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Summary: You ask your best friend to pretend to be your boyfriend to make your ex jealous.

Pairing: Kim Seokjin (Jin) / Reader

Genre: Fluff / Smut

Words: 3.5k

A/N: (Feat. Wonwoo from Svt) Sorry Svt fans, I made him the enemy. I love Wonwoo though :)


“Okay that’s the last one.” Your new step father said.

Your mother just remarried and she figured it’s time that everyone lived together. Your step father was sweet so you had no complaints but as for his daughter. She was a snob but all you could do was play nice.

The last of the boxes finally settled so you thought you would try to step out.

“Hey mom….can I go to Jins?”

“No, we are having our first dinner tonight as a family.” You mother complained.

“I’ll be back….he only lives a few blocks away.”

Your mom didn’t like the fact that Jin lived by himself, technically he had a roommate but she still didn’t approve of you going there. He only was a few years older then you, three years to be exact. She also didn’t understand that you were just friends so nothing ever happens between you two. One more year and you can move out, you were counting the days.

“Fine you better be here….you got two hours.” You smiled and left quickly.


You knocked outside of your friends door. The door opened and you saw Namjoon. “You’re not pizza.” He said disappointed.

“Rude.” You pushed him out of the way. “Why do you need pizza when you have Jin….he cooks better then my mom.”

“I do.” He laughed from the kitchen.

“Can you make me my-” Before you could finish he rolled his eyes annoyed.

“Every time….you only come over for my goodies.” He whined.

You laughed as you wrapped your arms around him from behind. “That’s not true.” You giggled. “That’s the second reason.”

“Okay fine…one apple strudel coming up.”

“Thank you….my mom loves them too so I’m gonna have to hide them.”

“Or I could give you the recipe and you could make them yourself.” You glared at him causing him to do his famous laugh.

You heard a knock on the door. “Now this better be the pizza.” Namjoon got up.

He opened the door and you saw their friend Hoseok at the door with the pizza. “Thank you for the free pizza.” Namjoon grabbed it off his hands.

“No not again….you got me in trouble.” Hoseok complainted. “This is my third job in a year can you please not get me fired.” Namjoon glared and gave him his card so he could swipe it.

“What’s the point of working there if you can’t give your friends discounts.” You laughed.

“Hey what the hell (Y/N), you used to be on my side.”

“I am.” You didn’t noticed Jin look down upset as you bear hugged Hoseok.

You were like a little sister to all of Jin and his friends but the one thing you didn’t know was that Jin had feelings for you.

“Do you want some pizza?” Namjoon asked.

“No… mom is making me go home to dine with my new family.” You said in a mocking tone.

“They moved in?” Hoseok asked.

“Yeah.” You arched your eyebrows.

“Bummer.” Namjoon said.

“I have to get back to work.” Hoseok said goodbye and left.

You walked over to the kitchen just as Jin put your strudel in the oven. “What time do you have to go back?” He asked.

“I have an hour.” You both sunk in to the couch next to Namjoon and put on a movie.

Before you know it the movie ended and you felt your phone buzz in your pocket. When you looked at the ID, you saw it was your mother. Shit!!

“Hi mom.” You said cheerfully.

“Where are you?”

“I’m on my way home.” You lied as you started putting your shoes on.

“You always do this.” Your mother said disappointed.

“I’m sorry I’ll be there any minute.” And you snapped and hung up.

“I better go.”

“Don’t forget your strudel.” Jin said and you grabbed it and left.


As soon as you entered the chamber you call home you heard loud laughter coming from the dining room. When you entered the room you saw your mother and your step father on each side of the table and the backs of your annoying step sister Mina and the back of some guys head.

“(Y/N) Your late.” You mother tried to not sound annoyed.

“I’m sorry.” You said as you made your way around the table getting a view of your mystery guest. You felt your stomach sink once you saw him. What the fuck is he doing here?

As soon as he saw your face, he went pale, like he seen a ghost. It was Wonwoo, your ex boyfriend. Why was he here? He can’t be dating her.

“(Y/N) this is Wonwoo, my boyfriend.” Mina said to break the awkward silence. This is unreal.

“Hi.” You said with no emotion. He nervously smiled. It wasn’t a surprise your mother didn’t recognize him, she was always busy with her work.

“I thought this was a family dinner?” You sassed.

“(Y/N) What’s with you?” Your mother whispered but it was clear that everyone could hear.

“Nothing it’s just that I didn’t know we could of invite guest unless I would of.” You rolled your eyes looking down.

“Mina gave us permission, but you can invite people over too (Y/N).” Your step dad nicely said.

“My mom never told me that.” You continued your gaze down at your plate.

“Invite your friend over tomorrow.” He said.

“You have friends?” Mina smirked.

She can act like that and get away with it but when you do it your mother acts like all hell broke loose.

“I have lots of friends actually and they all exists.” You snickered. “Can I invite Jin over mom?”

“Who’s Jin.” Mina said annoyed.

My boyfriend.”

You heard your mother cough while swallowing her food. “Boyfriend?”

“Yeah.” You said it like it was obvious.

“You told me-”

“Mom we had this talk already I know you don’t approve because he’s older but you never even got to know him.” Which was kind of true but with the wrong message.

Your mother looked at you confused and angry at the same time. “We need to talk about this later.” You nodded.


“Sorry what?” Jin asked because he thought he misheard what you said.

“Did I tell you how handsome you look today.” You avoid his question.

“Did you just ask me to be your boyfriend?” He was still confused.

“So handsome.” He just glared at you confused. “Okay fine…… that’s exactly what I said.”

“Why?” He carried out the word.

“Don’t get offended or anything because you’re my best friend and I love you.” You held your hands together placing them over your chest.

“Can you please pretend to be my boyfriend because my evil witch from another planet step sister is dating my ex.”

“Wonwoo?” He asked.

“Yes Jin…because I’ve been in so many relationships.” You said sarcastically. “So will you help me?”

“Why do you need me, you said you were over him.”

“I am I just want to show him that I’m not pathetic and I can get another guy.” You said grouchy.

“Being single doesn’t make you pathetic.”

“I know I just don’t want Mina to find out, she’ll gloat in my face.”

He rolled his eyes. “Technically you don’t have a choice because I kinda told everyone already.” You bit your lip nervously. He glared at you.


“Thank you.” You gave him the biggest hug ever. “I told my mom that you could come to dinner tomorrow night.”

“I don’t know if I can fake it.”

“Jin come one….its not hard.”

He looked at you concerned. “Let’s practice.” You sat closer to him. “Kiss me.” His eyes shot open wide. “It’s okay.” You giggled.

He wasn’t making any movements so you grabbed his cheeks and brought your lips to his. It took him a while to work against your lips but he eventually responded. You removed your hands from his face and leaned them on his shoulders. You can’t believe you are saying this but it felt nice.

“Woah, what’s going on?” You heard Namjoon enter the room.

You both looked at him stunned. “You guys are together now? It’s about time.” He laughed.

“No, it’s a long story but I’ll see you tomorrow right?” You got up ready to leave.

He nodded. “What was that?” Namjoon asked Jin.

“It’s a long story I guess.”


You watched as your mother set the table with an attitude. “You still mad at me?”

“You lied to me.”

“I’ll take that as a yes.” You mumbled. “I’m sorry if I told you the truth then you wouldn’t have let me go.”

“That’s right I wouldn’t of.” She argued.

“Why are you so mad….you said you liked Jin.”

“Yeah but you said you were just friends.”

“We still are mom….we are exploring.” Your mother rolled your eyes.

“Jin’s a gentleman…he hasn’t even touched me yet.”

“Aish.” Your mother rubbed her forehead stressed.

“Hey dear.” Your step dad entered.

“He’s here.” You followed the knocking at the door.

You bumped into Mina on your way to the door. “Jeez what has gotten into you?”

“My boyfriends here.” You gloated.

You opened the door and there he was your best friend/pretend boyfriend. You noticed the slight change in his hair color. You arched your eyebrows at him.

You greeted him and wrapped your arms around his neck kissing him on the lips. He was caught off guard again but soon responded.

You heard a voice clearing behind you. Mina. “Jin this is Mina my step sister ” You said rushed, so she can go away.

“Hi.” She greeted cheerfully. “Nice to meet you.” She shook his hand. She was putting on some shy act. Was she attracted to Jin?

You looked at her and shoo'ed her away. She smiled and met your parents in the kitchen.

“I don’t see you for a day and you die your hair pink.” You noticed the slight tint of rose color coming off his blonde as soon as he stepped in the light.

“It was Namjoons idea.” He laughed.

“Why do you listen to him?” You grabbed his hand and led him to where the rest of the house was.

Your mother played nice even though she was in the past. Did Mina forget she had a boyfriend? She has your ex boyfriend and now she wants your fake boyfriend. You could tell that Jin was uncomfortable by the way she would constantly gaze at him.

“So Jin how long have you two been dating?” Your step dad asked.

“We have-” You started but your mom interfered.

“He asked Jin.” Your mother warned you.

He looked at you before he answered. “About two months now.” He lied. Your mom looked more ashamed of you because you lied but you knew in the end she prefer him then other guys.


The rest of dinner was pretty awkward. You walked Jin to his car. “Good job buddy.” You patted him on the back.

“How long are you going to make me do this?” He sounded disappointed.

“I don’t know.” You shrugged your shoulders.

“Good night (Y/N).” He opened his car door.

“Hey, are you okay?” He nodded. You knew something was wrong but you didn’t want to push it.

As soon as he drove away, another car pulled up. Wonwoo. What is he doing here?

“Hey (Y/N).” He got out leaning on his car.

“What are you doing here?”

“I’m picking up Mina.” He answered.

“This late.” You sassed. “Never mind I don’t care.”

“You know I had no idea she was your sister.” He said.

“Step sister.” You corrected.

He walked up closer to you. “So you really seeing someone huh?” He was strangely close, which made you uncomfortable for Mina’s sake.

“Yup.” His eyes lingered down to your lips.

“You sure or are you just saying that to make me jealous.” He smirked leaning in closer to you.

You pushed him away from you. “What the fuck are you doing? What happened to you…you’ve changed.” You said distressed.

“Did you pull these stunts when you were with me…is that why you broke up with me because you were afraid I was going to find out?” You continued.

“I was just kidding chill….I broke up with you because you were a clingy bitch.” You were stunned those words left his mouth. He was never like this, or so you thought.

“Wow…best to luck with you and Mina because I’ll tell you she’s something…..she couldn’t even take her eyes off my boyfriend at dinner.” You smiled deviously and head towards the door.

As soon as you opened the door you saw Mina walking down the stairs. “The garbage man is here to take out the trash.” You smiled at her confused face and went to your room.


All week you begged Jin to go to your house to hang out instead of his. You couldn’t help but noticed Jin’s cold attitude towards you lately, but it was only when you two were alone other then that he acted fine. And boy could he act, he acted like a true boyfriend around your family. You liked it.

Every time you would kiss him, you actually felt butterflies in your stomach. You loved when he held your hand and you loved how he complimented you. Were you falling for your best friend?

As cliche as it sounds when you kissed him for the first time just a week ago, you felt a spark. The only problem was you thought he didn’t feel the same way.

You two were sitting on the couch watching a movie at your house. You were alone together, or so you thought. You looked at Jin as he was focusing on the movie. He was so handsome. You hated yourself for never seeing him that way before. Things were different now, you saw him different now.

You felt butterflies as you watched him bite his lips. You couldn’t control yourself much longer. You grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled him towards you as you kissed him desperately. He responded immediately as he smiled into the kiss. You deepened the kiss as you explored his mouth with your tongue. You moved your hand down his chest feeling every inch of him. You were surprised he wasn’t stopping you. You had a little hope that he felt the same way.

“Woah get a room.” You heard an annoying familiar voice ruining the moment behind you. Both of you didn’t say anything as you watched Mina and Wonwoo head up stairs.

“We’ll be upstairs.” Mina said. You caught a glimpse of Wonwoo’s face, it was pure jealousy.

You slightly smiled and faced Jin once again. He had a look of realization, but then turned to anger.

“Wow for a second I thought that was real.” Then he got up and grabbed his jacket.

“Wait Jin.” You ran after him but he was almost to his car already.

“It was real.” But he didn’t hear you as he drove off.


You knocked on the door quickly hoping he would answer. The door opened and to your surprise it was Namjoon.

“He doesn’t want company.” He tried to close the door.

“Wait please I need to talk to him.” He wasn’t budging. “Please.” You said sadly.

He opened the door for you and looked at you ashamed. “Do you think you could leave us alone for a bit.” You smiled sadly.

“Only if you promise not to break his heart even more.”

“Trust me I won’t.” You smiled and Namjoon grabbed his keys and left.

You knocked on Jin’s door softly. “Namjoon I told you I’m fine.” He answered but you just knocked again. You heard a groan and movement. He opened the door and his facial expression changed as he noticed you. He didn’t expected you of all people.

“What are you doing here?” He looked at you hard.

“To apologize.” You didn’t let him answer you just wrapped your arms around his neck pulling him into your lips.

He slowly pulled away and looked at you crushed. “Why are you doing this to me?”

“I wasn’t acting Jin….I didn’t know they were there.”

He gave you a look that he didn’t believe you. “I know what I did was wrong but this past week with you.” You blushed. “I realized how I felt about you.”

“Your not saying that just to save our friendship are you?”

“Nope.” You pushed him farther back and shut the door behind you. He had a smile on his face but he still looked confused.

“You really have feelings for me?” He said worryingly. You pushed him again until he fell back on his bed.

“Yes Jin…I’m sorry that it took me this long.” You climbed on to him straddling his hips.

You leaned down kissing him intensely. You felt him grab onto your hips tugging on your shirt. You sat back up to pull off your shirt.

“How long have you like me?” You said lustfully.

“A while.” He smirked.

You leaned back done kissing his neck. You could already feel him getting aroused underneath you. He got confident and flipped you both over so he was on top. You reached for your own jeans and sliding them off as he kissed your neck.

“Jin.” He mumbled against your neck to show he was listening. “Please make love to me.”

He pulled away looking at you seriously. Jin knows that you’re a virgin and asking him was a big step because even when you were with Wonwoo you held out as long as you could because you weren’t ready.

“I want you to be my first.” You whispered. He sweetly smiled at your request. That signaled you to continue so you reached for his pants buckle as he pulled off his shirt.

He then pulled down your panties kissing up your thigh all the way up your stomach until he reached your lips again. He was so fragile with your body and it gave you shivers.

He knew that your first time was a memory that would linger your mind forever and he wanted it to be special. In that moment you knew you made the right decision. You couldn’t have asked a better person to be your first. Your best friend to fake boyfriend to your real boyfriend.

You reached your hand down his boxers feeling his erect member. You felt butterflies as you gently stroke him. This was all new to you and you couldn’t help but feel excited.

He pulled off the rest of his pants as he reached into his side table grabbing a condom. You quickly removed your bra as he started to unroll the latex down his length. You felt nervous. He leaned over you again and kissed you passionately.

“This is going to hurt a little.” He blushed.

In that case you didn’t care you just wanted to feel connected with him. You felt comfortable and warm. You responded by kissing him once more.

You felt his member brush your folds before he slowly slid into you. You quietly screeched from the sting. “You want me to stop.” He sweetly asked with concern.

“No….just move slow.” You smiled. The first few thrust were slow and painful but it felt better as your body finally adjusted to his size. He continued slow until you told him to move faster.

“You sure?” You nodded. As he picked up the pace the pain turned into pleasure. The pleasure was nice. You could get used to this.

He kissed your neck roughly probably leaving marks as he rocked against your body. You wrapped your legs around his waist from under the blanket to get better angle. You moaned feeling the pleasure stir up in your stomach. This new feeling was like a drug to you and you wanted more of it.

He reached around kissing your lips softly. He interlocked his fingers with yours as you both worked against each other. You felt the tingling feeling wash over your body as it made its way down to your toes numbing them in the process. You let the feeling take control of your body as you weakly laid there under Jin.

You felt Jin slow down his pace as he quietly moaned against your lips. You felt him warm up your insides as his slow thrust came to a complete stop. You still felt like you were in a daze. You were replaying every detail in your mind as you still tried to catch your breath. Jin swiftly rolled over to your side trying to steady his breathing as well.

You couldn’t help but giggle from the feeling. “That was amazing.” You sounded cliche like some predictable Rom-Com but you couldn’t help it.

“Your welcome.” You smiled from the fact he was still trying to catch his breath.

You rolled over so you could lean into his arms. He wrapped his arms around you as you both cuddled enjoying the moment. You looked up smiling at his beautiful face. He leaned down pecking your lips cutely.

“Finally!” You heard someone shout from the other end of the apartment. Namjoon? What the fuck.



Handy Dandy. [Connor Murphy Oneshot].

Title: Handy Dandy.
Pairing: Implied! - Connor Murphy x Reader.
Words: 1,593.
Fandom/Musical: Dear Evan Hansen.
Rating: T. (Language).

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Connor whispered aggressively, more to himself than to you. Though the words came out roughly you knew that they didn’t actually hold any hostility. Tucking back a piece of his hair behind his ear which simultaneously curled around his fingers as he did so, Connor found himself slightly bent over to analyze the extensive amount of nail polishes you actually owned. Funny enough though, he had only seen to wear maybe two of the colors and if he took his time, he could find the bottles because they’d had a lot less polish inside. Picking up a shade of yellow, that was honestly more leaning towards an ugly construction yellow and burned his eyes, he looked back at you.

Connor mumbled, “Really, (Name)? Dehydrated piss color?”

You held your hands up in defense and walked towards him with a gentle, “Sometimes I need the happy colors.”

Connor sat the bottle back where he picked it up from and laughed bitterly, “Happy color? Piss is not a happy color. A happy color is like… Like…” He scanned the polishes before picking up what he’d describe as a ‘cotton candy’ pink. “This.”

Snapping the bottle out of his hand, you chuckled and said, “I don’t think I’ve never worn this color before.” You raised your eyebrows, “Wanna try?” Waving the bottle in front of his face, he pushed your hand back with a small scowl before it slowly turned into a smile.

 “Fuck off.” He bent forward a bit, looking for a specific color. You couldn’t stop yourself from looking at him and the way that he moved. It was interesting, to say the least. Connor pushed people away, both figuratively and literally in instances where he feels that physically pushing someone is the best for his own safety. Even his own movements, as slightly graceful as they appeared, also pushed people away. He moved roughly but with a sense of hesitance behind every move of his muscles. A warning that getting too close would end terribly for both parties.

 Taking a deep breath in, Connor straightened up and picked up a small bottle of nail polish off of your dresser, the sound drawing you back to reality. “Why are there like twenty shades of black?” He asked you, tilting the bottle to the side so he could read what funky name the polish had, “I thought black was black, you know? What the fuck is…” He squinted at the small letters, “Envious Fury?”

Laughing, you plucked the bottle out of his hand and informed him gently, “Obviously, it’s the color of jealousy and anger, can’t you read?”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know that those emotions included goddamn glitter.” He took the bottle back out of your hands, letting his fingers linger upon yours for a moment too long before quickly drawing them back in. A technique he had learned to keep people away, to make them assume that he was really unobtainable emotionally.

 It wasn’t as if the two of you were friends and it sure as hell wasn’t as if Connor could actually spill his secrets to you, things that people assumed about him, but weren’t really true. You were just a convenience to him, or so he tried to convince himself constantly. A convenience friend, he would say. Not really friends all the time but friends when he got into fights with his parents and had nowhere else to go, or a friend when you were lost and couldn’t find your way out.

 Visits were becoming much more frequent, or so you noticed. Connor was sneaking over to your house more often, later in the evening. He’d even found a way into your bedroom without going through the front door and alerting your parents that you had someone over, and when first executed, it was painful to say that he ended up with a few rose thorns on his fingertips, palms and thighs from the rose bushes in the front of your parents yard.

He’d come over, sneak in, and the two of you would sit there. Nothing had to be said, and if you asked him what was wrong, more often than not, Connor would find himself building up the security wall around his personality and mind so you couldn’t pry your way inside. It wasn’t a matter of wanting to talk about anything with Connor, it was just a sense of some sort of stability. Someone who wouldn’t yell at him for doing bad, someone who wouldn’t get mad at him for not wanting to talk, and someone who could actually maybe, in one way or another, understand what he was going through even if it wasn’t spoken out-loud.

 Catching yourself staring at him once again, you plucked the bottle of black nail polish off your dresser, the one that Connor usually went after and sat down on your bed in an eager attempt to push back any sort of thoughts of an actual friendship. This happened every couple of weeks, or whenever the nail polish would fade from his nails. He quite liked the way it looked, and with his long fingers, you had to admit that he pulled off polish a lot better than most of the people you knew. “I want this one.” He said, holding up the glittering black nail polish.

 “Are you su-”

 “If I want to be a sparkling fucker, why not?” He shrugged his slender shoulders, sitting down on the bed across from you. The meager fact that your bed was only a twin size meant that there wasn’t much space between the two of you. Crossing your legs and laughing at his previous statement, Connor shimmed out of his usual grey jacket to reveal a darker grey t-shirt under that clung slightly to his slim frame. He handed you the bottle and held out his right hand without a word. Managing to balance the bottle on a library book you forgot to return god knows how many years ago, you cupped his fingers and began brushing the dark polish on.

 There was silence between the two of you as you brushed gentle onto his thumb and then pointer finger. Mid-way through his middle finger, he began speaking to you. The tone was the same, but the words were somewhat of a surprise and when you gazed up at his face, you found his eyes fixated on your expression rather than on the nail polish brush like they usually were, “I don’t think I’ve ever thanked you.” 

Connor swallowed softly, brushing back a few stray hairs on his forehead with his free hand, “I know, we’ve been doing this for like…” He thought, trying to vaguely guess, “I don’t know, three, four months now and you don’t have to do it but you do anyway.” He laughed to himself, “Not everyone would help a guy who threw a goddamn printer at a teacher when he was in the 2nd grade because he was having a fucking hissy fit.”

 “Being line leader was really important back then.” You dipped the brush back into the bottle, “I’d have been pissed too, having been denied the pleasure.”

 “I didn’t really want to be,” He explained, “It was just… “ Connor stopped talking for a moment and thought over his words. Why was he telling you this? “Everyone else had been line leader that year and I guess I felt… Left out. Like, how shitty sad is that? Such a sob fest.” He joked, but you could tell that it was running much deeper than that by how his voiced cracked near the end. 

You couldn’t find any words inside of your mind that would be a good reply to Connor actually telling you something personal, and so, you rested the brush back inside of the bottle and let go of his right hand, gesturing that you were ready for his left. He stared down at his fingers for a moment, admiring the luminescence that the glitter gave the black. It was like the stars, coating the dark sky with what one could see as hope. Hope, that out there, there’s someone or something that understands.

 “Whatever,” He clenched his jaw and lifted his left hand for you, “I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for… Not seeing me as a fuck up like everyone else does. For not saying, ‘there goes that psycho kid, Connor Murphy’ in the halls at school.”

 “They don’t see what I see.” You said to him, furrowing your eyebrows as you began painting his left hand. “They don’t see…” You couldn’t think of what to say, though there were indeed a million ideas running wild inside of your head. With your mouth agape, you had hope that perhaps words would just start flowing out instead of you having to force yourself to speak. “They don’t see this.” You gestured between the two of you with your free hand. “They don’t see you like this, they don’t see you as a human who you know, maybe has feelings like the rest of us do… Maybe, it’s just beyond their reach, maybe they refuse to see because then that would make you just like the rest of them and maybe they can’t handle that sort of truth.”

 Connor sat quietly in front of you for a few seconds, soaking up your words and the way that they spilled from your mouth. Almost as if you… You genuinely cared about what people thought about him.

 “Fuck, that’s some deep shit, (Name).”

holy bullpoop i hope that was good and i really hope that you guys like it! Reblogs and likes are appreciated! Lemme know what you think! -Em

anonymous asked:

What is your best makeup trick ?

F A C E:

  • Before applying any beauty products, hydrate your face with moisturizer. Don’t skip this step if you have dry skin.
  • Applying primer before foundation will even the surface of your skin, make your pores look smaller and your skin look smooth.
  • If you have combination skin, moisturize the dry areas and apply primer on the areas that get oily before applying foundation.
  • If you have a lot of red spots on your face, use color correcting concealers that come in mint green colors. Simply apply the product on the red areas using your finger or a makeup sponge and wait for it to dry, then apply foundation.
  • If your skin tends to get dry patches, exfoliate it at least once a week. It will remove dead skin cells and will make your skin smooth.    
  • When buying foundation, consider your skin type. If you have oily, acne-prone skin, choose foundations with oil-free formulas. If your skin is dry, opt for hydrating foundations. Foundations with hypoallergenic formulas are best for those whose skin is sensitive.
  • If your skin is dry, avoid matte foundations because your skin might end up looking flaky. Instead, look for products that have moisturizing and hydrating qualities.
  • When you’re in a makeup store and you’re trying to pick the perfect foundation shade, test if the shade is right for your skin tone by applying a little bit of it on your jawline. Don’t try to test if the shade is good for you by applying it on the back of your palm or your wrist because the skin tone of your hand differs from the skin tone of your face.
  • Does your foundation seem to look normal right after it’s applied but it changes its color/turns orange within an hour or when you go outside? It’s because it oxidizes, people with oily skin may experience this more often than those with other skin types. To prevent this, use a primer and stick to oil-free foundations. 
  • Once you’ve applied foundation, set it with powder. Makeup powders create a silky finish and minimize the look of pores and other small imperfections. It can also control face shine. If your face tends to get oily throughout the day, simply reapply the powder on the oily areas.
  • Does your makeup make your face look pale when you take pictures with flash? That’s probably because you’re using a foundation that is high in spf. To avoid this problem, avoid foundations that contain spf higher than 30.
  • Liquid highlighters are a lot more concentrated than powder highlighters; therefore, use them sparingly. 
  • Some people have a hard time blending out their contour. If you find difficulty with contouring kits, you can always use a foundation that’s a few shades darker than your skin tone as a contour. It is much easier to apply, especially if you’re a beginner.
  • Use translucent powder to prevent makeup transfer, it will set and mattify your makeup. A setting spray can also help you avoid makeup transfer.
  • Always clean your brushes after using them because they will transfer bacteria to your face, causing break outs.

E Y E B R O W S:

  • When doing your eyebrows, keep in mind that they should look shaded and soft, not like a straight, hard line. 
  • Before applying makeup on your eyebrows, brush them upward with a spoolie brush to enhance their shape. You can also enhance the shape of your eyebrows by slightly overdrawing them or applying eyebrow products on the sparse areas.
  • Always use products that match the color of your eyebrows; otherwise, they won’t look natural.
  • After you’ve applied eyebrow products, brush your brows with a spoolie brush to blend out the color and soften any harsh lines. You can also apply concealer to define them.
  • A clear eyebrow gel can be worn over an eyebrow pencil or powder to make those products last longer.
  • Are you trying to grow out your eyebrows? Forget about tweezing or waxing. It may take up to 15 weeks for your eyebrows to grow back fully so you have to be patient. While they’re growing back, you can use a tinted gel or a pomade to make your brows look more presentable.
  • Castor oil promotes hair growth so you can use it to make your eyebrow hair grow faster (you can use it on your eyelashes too).

E Y E S:

  • The easiest way to apply eyeliner is by tilting your head back and looking into the mirror. If you’re a beginner and it’s hard for you to apply the product, you can make dots along you upper lid and simply connect them. 
  • Does your mascara clump? Make sure that your lashes are clean before you apply it. If you apply mascara while still having some on from the night before, your lashes will most likely get clumpy. 
  • A blending brush should only be used for blending your eyeshadow. Don’t apply new eyeshadow with a blending brush, especially if it’s already been used because it’ll mess up your makeup.
  • Warm colors like browns and golds and shimmery shades complement brown hair and blue eyes the most.
  • Blondes with fair skin should choose shades like brown, bronze, silver, beige, gray and neutral shades.
  • You can prevent your eyeshadow from creasing by applying translucent powder. After priming your eyes, apply a little bit of translucent or loose powder on your eyelids using a powder puff or a sponge.
  • Fake eyelashes can be worn more than once. If you take care of them, they can last for a very long time. The first thing you need to do once you remove them is to remove the glue. You can do this by simply pulling at the glue until it begins to come off. It’s also important to clean the eyelashes with an oil-free makeup remover before you put them away. Keep your lashes in their original package to prevent them from collecting dust and bacteria. 

L I P S: 

  • If your lips are flaky, take a toothbrush and gently brush off the flakes. This will boost the circulation of your lips. You can apply some lip moisturizer after doing this to keep your lips hydrated.
  • Before applying your lipstick, use concealer to saturate the color of your lip lines and to make your lips look bigger. Apply it onto your lips and spread it a little over your lip line.
  • Overdrawing your lip line is the key in making your lips look bigger. Use a lip liner that matches you lipstick and apply it slightly outside the natural lip line. 
  • Apply some lip gloss on the middle of your lips to make them look fuller and plump.
  • Once you’ve applied lip products, apply concealer on the areas where you went over your lip line. 
  • Bright and deep lipstick colors compliment people with medium to dark skin the most. Try bright and deep reds, pinks, coral, shimmery peach lipsticks and lip liners. 

There are probably hundreds of tutorials for changing your eyebrow color. So this isn’t one of them. However , many of them recommend using a white grease pen or white eyeliner to lighten your brows before adding color. I’ve had trouble finding one that would work for me. I’m happy to report that the white eyeliner from Covergirl’s Katy Kat Eye line works really well for me. It’s also easally available and fairly cheap since it’s sold at Walmart.

Here’s a super quick cosplay tutorial I made about covering your eyebrows! It’s the method I used for Sailor Neptune since I didn’t see a point in completely drawing on new eyebrows for her. Instead I just filled my own eyebrows in!

SUPPLIES: Ben Nye MagiCake Aqua Paint (I used Turquoise here). It’s washable so no worries! Also, pigments. I have a huge palette of eyeshadows so I used a lot of the teal colors.

1. Wet your eyebrow brush and moisten the paint.

2. Make sure your brows are clean and brushed. I’m only doing one brow for easy comparison.

3. Start filling in your brows. I’m showing mid-painting here.

4. Take your brow brush and clean. Start applying eyeshadows. I use darker shadows at the ends and lighter towards the start of the brow for a gradient effect. I’ll use my finger to blend a little.

5. Celebrate! That’s it! Finish your makeup and seal! — I hope this helps! Happy cosplaying!

My cosplay Facebook page: Straight Line Association Cosplay

My Instagram: thelaravee

Caught by a Catchphrase

Prompt: I really liked Pennyworth Down and I was wondering if you could write something where the reader falls in love with either Tim or Damian but she’s actually a villain and during a fight one day she says something that she says a lot when the two are just hanging out and he’s like “omg what but only (y/n) says that” and they get into a big angsty fight when they confront her about being a villain or something (and maybe a happy ending if you’re feeling nice but you don’t have to)

Pairing: Damina Wayne X Reader

General tags: @nervouswastelandvoid

Alias: Teaser

TW: None

Word Count: 1,392

“HOLY HELL BALLS!” You couldn’t help but let out a shriek after slammed your door into the coffee table in the manor’s living room. You flopped back onto the couch, gripping your toes in pain. Damian rushed in, worried that you’d actually hurt yourself. You looked up at him sheepishly, “Oh…. It was a false alarm Dami. Sorry.”

Damian sighed and relaxed, “I see. Well, as long as you are fine.”

“Yeah,” You pouted, rubbing your toes, “It just hurt…” You checked your watch and blanched, “Ah! Holy Hell Balls,” You groaned, leaping up, hugging Damian before planting a kiss on his cheek, “I’m gonna be late for dinner! Thanks for the study date Dami, it was great.”

Damian smiled and kissed your cheek, “alright, have a good night darling. call me if you need me.”

“Of course,” You promised, slipping on your shoes before grabbing your backpack on the way out of the manor.

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Do you know what I really hate? When I see people being rude to girls for wearing too much makeup. I love getting dolled up and looking my best and no girl should ever feel bad for wanting to do that. So I decided to take a picture of me first thing in the morning looking my worst and to the right a picture after I was done getting ready. I will never stop looking the way I want to for anyone 💕


Have dark eyebrows and want to change them to a crazy shade? I found the very helpful video that goes over 4 different methods for changing your eyebrow color.

Ftm Passing Tips

I felt like this was a good idea so here’s some tips:

1. Don’t slouch when standing. Stand upright, look/feel confident even if you aren’t really. One thing most guys have is this level of confidence, so they stand up straight, swagger when they walk, etc.

2. Color in your eyebrows. It makes you look a lot more masculine and it helps in passing.

3. Teach yourself to have a lower voice. Look up voice exercises if you have a high one or try to do a convincing low voice yourself until it becomes a natural way of speaking.

4. Sit with your legs apart. Most guys do it, but don’t do it obnoxiously, or people will think you’re a douche.

5. Finally, just be yourself. I mean, you’re a dude so the way you act and stuff is the way a guy acts. Even for those that don’t pass thanks to people assuming gender based on how you look, never give up, cuz it definitely gets better.

Eyebrowows tutorial

Yeaaa an anon asked me how I did my eyebrows on my Frisk/Chara cosplay so I decided to do a little tutorial for you peeps!

Every time I start doing my eyebrows, this is basically the shape I have in mind. The eyebrow is fairly straight and even and the eyebrow arch has a nice round curve to it. Also the end of the eyebrow is kinda short.

Alright let’s start with the things you’re going to need:

- An eyebrow brush

- An angled brow brush

- Some color for your eyebrows (if you don’t own any actual brow color, you can also use eyeshadows!)

I start with grooming and brushing my eyebrows into the shape I want.

Then I take a little bit of color and start drawing the outline of my brow. I always start from the bottom of the brow and continue all the way to the end.

When I get to the eyebrow arch, I try to give it a nice round shape (the one I was talking about earlier haha).

After I’ve drawn the lower outline, I do the same for the top of my brow: Start from the inner corner and work your way to the end of the brow. I do a round turn for the top side of the brow too so the brow stays consistent and even.

After I’ve drawn the shape, I simply fill the eyebrow with color. The thing here is to make the end of the brow the darkest part (we’re trying to achieve like a gradient eyebrow) and fade the inner part of the brow out.

Like I mentioned above, the eyebrow should kinda fade out once we get to the inner part. Take a little bit of color and brush it up so it creates (yet again) a round shape at the start. Then use your angled brush to spread the color out and make the start of your brow “softer”.

Then brush your eyebrows into a shape again and fill out all the possible blank spots you might’ve missed.

Aaaaand this is kinda what you get! Now I remind you that this is my personal way of doing eyebrows and thus might not be for you. That’s okay! There’s thousands of different kind of eyebrows and and thousands of ways to draw them. Go and experiment which style fits you the best! It might take some time before you get the hang of it but I’m sure you can do it with practice and patience.

Now go enjoy the eyebrows you’ve worked hard for!

Beauty Gurus- Bucky Barnes


Word count: 1K

Warnings: Mention of smut

A knock on your door makes you get up of the couch and go answer the door. When you open it, you smile widely, quickly jumping to meet Bucky’s lips. He’s been on a mission for the past three days and you haven’t heard of him during the whole time. Bucky kisses you back and he chuckles when you break the kiss to wrap yourself around his body like a monkey. He walks and closes the door with his left foot and then goes to the living room.

“Where you about to film a video? I can come back later if you want.”

“No! Actually, I have an idea for this video.” You bit your lip, a big grin on your face.

Bucky raises his eyebrows at you, an unsure look on his blue eyes. You’ve been a beauty guru for about five years and you have a great amount of followers, almost six millions. Of course, your relationship with The Winter Soldier was very polemic at first, but a lot of people was asking you to do a video with him. When you read the tweets and comments, you immediately thought of what can you do with Bucky.

“You are scaring me, doll.”

“It’s nothing, I swear. And we will only do it if you are okay and comfortable with it. So, I though about doing a video with you!” Bucky’s eyes grow wide at your proposal. “But like I said, you don’t have to do it.”

“I think I wanna do it?” Bucky doesn’t look really sure about it, but a small smile appears on his face.

“Really? Because if you say no, I won’t get mad or anything!”

“No, no. I would love to help you with the video. What do you want me to do?”

“I thought about a ‘My boyfriend does my make up’ video? If you’re cool with that?”

“Sure, but I have absolutely no idea of how to do make up.”

“That’s the fun part.” You smile at him and hold up your hand.

Bucky grabs it gladly and you bring him to sit on the floor, right in front of the camera. You go to your bathroom and pick your make up bag. Walking back to the living room, you put everything in front of Bucky and sit down, your body facing the camera. He tells you that he is ready and you start the video, a big smile on both of your faces.

Bucky starts doing your make up and, God, he was being completely honest when he said he had no idea about all the products and how to apply it.

“What am I supposed to put first? Everything looks the same!” You laugh at his face.

“Bucky I am supposed to not say a word to you! But… How about if you start with the foundation?”

“Foundation…” Bucky mumbles while grabbing it.

You laugh when you see he has applied much more than what you need. Bucky grabs a brush that is clearly not for applying foundation and starts spreading the cream all over your face. You feel like a cake and can’t avoid a little giggle coming out of your mouth.

“Am I doing it great, doll?”

“No! You are doing it horrible.” You chuckle and Bucky looks at you with his mouth opened, an offended look on his face. “Okay, okay, I’ll shut up. Just keep going!” You bit your lip to stop a chuckle and close your eyes.

After some time, Bucky sighs and you feel his fingers on your face.

“Buck, baby, you are supposed to use the brushes.”

“These things are impossible to work! I’m using my fingers.”

“Okay…” You smile and close your eyes again.

You see Bucky messing up your Naked palette and you ask yourself if this was really a good idea. His fingers full of powder touch every single color on the palette and you close your eyes, trying to stop the desire to snap your make up away from him. But, the worst part comes with the lipstick. Bucky keeps telling you to open and close your mouth and you end up with your teeth redder than your lips.

“Okay, I’m done!” Bucky has a big smile on his face, clearly proud of his work.

Slowly, you grab the mirror. When you look at your face, you gasp and immediately start laughing like crazy.

“Bucky this is seriously awful! My God, even my grandad would do it better than you and he can’t even see properly!”

“Hey! That’s not nice!”

“I’m sorry babe, but this is really horrible.” You can’t stop laughing.

You have too much foundation and powder on, making your face look extremely tanned. Bucky put some purple eyeshadow on you, but the color reaches your eyebrows. A crappy, thin black line covers your eyes and Bucky says that it is the eyeliner. You laugh while touching your eyebrows, he didn’t do them as bad as the rest of the make up. There’s more mascara under your eyes than on your eyelashes and your lipstick is spread all over your chin. You look at him and chuckle, how can he be proud of this?

You do the outro for the video and stop the camera. Bucky is still smiling at you and you shook your head while laughing.

“This is the last time I let you do my make up.” He just laughs at you and kisses your hair. “Did you like filming the video?”

“Yeah, I actually loved it.”

“Good, because we can do another video another time. Maybe a ‘Girlfriend does my make up’ video?” You smile devilish at Bucky and he laughs nervously.

“Doll, with all that lipstick and that smile, you are really scaring me.”

“Yeah, I’m gonna take it off. My face feels like a cake.”

“Well, you still look beautiful.”

“C’mon, Barnes, if you want to get laid just get naked and wait for me in bed.” You wink at him and he laughs.

“I didn’t say that to get laid, (Y/N). But I won’t refuse that offer.” He gets up and walks to your bedroom. “Don’t take too much!” You hear him screaming and you just laugh.

Running to your bathroom you quickly take your make up off, you really missed him during these three days.


these are some makeup tips that i use almost every day that no one really seems to know about or use but can really help you out in the long run, whether for cosplay or personal use.

  • use an elmer’s glue stick to glue down your eyebrows, sideburns, or any other body hair you wish to hide. this sounds odd, i know, and one of the most common questions i get asked when people look in my makeup box is “why do you have a glue stick in here??” now i’ve seen a million methods for covering body hair: eyelash glue, spirit gum, eyebrow mascara, but this is my personal favorite method, it’s cheap and works just as well and even better than some of those other methods. the best part is that it comes off easily with water, no need to use special products, peel or scrub.
  • use contact lens solution and eye shadow for a custom color liquid liner or use it to color your eyebrows. i’m always super cautious about what i use on my eyes but since both are made for use around your eyes it’s quite safe and works just as well as liquid liner except you can get all those crazy or bright colors that they either don’t make or are very hard to find!
  • use clear lip gloss and eyeshadow for a custom tinted gloss or lip color. just scrap some eyeshadow off into a small container, turn it into a fine dust, add a few drops of lip gloss and mix it up and brush it on!

and some things that almost seem like common sense but are sometimes looked over:

  • seal your makeup. this seems like common sense and i know a lot of homestuck cosplayers have had this drilled into their brain so many times it’s probably gotten annoying! but even if you’re doing something simple like wearing a little foundation and some eye shadow, seal it!! it’ll stay a lot longer and it wont rub off on your hands or clothes. some options: ben nye final seal, it’s cheap and lasts (also it’s has a cool minty smell and tingle which is kinda cool), it also has kind of a glossy finish. urban decay’s all nighter, it’s very expensive but works miracles, it also has more of a matte finish.
  • use eyelid primer. really i’d recommend priming everything but the eyelids, in the end, are what need it most! you know when you’ve been wearing your makeup around for a bit and you’ve sealed it and everything still looks fantastic…..except those little creases on your eyelids where the makeup is folding into itself and coming off. USE EYELID PRIMER, THIS WONT HAPPEN!

this is what i’ve got so far, if i think of more i’ll add it. if you have any makeup tips you’d like to share feel free to reblog this with your tip!

anonymous asked:

I pick at my eyebrows too because of anxiety. I use an eyebrow pencil to help fill in the spots until they grow back. Or you can use an eyeshadow that matches your eyebrow color

yeah i always fill in my brows when i do my makeup anyways but i just hate not having full brows naturally it sucks

anonymous asked:

How do I choose an eyebrow colour if my hair is blonde but roots and eyebrows are dark ?

I would go with a brow color that matches your roots / eyebrows! Cara Delevingne is the perfect example! Anything she can do, you can too!

Find a brow color that’s 1 - 2 shades lighter than your roots! Also decide if you want to use a pomade, pencil, powder, or gel!

Pomade - Creamy product; Used to make a bolder, thick, sculpted brow

Pencil - Easy to fill in gaps / sparse areas; Perfect for creating arches

Powder - Gives a softer, more natural appearance; Makeup hack: use eyeshadow as brow powders! Works the same way

Gel - Keeps the brow hairs stay in place and makes them look neater

***key tip: use light strokes when filling in your brows! This will make the brows “feathery” and mimic the appearance of your actual hairs!

purple-jelly-girl  asked:

Hi! Hello! I'm thinking of cosplaying Monomi and i was wondering what do i do about makeup? If you could please show some kind of example that would be awesome! Sorry for the trouble and thank you! :)

hey there! i was a little stumped at first, but i found this youtube tutorial for monomi’s makeup which looks really great! to break it down:
- use your regular foundation or concealer
- for the eyes, a little eyeliner but big lashes for a cute effect!
- lots of pink blush!! this cosplayer also opted to put white freckles on their face for a cute bunny look, which i hadn’t seen before but is honestly a really great idea!
- light pink lips!
- split color of eyebrows: greyish-white for monomi’s white half, and pink for her pink half! i explained a little about how to color your eyebrows for cosplay in the last ask i answered, if you need it to be further in detail let me know!
aaand that’s about it! the youtube tutorial does a really great job of showing how they achieve their look, so i would check that out. c:
hope this helps!
~mod c

abou123  asked:

What do you use to color your eyebrows to have them match the color of your wigs? Also I'm really looking forward to seeing your Tracer cosplay once you finish it!

Some other people asked me about this subject so decided to make a short video of how I do my eyebrows for cosplay ^_^ Hope is useful! As a personal opinion is a very important thing to make the wig look natural <3 

Thank you so much >////< Tracer will probably take quite some time but I would love to make her cosplay and cosplay her with the right outfit and hairstyle and all <333

Matthew Espinosa Imagine: It's only ever been you | Requested by Josie

You were spending the day at your best friends, Matthew. You moved next door to them when you were only three and your parent’s became really close, causing you and Matt to grow up by each other’s side. Ever since you were ten, you had a slight crush, but you kept it a secret not wanting to damage your guys’ friendship. Today, Matt called you over to help him with his video for youtube.

You leaned up against the counter, “So when do you want to get started?” He looked over at the clock, “How about now?” You agreed and went towards the stairs. “Race you,” he challenged. He ran past you, going up the stairs and you followed closely behind him. Entering his room, you jumped on his back causing him to fall, “You might’ve won but I’m still stronger.” He laughed while getting up, “Yeah-ok,” he said in a sarcastic way. You glared at him.

The camera was already set up for this video and Matt had a list of all the questions you were going to ask each other. You both sat in your positions  and he turned on the camera, “Hey what’s up you guys, today I’m here with Y/n and we’re going to be doing the best friend tag-so lets get started.”

He picks up the list of questions, “What is my favorite color.” You furrowed your eyebrows, “Could these questions possibly get any easier?” “Just answer it!” You laughed, “Blue.” You took the list from him and asked, “What is my biggest pet peeve?” But before he could answer, your phone went off. Matt was now distracted and asked, “Who was that?” You looked down at your phone, “Austin.” Austin has been your boyfriend for almost a year now. Matt didn’t respond at first, but he looked frustrated. “I’m going down to get a a snack,” and he walked out. 

You stayed in his room for fifteen minutes thinking he’d come back, but he didn’t so you walked down stairs. He was facing the window with his hands together in fists. “What the hell is your problem?” you asked. He didn’t look at you, “Nothing.” “Matt, are you jealous because I have a boyfriend?” He turned around facing you, his face was turning red and his voice was getting louder, “No. I just don’t understand what you see in him, he’s a douche.” Your eyes were getting watery, but then again they always did when someone was yelling at you. You leaned up against the counter when he continued, “I guess I’m jealous that he has you.” This caught you off guard, “What do you mean?" 

He took a deep breath, "What I mean is, is that I’m in love with you Y/n. And I have been longer than I can remember. Seeing you with Austin kills me, can’t you see that?” At this point you were crying, did the boy you’ve had a crush on for seven years just tell you that he loved you? “Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” you whispered. He punched the counter and yelled, “What difference would it have made?” You smiled at yourself and he got frustrated, “This isn’t funny Y/n." 

You went over to him putting your arms around his neck, his arms immediately wrapping around your waist. You kissed him tenderly and he kissed you back, harder. Pulling away you said, "Its only ever been you, you know?” He held you, your head on his chest feeling his voice when he mumbled, “Now I do.”

A/N: sorry this sucked so much

Elevate your arches, add instant structure, and frame your face with flawless brows. This insider’s guide will teach you how to find your most flattering shape, then how to fill in and further define it with your preferred format. Below, we break down your best brows in four simple steps straight from the pros. RENEE TRILIVAS

Find your ideal brow proportions by lining up a pencil from the center of the nostril to the inner corner of the eye. Make a light mark to indicate the start of the brow. Anchored at the nostril, rotate the pencil until it’s aligned with the outer corner of the eye. Mark this spot where the brow should end. Next, mark the arch by shifting the pencil over the iris.  
PRO TIP: For a quick and easy arch, use a brow stencil similar to your natural shape. 


POMADE: Clear or tinted formulas define and amp up arches for a long-wearing look.

TRY: Anastasia DipBrow Brow Pomade: Creamy texture glides on fadeproof color that won’t smudge—even on oily skin or in humid conditions.  

Too Faced Bulletproof Brows: This hybrid tints, fills, and tames brows. Plus, the waterproof formula sets in just 60 seconds, for up to 24 hours of no-budge color.

PENCIL: Sketch in ultimate precision with ease: Fill in uneven areas, beef up balding spots, sharpen your shape, and effortlessly extend the tail.

TRY: Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil: Convenient powder-wax pencil draws on face-framing fullness while the attached spoolie brush blurs edges for a seamless shape.

Smashbox Brow Tech To Go: Angled, waterproof pencil gives brows a soft touch of color while the included clear gel delivers a soft hold.

GEL: Brush on gel textures for natural-looking fullness and brow-setting sheen: Available in clear and tinted formulas, these gels hold hair in place whether used alone or as an arch finisher (see FINISH THE LOOK below).

TRY: Benefit Gimme Brow: Mini, tapered wand builds thickness with volumizing microfibers that adheres to skin and hair.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Brow Tamer Grooming Gel: Non-sticky, haircare-inspired formula holds peaks in place without leaving them hard, crunchy, or flaky.

Per-fekt Brow Perfection Gel: Conditioning gel coaxes hair into place, and tinted shades fill bare areas for enhanced, one-step definition.

PALETTE: Create artful arches on the go with a compact kit: Ready-to-tote set sculpts statement-making brows for all skill levels—from brow beginners to arch enthusiasts.

TRY: Urban Decay Brow Box: Compact kit packed with versatile must-haves—powder, wax, brushes, and more—creates groomed brows on the go.

PRO TIP: Try layering product for intensity and staying power.

Connect the three marks you mapped in step one using the brow filler of your choice, shading sparse areas with a stiff eyebrow brush in short, feathery strokes.
PRO TIP: Smooth on an eye primer over the brows before applying product to make your look last all day.

Using an angled brow-brush, blend product into the brows, and sweep with a clean spoolie brush for a soft, seamless finish. Blend concealer or highlighter below and above the brows to further define the shape. Finish by applying a brow gel to lock hairs in place.
PRO TIP: Give brows a dimensional effect by brushing on a gel one or two shades lighter than your natural color.


External image


External image

TOO FACED / Bulletproof Brows

External image

HOURGLASS / Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil

External image

SMASHBOX / Brow Tech To Go

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External image

MARC JACOBS BEAUTY / Brow Tamer Grooming Gel

External image

PERFEKT / Per-fekt Brow Perfection Gel

External image