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Reader x Cole Sprouse, Reader x Daddy!Jared

Warnings: None (i think)

Notes: Hey guys, another cast crossover for you! I recently watched Riverdale and my crush on Cole came back in full force, yeah, he was my first crush ever when i was only 8 years old. So i decided to write this, i hope you like it!

Summary: The reader is feeling a bit sad from having her boyfriend and her dad away.

‘Hey bae, I won’t be able to go to your house this weekend. It’s Camila’s birthday….’

You read your boyfriend’s message with a sigh. You wouldn’t be able to see each other. Again. You were so tired of all of this, you missed him, you missed your dad, you missed your friends and you had to be alone just because of their stupid career. Okay, maybe you were overreacting, but you were angry! It Was hard to live surrounded by actors and famous people, when you just wanted to be a photographer with a normal life. 

 "(Y/N)! The pizza is here!“ You heard your mom screaming from the kitchen in the first floor of the house and you rolled your eyes. 

 "Coming!” You shouted back, leaving your phone behind, you really weren’t in the mood to talk to Cole right now. You got out of the stairs seeing your little brothers running around with dinosaurs toys in their hands. 

 "(Y/N)! (Y/N)! Come play with us!“ Tom, the middle child, cried stopping in front of you and you bend down to be on his level. 

 "Maybe later okay? I will help mommy with the table.” You said and he slowly nodded. “Now give me a kiss.” You demanded and he denied making you push him and place a wet kiss on his cheek. 

 "Eww, gross.“ Tom said running the back of his hand over the place you’d kissed before running back to Shep to continue the game. Kids. 

 "Hey darling, when is Cole arriving?” Your mom, who was worth mentioning was Genevieve Padalecki, said when you entered the kitchen, stopping doing what she was doing to listen to your answer. 

 "He is not coming mom.“ You said twisting your lip, putting two colorful plates to your brothers in front of the places they usually sat. 

 "What! Why?” She asked surprised and you just shrugged. This situation was starting to get usual, unfortunately. “Oh (Y/N)… God knows how much I know what you’re going through.” Your mom said and you knew exactly what she was talking about. 

 Genevieve Padalecki was married to your father, Jared Padalecki, the great Sam Winchester from Supernatural. They had you accidentally in the beginning of their relationship and when you were 14, Tom was born and a year after this, they had Shep. When it was just you, both of them could work out having a child and continuing their career as actors, but after your brothers, things started to get harder; so hard that your mother had to stop working in order to take care of you. Supernatural was shot in Vancouver so your father had to travel a lot, and for you, it seemed like he was never home. Jared stood his family up numerous times because of a convention, last minute interviews or something unexpected in the set. You understood and you knew it wasn’t his fault but…. It didn’t make it less painful. 

 You started to date Cole Sprouse, the famous twin from Suit Life of Zack and Cody, a relatively old Disney series. You two met when you went to New York to do a photograph course. You recognized him from the television and he recognized your last name, but this never interfered in your relationship or in the way you saw each other. And although your relationship with him was everything you ever dreamed of, he was an actor too and at this moment he was working on a new series, Riverdale. Surprisingly, Cole’s series were filmed in Vancouver too, the same place Supernatural was. He and you father  could see each other more often than you could see them both. Wonderful. It fucking hurt. You were tired of the people you loved living away, you were tired of the people you loved standing you up, so fucking tired. 

 "I… I don’t really want to talk about it now.“ You said softly to your mom and she gave you a sympathetic look, kissing your temple. 

 "Whenever you’re ready honey… do you want to eat in your room?” Genevieve asked and you nodded. She put a slice of pizza in a plate and gave it to you, who quietly took it with a 'thank you’. She really was the best mom in the world.  

Entering your room you saw your phone lighting up in your bed with messages of Cole. 

 'I would ask you to come, but you said you were so busy with your college things.' 

 The first message after you ignored his text about not being able to see you this weekend. Yes, he may be 24 years old, but you were only 19 and still in photography college. 

 'Hey don’t be mad at me.’

 'Please bae??’

 'Answer meeeeeee' 

 ’(Y/N), talk to me, please, I’m starting to get worried. I thought you would understand, she is one of my best friends.' 

 You and Camila, the one who played Veronica in Riverdale, actually were really good friends, but she was a really good friend of Cole too, and she was a sweetheart but… 

 You were interrupted by your thoughts when your phone rang in your hands, scaring you a little. The name Cole was shinning in the screen. 

 "Hey" You answered with a sigh, you were still mad, but he didn’t deserve to be ignored. 

 "Hey babe.“ Cole started. "Is everything okay? You ignored my texts.” He stated in a worried voice.

 "Hm… Yeah.“ You lied.  "I was having dinner, sorry." 


 ”(Y/N) I know when you’re lying to me.“ He said firmly. Cole, just like his twin brother, Dylan, was a clown 24 hours a day, he was the most funny guy in the world and there were only two things that got him in a serious mode. Photography and you. 

 "I’m…” You said trying to keep up with your lie that everything was okay but you knew that he wouldn’t believe you. “I’m not okay." 

 "You want to tell me why?” He said sounding calm, but the truth was he was preoccupied with you. 

 "I miss you, I miss dad….“ You admitted falling on your back in you bed. "It has been a while since we saw each other and now you’re not coming anymore." 

 "I miss you too princess.” Cole said. “But… We will be together soon. I promise." 

 "Hmm…” You said not really buying it, always the same empty promises, you were used to it. “I have to go, still got some pictures to print for my essay.”

 "Dark times.“ He said referring to when he was still in college making you laugh a little. "Good luck. I love you”

 "Thanks.“ You said with a tired sigh. "I love you too.” And with that, you hung off the phone and started to eat and do your job.

 At the end of the night, you were so tired that you didn’t even had time to think about how much you missed the men in your life before you fell asleep.

 Lucky you. 


 What the fuck. 

 This was your first thought when you woke up with a big heavy something jumping on top of you. 

 "Dad!“ You cried when you realized who it was messing with you, he started to tickle you. "Dad stop!” You cried again laughing and trying to push him. You started a little war when he finally stopped because you both were laughing so much. You may be 19 years old, but you sure acted like a child sometimes.

 "Okay, okay, I give up!“ Jared said laughing, laying down again in your bed when sat and looked at him.

 "Why didn’t you tell me you were going to come?” You said with a smile and he smiled too, pulling you to his chest. 

 "It was a surprise!“ He said caressing your back with his hand. "I was actually going to arrive later but a little bird told me that… You’re a little sad.” He carefully said, afraid that you would immediately shut him down, but you sighed. “You want to tell me what’s bothering you?" 

 "It’s just the distance… You and Cole filming away, I don’t know what happened but it got me a bit down these days.” You admitted to your dad, you always had a really open relationship with your parents. 

 "I’m sorry sweetheart.“ Jared said feeling guilt wash all over his body. 

 "It isn’t your fault dad” You said with a sad smile looking up at him but before you could say anything else, your bedroom door opened and Tom and Shep entered running and jumped in your bed. 

 "Heey buddies.“ Jared said laughing trying to hold them so they wouldn’t fall. 

"Tom!” You said laughing too when he stepped on your belo. 

 "Mommy said lunch was ready!“ Shep said after you all calmed down a little. 

"Wait, lunch?” You asked confused. 

 "What time do you think it is, young lady?“ Your father said getting up from your bed with Shep on his shoulders, making the little one laugh. 

"It’s almost one in the afternoon, c'mon.” You got up with Tom on your back because he insisted to, otherwise you wouldn’t have carried him, he was starting to get too big, grabbed your phone and followed your dad. 

 "Hey you all, morning sleeping beauty.“ Genevieve said kissing you cheek, when you all got to the table in the yard that you usually had lunch. She gave Jared a chaste kiss and like it was tradition, you and your brothers made sick noises, making your parents roll their eyes.

 "Something wrong in there?” Gen asked when she saw you looking with a strange face to your phone, there were a few missed calls from Cole. 

 "Uhm, it’s Cole, excuse me.“ You said getting out of the table going inside of the house to call him. It ringed a few times before he answered. 

 ”(Y/N), finally!“ He said like he was relieved.

 "Hey, I just woke up.” You explained. “My dad got here this morning! I wasn’t expecting him at all and….” Suddenly something clicked in your head making you frown. 

“Wait… Did you know?”

 "Yep.“ Cole answered laughing, of course he knew. "Feeling better now?” He asked referring to the way you were yesterday and you rolled your eyes trying to hide a little smile. 

 "Yeah I’m feeling better.“ You said. "Still missing you though.” You said hearing the doorbell of your house. 

 "It must be uncle Jensen (Y/N)! Can you open it?“ Jared shouted from the yard and you nodded. 

 "Me too, the people around here miss you, you know?” Cole said and you smiled thinking about their co-workers, they were a family even with just one season in their backs, it was beautiful. 

 "Give me a minute.“ You said to Cole in the phone and went to the door, opened it expecting to see Jensen, Danneel, JJ and the twins, their children, but instead it was… 

 "Cole!” You cried when you finally realized who was in front of you. You jumped in his arms still not really believing it, and he dropped his bag on the floor, wrapping his arms strongly around you and letting a relieved sigh escape from his lips. 

“I missed you. So fucking much.” He said in your ear still hugging you.

 "Oh my god… You’re really here.“ You said smiling touching his face and he laughed nodding. 

 "I am full of surprises.” He said with a smart smile making fun pushing your neck with his hand to kiss you, but you were interrupted when someone cleared it throat behind you.

 "Hey there love birds.“ Jared said with a small smile leaning in the door looking at you two. 

 "Hey Jared.” Cole said with a smile and you took one second to realize. Your dad wasn’t surprised to see Cole in his door when it was supposed to be Jensen, his best friend, that only could mean that…. 

 "You two planned this!“ You said surprised and they looked at each other and laughed like they were saying 'mission accomplished’. 

 "It took you long enough, (Y/N)” Jared said opening space for you and Cole to enter the house. 

 "Shut up dad.“ You said rolling your eyes feeling Cole’s arm in your shoulder. 

"We will go upstairs to put Cole’s luggage in my room." 

 "In the guest room.” Your dad corrected. 

 "Yeah sure.“ You answered ironically, your father wasn’t exactly the jealous type or the overprotective type. Sometimes he tried to be, but he would give up minutes after. Because you always had an open relationship with him and Gen, they trusted you 100% and they understood what it was like to be your age. Your uncle Jensen was more overprotective with you than your own father. 

 You closed your bedroom door behind you and smiled at your boyfriend who dropped his bag beside your bed.

 "I still can’t believe you’re here.” You said and Cole smiled pressing your body against the wall with his own, he put his hands in both sides of your face, caressing your cheek with his thumb. 

 "I love you.“ He said giving you a chaste kiss. "So…” He continued starting to kiss your jaw making you shiver. “Fucking.” Another kiss. “Much.” He finished sucking at your pulse and you let a soft moan escape from your mouth. 

 "Wait.“ You said and he stopped kissing your neck to look into your eyes, you took advantage of the moment to put your hand on his brunette hair. "What about Cam’s birthday? You…" 

 "It just next week, I needed a excuse to let you think that I wasn’t coming.” He explained with a smart smile and you rolled your eyes not being able to hide the small smile on your lips. 

 "I hate you, you know that?“ You said messing with him because he left you suffering thinking you wouldn’t see him for another couple of weeks. 

 "Hm, no, you don’t.” He said finally kissing you in the lips, deepening the kiss and firmly evolving your waist with his arms.

 "(Y/N)! Cole! Lunch!“ You heard your father yelling from the yard making you and Cole laugh at interruption. 

 "We’ll continue this later, bae.” He said giving you one last chaste kiss and holding your hand, you got down the stairs. 

 "Hey Gen.“ Cole said hugging your mom, all of your family loved Cole, he was just as funny as Jared and a gentleman with everyone. Even with some wrong habits of him, like smoking, they were all supportive of your relationship.

 "Cole!” Tom and Shep screamed when they saw the brunette, running and jumping in his lap. 

 "Hey buddies, I missed you guys.“ Cole said and he started talking and messing with them. 

 "Liked the surprise?” Your father asked putting his hands on your shoulders and you put yours in his. “It was my idea”

 "I loved it.“ You said honestly looking at the scene. "I… Was needing this.”

 "I know.“ Jared simply said, one day he was talking to his wife and Gen mentioned that you were stressed with college, and she noticed that you were feeling a little bit sad. Jared immediately knew what to do. After all, you were a daddy’s girl. Even though he was in the middle of filming of the next season of Supernatural, family was his priority. Always. He was afraid that some of his kids would develop depression, it was a hereditary disease and he would never forgive himself it that happened, he didn’t want any of the three to feel what he felt one day, so he would do anything in his power to avoid this. 

 "Okay, let’s eat.” Your mother said. You were telling the truth when you said you were needing that, your family reunited and Cole by your side. You were together for six months now but it felt like it was a lot more, in the second you saw him in that class of photography in New York, you knew he was the one, as cliche as it seemed. Your whole life was a little bit cliche, after all. 

 The lunch took all the afternoon, with lots of jokes, stories, laughs and teases, apparently your parents thought it was funny to make sick noises when you and Cole kissed, because you and your brothers did it all the time with them.

 "Finally alone.“ Cole said falling on your bed, putting his tongue out like he was tired and you smiled laying next to him. Your parents and your brothers went to Jensen’s to say hi and you and Cole decided to come back to your room.

 "So you planned all of this with my dad?” You asked staring at his freckles.

 "Yeah, he called me and asked if we could go out some day and I started to freak out because nothing good could come out of a serious talk with my girl’s dad.“ He explained making you laugh. "But I went and he said he wanted to do something special for you and here we are.”

 "Come on! My dad is a teddy bear, why would you ever be afraid of someone like him?“ You cried and Cole drew an ironic sigh.

 "Yeah, a teddy bear that is twice my size and kills people on TV.” Cole said. “And I’m tall!” He exclaimed and you laughed more. “Oh do you think that’s funny hun? I will show you what’s funny.” He said climbing on top of you starting to tickle you and breathe on your neck, he knew that your neck was your soft spot. 

 "Cole stop!“ You said almost without air from laughing. 

 "Say 'Cole is the best badass boyfriend in the whole world’ and I will stop”

 "Co-Cole is the best girly boyfriend in the world.“ You said messing with him and he tickled you harder.

 "You’re gonna pay for this, (Y/N) Padalecki.” He warned, after some seconds he finally stopped but didn’t change his position. “God I missed this.” He breathed out looking at you with heart eyes.

 "Just kiss me already.“ You said and he rolled his eyes. 

 "Miss 'I know how to break the vibe’” Cole said joking and you pulled him by the neck and pressed your lips to his. 

 "Yep, this is better.“ You said breaking the kiss and now it was his turn to be impatient. 

 "Shut up and let me kiss you, woman.” Cole said and you two continued the make out session. And let me just say, it went on for a few hours… 

 Not that you were complaining.

Chef Katsaros (A Choices Fanfic)

Pairing: Kenji x MC (Alex)

Summary: Kenji invites Alex to dinner at his place (Alex’s POV)

Author’s Note: This started out as a very silly drabble about how Kenji would prepare way too much food for dinner because he wanted to impress Alex, but apparently it has a mind of its own and it became a full length piece. Comments and thoughts are welcome! 😊

P.S. I miss Hero and Kenji & Alex so much. 💔

You are instantly hit with a whiff of amazing flavors in the air as Kenji holds the door open for you.

“Hey, Alex!” He gives you a quick peck on the lips. “Come right in.”

He closes the door behind you and you take in your surroundings. You’ve been to his apartment complex before, but never to his actual flat. It was rather organized for a man’s apartment, you thought, the color palette warm, with just enough decor to make it feel homey, but uncluttered. A line of family photos were displayed on his shelf.

“Aww! Is this you?” you ask, picking up a photo of young Kenji in his navy blazer and red tie, his parents smiling proudly on either side of him. “You were so cute!”

Kenji chuckles. “I know.”

You roll your eyes at him, your eyes falling on the long line of photos, realizing they were all of young accomplished Kenji. “Vain much?”

He shrugs casually. “My mom insisted I bring over some photos to keep it from feeling like a man cave.”

You smile as you set the photo frame back down.

“C’mon, you can tell me about how cute I am after we’re done eating.”

He brings his hand to your shoulder and leads you to the dining area.

He pulls out a seat for you and you thank him with a smile.

“I didn’t know what you wanted to eat,” he explains, his hand mindlessly scratching the back of his neck as he disappears behind the kitchen door. He reappears with two plates in his hands. “So I made you a little bit of all my specials.”

“First up, we have a lovely seaweed salad and spicy tuna tartare,“ he says as he sets down the plate in front of you.

You lick your lips with anticipation as you take in the beautiful colors on your plate. "Thank you, Chef Katsaros.”

“Pleasure’s all mine.”

You dig into your plate as Kenji looks at you expectantly, his usual confident smirk nowhere to be found as he watches you take your first bite.

Your eyes widen when the flavors hit your palette. “Mmm! This is amazing!”

He lets out a laugh of relief as he reaches for the wine bottle, pouring some into both your glasses. “Good. I’m excited for you to the try the next plate.”

Your glass meets his in a toast. “I can’t wait.”

When you’re done with appetizers, Kenji introduces his next dish to you — an array of Japanese skewers paired with his “famous” yakisoba.

“This was my ultimate comfort food when I was a kid. My mom used to make this a lot after I came home from karate.”

He smiles fondly as he tells you his story.

“Then my dad and I would have little contests to see who could finish their plates faster. My mom hated it. She’d scold us every time either of us ended up choking.”

He laughs at the memory and you smile.

“Now I know where you get your mischievous streak from.” He grins at you smugly. “It sounds like you and your dad were close. You must miss him.”

“I do. He’s the one that got me into all these intense sports and martial arts actually. I guess that’s one of the reasons why I keep doing them. It’s cheesy, but it makes me feel closer to him somehow, you know?”

You nod as you give his hand a squeeze. “I’m sure he’s very proud of you, Kenji.”

He squeezes your hand back and smiles. “Thanks, Alex.”

He claps his hands together and stands from his seat. “Alright! On to the next course!”

Kenji continues to pull out food throughout the night, a mixture of Greek and Japanese flavors much like himself.

You start to feel full after the third plate, but he’s serving his food so enthusiastically you don’t have the heart to turn him down. You settle into a silence after your fifth dish, one hand on your extremely satisfied stomach.

“I hope you’ve still got room for dessert. I made you the most amazing tiramisu and we also have my mom’s favorite baklava.”

You catch his hand before he can step out of his seat. “Can we take a break first? My stomach’s about to burst.”

He laughs as he laces his fingers through yours. “Sure.”

As you bring the remainder of your wine to your lips, you realize that you and Kenji have already finished the entire bottle. An idea comes to you as you set down the glass on the table.

“How about this? I’ll help you get started on the dishes now, then we can pop open another bottle of wine later to go with our dessert.”

You start collecting the plates on the table, but Kenji places both his hands over yours, a nervous smile on his face.

“That’s really not necessary, Alex. You’re my guest. You don’t need to trouble yourself.”

He tries to take the plates from you, but you manage to pull them from his grasp and head straight for the kitchen. “It’s no trouble at all. Besides, you spent the entire afternoon making all this, it’s the least–

”… I can do.“ Your words trail off as you take in the sight in front of you. Pots and pans were scattered all over the room, dirty dishes and utensils strewn on the counter. A large bag of groceries that look they’ve been rummaged through sit on one end of the room.  

Kenji runs past you right then, hands frantic as he tries to put everything in order.

"Looks like you cooked up a real storm in here,” you tease, a little amused at the sight of him so out of his element.

Kenji smiles at you, embarrassed as he takes the plates from your hands. “Sorry, I was rushing to make sure everything was ready when you got here. I didn’t really have time to clean up.”

He puts the lids in their proper places and arranges the kitchenware so that they sat neatly on the kitchen sink. He then wipes down the counter and throws out the broken eggshells and plastic wrappers that littered around.

You feel the strangest sensation as you watch him move across the room almost chaotically, his usual self-assured demeanor all but thrown out of the room as he tried to get the kitchen presentable for you.

Your heart swells.

“Okay,” he says as he washes his hands after throwing out all the loose trash, “I think that—”

You turn him around to face you, your hands on either side of his face as you stand on your tiptoes, pulling him in for a kiss.

He’s surprised at first, but he quickly relaxes into it, responding eagerly as his freshly washed hands come to your waist, dampening the hem of your shirt.

“What was that for?” he asks when you break away for breath.

The heartbreaking grin on his face makes you want to melt into him.

“Nothing,” you say, chuckling softly. “I just… I really really like you, you know that?”

“I do.”

You hit him playfully on his chest, but he doesn’t give you time to say anything more as he leans down and kisses you once more, deeper this time.

His hands travel up your back, pulling you in even closer. When your lips break apart, his eyes are looking straight into yours, joy and affection dancing inside them. “For the record, I really really like you too.”

You’re unable to stop the smile that breaks across your face, your heart pounding in your chest.

He tucks behind a lock of hair behind your ear, his fingertips tracing the side of your face lightly. “So, dessert?”

“Sure,” you say, your arms going around his neck to pull him in. “How do you feel about having it somewhere a little more comfortable, like I don’t know, the bedroom maybe?”

He smirks when you bite your lower lip, his hands traveling down your thighs to lift you up. “I do believe I haven’t given you a proper tour yet.”

You smile when his lips crash onto yours once more. “Lead the way.”

Flat tummy tips!
1. drink a glass of water before eating
2. Eat five small meals a day
3. Eat with the opposite hand that you use (helps to eat slower)!
4. Cardio 20min 5x a week SWITCH IT UP
5. No soda or juices!!!
6. No fast food !
7. Color your plate
8. Wearing a Waist trimmer during my cardio helped me a lot
9. Never skip breakfast
10. Lower alcohol intake GO GREEN
11. Learn your muscles
12. LIFT!!!!!! Remember that you can’t make progress without consistency so when you start … Don’t stop even if you have a slip up … Keep going

Why you should use seasoning and spices :

1) It makes your recipes taste amazing. Look at the picture ; it’s rice, zucchini, carrots, broccolis, mushrooms, onions, garlic. I added ginger (good for your digestion and health in general + enhance the flavor of anything) to the veggies, and I used 1teaspoon of curcuma (which is a powerful antioxidant) and some oregano in the rice. 

2) It makes cooking less boring &  it colors your plates.

3) It adds micronutrients to your diet. As I said, curcuma is pretty amazing.

4) You can make a bunch of recipes with a low budget (hello fellow students) without feeling deprived of any kind of food nor bored by noodles. 

5) The health property contained in most of spices will help you to prevent all kind of diseases and fight cancer.

Art Exchanges

Harry Styles Imagine

Recent Writing | Masterlist

Requested? Yes: Can you please do one about Harry, going to uni with you, he hangs out with you as you make art in the studio.
Word Count: 1,054

“I come bearing gifts.” You quickly turned around to see a grinning Harry. He was carrying a bag from the Starbucks across the street in one hand, and in the other he was holding one of those cardboard trays with two drinks sitting diagonally from one another. It was 9:30 pm, and you had been cooped up in the studio all day working on your project for “Critical Thinking in the Studio.”

“Oh thank god I was beginning to think you were never going to get here.” The original plan was for you to go to Harry’s dorm and watch a movie. That was until you remembered you had this project due on Monday, and seeing that it was Saturday and the studio was only open Monday through Saturday’s, tonight was the only time you could. Plus, you had to finish before 11 pm because the janitor would be due in.

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