicidal intentions, a long-term betrayal of a 5 year relationship and the loss of my grandmother who raised me on the same day, to sexual assault and rape. I do not let trauma define me. I made a leap. I decided to come to South Africa for five months to study during the same year. I made it here on the Gilman Scholarship from the U.S. Department of State that gives money to students of color to study abroad. I came for a radical change, for a radical healing, to challenge the love that lives inside of me, and to challenge my creativity, growth, and knowledge of self, of social justice and protest, of being black and femme in another part of the world. I came to reclaim myself. Frankly, I am art. I am love. SA has been good to me. It changed my life. It’s been a challenging, yet necessary journey to say the least. Stay strong. Stay beautiful. Take care of your mental health. Stay in tact with your spirituality. Trust in yourself. Choose love the love inside of yourself even when you felt that it hasn’t chosen you. Choose rebirth when you have died inside yourself time and time again. Choose yourself. Travel. Be as black, as femme, as queer as you wanna be. Disrupt the system, always. Choose to radicalize (and touch) the spaces that you enter. Heal on purpose. Heal with the intention of fucking shit up. Then, go fuck shit up. Peace & blessings to 2018, beautiful people!


DAY 2 –>

SAERAN WEEK DAY 1 (@saeranchoiweek)


Ever since completing Saeran’s route and falling in love with the beautiful ending song ‘Four Season’, I’ve wanted to draw a piece which is inspired by the seasons. However, I never stuck to it until now. 

I realize I made it difficult on myself by drawing not one but FOUR different drawings in one, but I think it was worth it in the end. I enjoyed playing around with Saeran’s hair, showing its gradual return to his natural hair color, as well as challenging myself to draw (simple) backgrounds for the first time.

I hope you guys will enjoy this piece just as much as I do! ^^ Let me know out of these four drawings, which season you like the best!


- Admin Strawberry


Genre Fluff
Pairing Saeran x MC
Timeline Catholic School ( Sharon: 13 / 14 || Saeran: 15 / 16 ) + Another Story ( Ray Route )

Art… if one would ask Saeran, what he thought about, whenever he would hear this word. His thoughts would instantly go to the brunette girl. His best - and only - friend at catholic school. Often, they would just sit outside together. Talk about this… and that… though, the redhead wasn’t much of a speaker. So he mostly ended up with listening to the girl’s stories. About her life, what she saw… it always was exciting to him.

At times though, they would also draw together. Not showing it to the one another. Those times, back then, were so often filled with laughter… it was such a strange feeling for the male. Did happiness exist for him, even if his brother was gone? It always had seemed like such an impossibility to him.

Here, it’s for you!“, Saeran suddenly heard his friend talking. Looking at her in confusion, as she showed to him the picture of a flower. It wasn’t perfect. But he did admire it a lot. Golden eyes lightening up, as he realized that it was a daffodil. So that was the reason, why she had stared so long on the garden in front of them. With a quiet ‘thank you’, he took the paper into his tiny hands.

It made him stare at his own picture. One, where simply Sharon, his brother and himself were on. It felt… embarrassing, if he would give it to her. Lucky him, the ringing bell, ending the long break, saved him. “A - ah… we need to go back to class.“, Saeran mumbled shyly, quickly hiding his picture behind the one, she gave to him. “I’m not finished yet, so…“.

It’s okay!“, the girl beamed, showing him a smile, as she stood up and reached out one of her tiny hands. A gesture, that made Saeran think twice. Even if they were friends, he still was rather scared of getting touched. Decided though, to take it and let her help him.

Just, as she was about to move, Saeran stopped her, “Will we always be able to be friends?“. He looked into confused, hazel eyes. Noticing, that it may was a strange question, so out of the blue. Immediately, the boy started to play nervously with the sleeves of his sweater. It may was spring, but the days were still rather cold.

Of course we will!“

“Are you dreaming, princess?“, a mocking voice filled the room. As the young man, dressed in a black suit entered it. A grin could be seen on his lips, as he starred at the girl with brunette hair. Mint colored eyes narrowing coldly, at the sight, “This name is such a waste on a traitor like you…“.

Writernote: I’m a potato. Thanks for listening.


Still figuring out what I want scoot to wear lol.  If it’s Santa Monica in the summer, is he really the kinda asshole to wear a full hoodie in the SoCal heat?? (me though.) Coulda made it east coast but I know the west coast a widdle better, and boy is SoCal miserable enough to fit the mood I wanna go for.  The most polluted beach in Los Angeles.

If I decide to color any part of this comic (not likely!  I like B/W!) I needa challenge myself to use more muted colors, less BRIGHT NEON EYESEAR SATURATION 100%.  I think I have the basic plot outlined, I guess I should actually write it down somewhere though :p  But all my comix the same y’know, everyone’s always stuck in a groundhog’s day looping sexual nightmare formed from their own mistakes and self-flagellating unconscious.  Played too much silent hill as a kid.

oh ya I wanna make a comic outta this~ 🖤 Bork n’ Pwual is nearing completion FINALLY.  And I’m feeling muhself for dis story, got a beginning middle n’ nice phat miserable end.

Poems for the Mars Sign

Aries: Fire burning like the sun I am ∞ Warm enough to grow life ∞ Hot enough to scorch it away ∞ Who could withstand my clarity 

Taurus: An eternity tastes like a minute ∞ If you want it bad enough ∞ My determination a ball and chain ∞ Making me stay in want of something

Gemini: The sharpest blade is found ∞ In the sharpest tongue ∞ These words slicing through layers ∞ Of boredom and restless stagnation

Cancer: Floating through the winds of change ∞ I am not the current I simply live in it ∞ Or not ∞ Weather is something that lives in me, too

Leo: He is no artist ∞ If he lacks the colors which define him ∞ And I cannot call myself God ∞ If I have not made anything worthy

Virgo: A job requiring one hundred hands ∞ When I only have two ∞ I do not long for being overwhelmed ∞ I challenge the very sensation

Libra: I reflect, the mirror of water ∞ Drifting as I become the sea ∞ Away and away ∞ What was it I needed again

Scorpio: The line between my desires ∞ And my essence is one I can’t define ∞ Are you what I want ∞ Or are you meant to be a part of me

Sagittarius: My wings don’t make me an angel ∞ They burn like a phoenix ∞ From my tragedies I become ash ∞ From being stubborn I am reborn

Capricorn: Silk threads sowing shut ∞ The world of power inside ∞ I am no mere doll ∞ I am what I don’t what you to see 

Aquarius: Most claim to take a path less traveled ∞ But I must choose the road ∞ Completely untouched ∞ Why copy when one can create

Pisces: Into a new universe ∞ Floating through the infinity of space of time ∞ Direction is an alien concept ∞ Trapped in distant dimensions


“Life is a challenge, but it makes great art.”

Jonny Pierce is one of the greatest indie artists of our time as he’s spent the last 8 years cultivating The Drums into the magical musical unicorn it is today. With hits such as “Let’s Go Surfing” and “Money” under his belt, this one-of-a-kind artist is ready to release his latest album, “Absymal Thoughts,” absolutely solo— and he couldn’t be happier. It’s been a wild ride following the progression of The Drums over the years, so we were eager to chat with Jonny about his thoughts on changing the course of the band, as well as the events that really steered and molded his new album. Read more after the jump…

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I’ve added a fun necklace to my store that I made that’s themed around Phos from Houseki no Kuni!

The anime premiered last year right around the time I was learning how to cast and I challenged myself to try and mix some colors that were close to the gems for fun. The green sphere I made to match Phos was in a drawer for a few months until I decided to try to make it a finished piece yesterday. I created a second little tear drop to go along with it representing Phos’ other additions.

You can find the store link here


So I wanted to make an angsty sort of quirkswap between Midoriya and Todoroki

Their quirks were switched and Midoriya doesn’t have a grasp on Todoroki’s quirk, and shit hits the fan real quick. 

He immediately starts to burn and freeze both sides of his body without a way to stop at the moment.

This was really fun to do because it was a personal challenge to myself to incorporate brushes I don’t normally use, create believable fire and ice (the ice especially) and creating burns in cloth, which I’ve never really delved deeply into before

The first image is the final product, color corrected and clean looking

The second image is with a higher saturation and a play on lighting (especially with the background lighting up a bit, as shown)

The third image is extreme saturation coupled with high contrast. It was a joke at first, but I loved how it made him glow, so I fixed it up a bit, and this was the result.

Here’s the primary image without the color correction:

(Everything is where I need it to be, but it looks flat lol)


I made him all grown up so he needed a new suit,,, 
Sketch/ color palette style, will probably continue like this with this prompt challenge!
Based on this! Send me an outfit prompt and a character!  ー( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

BONUS canonKENNY under cut because I couldn’t stop myself 

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Today (or yesterday) is (or was) the first anniversary of Ever After High ‘Epic Winter’ movie (August 5/6).

Last week, I challenged myself to make DexterXRaven-kissing-scene edit that looked exactly like DaringXRosabella in Epic Winter movie.

THEN I DID IT! 😄 (see the first picture) I finally made ‘DexterXRaven kissing scene’ edited photo, so that picture looked like real as Darabella-kissing-scene screenshot.

However, some picture parts on my edit cannot be fixed. That’s why manipulating the picture parts (and adding color effects on the background and foreground) is so hard, so I tried my best until the best-enough results. I made that DexterXRaven edited photo to cheer myself and DexterXRaven shippers up.

Question: Which of these couples do you prefer? DexterXRaven? DaringXRosabella? Or both?

PS: PLEASE like, reblog and answer the question.

PPS: Just like last year, I DON’T LIKE EPIC WINTER MOVIE! It’s NOT because of Darabella (although I kinda ship Darabella), but it’s ACTUALLY because no Dexven/Rexter moments on EW movie and also because my least favorite couple Dexpid appeared on EW movie 3 TIMES!


Omg it’s a working fucking gif why is it a GIF I JUST WANTED THE IMAGE— *sobs* a challenger appears~

-Submitted by @stardustgalaxy-

Redraw of Ace like 5?



I’m happy. I love it. idec if no one else does okay maybe I do

BUT ugh… still salty about Ace’s decisions, but >.>


tbh though… I wouldn’t be able to cell color on my own so…




  • When it was taken: It’s 2013, New Year’s Eve and I’m stuck at home studying for my first ever final exam in law school. The picture was taken in my very first apartment after leaving my parent’s home where I lived for 1.5 years.
  • About my study technique: I had the worst study method of all time - hand written outlines - I had way too much to study in so little time could never finish my outlines in time to start the revision before the exam. The disorganization is very noticeable, too many highlighters and mid liners.
  • About my lifestyle: my eating habits were the worst, spent a whole year without working out one single day, not waking up before 10am. The only thing I’m proud of is that my transition to veganism started right here. 


  • When it was taken: It’s 2017, studying for my last exam in the most quiet library in town. I gratuated from my bachelor’s degree a week later.
  • About my study technique: I started to bring my laptop (then my tablet) to class and it was the best thing I could ever do. My notes were so neat and organized I only needed to complete with some mandatory biography I could always find at the library. Before exam season started I had every single outline printed and ready for revision. I only highlight what really matters and every color has a purpose.
  • About my lifestyle: I made myself turn into a morning person. Every day I wake up at 8am and go to bed at 11pm and even though I woul get a lot more hours of sleep it would still feel like the day was so much longer. I stopped studying to go running at least 4 times a week. My transition to veganism was fully completed in 2017.

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Hello. I'm not sure if you are still taking requests for the color palette challenge, but could you draw Hisana in 19?

Sooooorryyyyy;;; This started as some happy-beautiful-Hisana but then baby Rukia appeared out of nowhere and now it’s slightly more dramatic than it was supposed to be lol

tldr; I made myself sad lmao

So the colours are somewhat off-topic with the motive, I hope you still like it!! I loved Hisana as a request, thank you so much!!! X3