color your plate

Flat tummy tips!
1. drink a glass of water before eating
2. Eat five small meals a day
3. Eat with the opposite hand that you use (helps to eat slower)!
4. Cardio 20min 5x a week SWITCH IT UP
5. No soda or juices!!!
6. No fast food !
7. Color your plate
8. Wearing a Waist trimmer during my cardio helped me a lot
9. Never skip breakfast
10. Lower alcohol intake GO GREEN
11. Learn your muscles
12. LIFT!!!!!! Remember that you can’t make progress without consistency so when you start … Don’t stop even if you have a slip up … Keep going

Why you should use seasoning and spices :

1) It makes your recipes taste amazing. Look at the picture ; it’s rice, zucchini, carrots, broccolis, mushrooms, onions, garlic. I added ginger (good for your digestion and health in general + enhance the flavor of anything) to the veggies, and I used 1teaspoon of curcuma (which is a powerful antioxidant) and some oregano in the rice. 

2) It makes cooking less boring &  it colors your plates.

3) It adds micronutrients to your diet. As I said, curcuma is pretty amazing.

4) You can make a bunch of recipes with a low budget (hello fellow students) without feeling deprived of any kind of food nor bored by noodles. 

5) The health property contained in most of spices will help you to prevent all kind of diseases and fight cancer.

Art Exchanges

Harry Styles Imagine

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Requested? Yes: Can you please do one about Harry, going to uni with you, he hangs out with you as you make art in the studio.
Word Count: 1,054

“I come bearing gifts.” You quickly turned around to see a grinning Harry. He was carrying a bag from the Starbucks across the street in one hand, and in the other he was holding one of those cardboard trays with two drinks sitting diagonally from one another. It was 9:30 pm, and you had been cooped up in the studio all day working on your project for “Critical Thinking in the Studio.”

“Oh thank god I was beginning to think you were never going to get here.” The original plan was for you to go to Harry’s dorm and watch a movie. That was until you remembered you had this project due on Monday, and seeing that it was Saturday and the studio was only open Monday through Saturday’s, tonight was the only time you could. Plus, you had to finish before 11 pm because the janitor would be due in.

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