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I did, like, an undertale color wheel a while ago. It’s pretty old. Old art.

Oh boy

Swinkers - @chuubifrog
SoulSans - @amber-acrylic
Witchy (HV!Sans) - @crowfry
Geno - LoverOfPiggies
Nox - @shylashadow / @noctale-au
Underswap - that guy that made it
UnderFell - another guy
Undertale - Toby Fox


In DNA class today we were studying genes, and I did a punnet square based on Sonic’s family (Underground) and predicted through the method I was taught his Father’s fur color, then did the same for any children by Sonic with Amy and concluded thus-

All of Sonic and Amy’s kids would likely follow the ‘blue’ color wheel, with most of them coming out purple, IF Blue is truly a dominant trait, which I think it is.

here’s how I did it.

Mother - purple- Br.

B = Blue - dominant

r = Red - recessive

Punnet square shows B r - BB(sonic), rr(Sonia), Br (other two children.) (I would assume Manic is a hererozygous due to maybe a gene that skipped a generation or far back in the gene pool. For this, it would be more complicated, and so I ruled him as Br for now. Since you need Blue and Yellow to make him, it’s still a combination of Dominant Blue gene. Much like Purple.)

According to this, the father HAD TO BE Br as well. Making him most likely a color on the blue color spectrum as well.

Blue color wheel -  Blue mixed with red makes purple, blue mixed withyellow makes green and yellow mixed with red makes orange. Purple, green and orange are considered secondary colors because they are created by mixing only two primary colors.

Red color wheel -  red-orange, red-violet, yellow-green, yellow-orange, blue-green and blue-violet

According to this data, we can deduce Sonic to be BB, homozygous Blue.

In conclusion, since red is recessive, we can deduce Amy to be a light pigment of red, deducing her to be rr.

punnet square BB and rr make Br’s all around, which would give Sonic and Amy’s children a possibility of being cyan, green, magenta, and violet.

This is just a rough estimate, but look at your fan kids and see if this matches XD

Silver wouldn’t be a direct descendant of Sonic or Amy either, one of Amy’s children would have to marry lighter and lighter to get him, ironically enough, lol!

(btw, since Amy is pink, she could be incomplete dominance by a Red and White colored parents, meaning she could be Rw and therefore, Silver a possibility, but in hindsight, it would take another ‘w’ allele in order for that to work, and that may take a few generations to express.)

Isn’t this interesting? Science side! Help me out here!

(PART 2 - x)


After I took that color theory class at the Minnesota Center for Books Arts (MCBA) last month, I went through my colored pencils, watercolor pencils, pastels, and markers and made a lot of color wheels. :) I regret nothing!


Color Wheel - Episode 32 Guide

On the wheel starting at Yellow going clockwise going to Cyan/Blue then Magenta/Red and finishing again at Yellow. Fill the brushes with colors available on the palette.

So for example YYYB will be tapping the yellow color three times and one cyan/blue. So the brushes will be yellow, yellow, yellow and cyan/blue.

Once you have the brushes filled, click on the next open spot on the right side of the yellow marked on the wheel. That spot on the wheel will then turn to a light green.

If you mess up, you can click on the little water container to the right of the palette. You will continue loading the brushes with color and filling empty spots on the wheel. The pattern is as follows:

Going from Yellow ( Y ) to Cyan/Blue ( B ) > YYYB, YYBB, YBBB

Going from Cyan/Blue ( B ) to Magenta/Red ( R ) > RBBB, RRBB, RRRB

Going from Magenta/Red ( R ) to Yellow ( Y ) > YRRR, YYRR, YYYR

Note: I’ve had several Candygirls tell me you don’t need to use all the brushes. It would be too complicated to show all the possibilities. I tried to simplify this as much as possible. If you have a way that you prefer to use; then by all means use it. This is just ONE way in which you will get correct results.