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Colors for part of @ephdraws amazing emoji challenge 4.0!! blushy Wing with petals; Chintinel Prime; Fix It; Vortex beholding the biggest can of soda ever; GRAND THEFT AUTO TRION, Rodimus carving a limerick poetry into [bot of your choice]’s bed; and Blurr has won a race and Starscream has mixed feelings… cuz Eph said those 2 pics go together ^_^b Thanks for letting me color your lines, dear Eph!!! <3 <3

dancing-heart-pony  asked:

That empty kiss prompt made me really sad. Could you maybe do #1 with Dark?

1. Post Break Up Kiss - The kiss that catches both of you off guard, but says I miss you, I’m sorry and please love me again all at once without any words being spoken.

Work was such a mundane place. Boring assignments after exhausting, repetitive projects. You felt there was nothing but paper in life. It seemed to follow you everywhere. 
Well, of course it did. You read books and drew on the stuff, but your work just never ended.
A good reason for this was probably your procrastination. Like what you’re doing right now. Currently spinning in your chair in your office. Pushing yourself in circles by touching your desk with your foot. 
Yep. Procrastination was definitely the one responsible for the never ending piles of paperwork and assignments. 
But you just weren’t in the mood today. Not since that night you left Dark. Your motivation seemed to plummet for almost everything. You missed him. But it was best for you to stay away from him. 
Blowing out a loud, rather rude breath through your lips. You continued to spin faster until the world turned into a vortex of colors. 
You knew where you were facing in the room by the colors of the walls. Each a different shade of white and grey. 
So it confused you when a black splotch ruined your snowy tornado. 
Firm hands latched onto the chair’s arms and you came to an erupt halt. Almost throwing you out of the chair. 
Your eyes widened when Dark leaned down to eye level with you. He looked disheveled. Like someone who hasn’t slept in weeks and survived on nothing but coffee. 
“Dark…are you alright?” You asked in a soft tone. Braving to lift a hand and touch his cheek. 
The moment your hand brushed his skin, Dark lunged forward and consumed your lips in an almost urgent kiss. As if you were the life-line he had been needing to save from drowning. 
You melted into the kiss, your arms pulled him closer as his hands found your hips. Dark fell to his knees in front of you, not breaking the kiss as he felt your body. 
There was no intention in his touch, other than to just feel you in his hands. To know you were here. 
He pushed you back in the chair, leaning forward to deepen the kiss and trap you against him. His tongue dove between your lips, savoring you as he held you. 
That’s all he wanted. To just hold you. 
Dark broke away when you let out a gasp for air. His eyes were completely black, lined with shadows and exhaustion. They searched you, looking for an unspoken answer to a silent plea. 
You pressed a lingering kiss to his forehead, screwing your eyes shut as a sense of relief washed over you. 
There goes your procrastination excuse. 

The Joker x Reader - “Devil”

When The Joker is imprisoned in a nameless hell, what will happen when he meets one of its demons?

Part 1:

Part 2:

You walk fast on the almost deserted street. The snow storm seems to get worse by the second but you don’t feel the cold or the snowflakes melting on your face. You hear the tires screeching right before you turn the corner on the lonely alley and don’t even bother to look back; probably another accident in this accursed weather, why should you care?

After a few more steps you hear his voice behind you:


You immediately stop and slowly turn around, feeling your heart sink.

“Hey, do I know you?” The Joker approaches, getting closer and closer. You don’t move, you wait for him to get in front of you and don’t say anything.

“You’re not scared,” he growls, tilting his head and carefully analyzing you. “Do you know who I am?”

How is this possible?! you think to yourself, astonished, missing him so much you totally ignore Her when She starts to get agitated; She sure doesn’t like him.

“Who are you, hmm?” J asks again and you rush in his arms and hug him tight, taking him by surprise. He is amazed he didn’t push you away yet; The Joker definitely doesn’t like to be touched by strangers. But you feel so familiar that he unconsciously hugs you back, confused, not knowing why he’s behaving so strange:

“Who are you?” he snarls, inhaling your scent.

You caress his green hair for a few seconds, watching the snow melting on your fingertips, wanting to cry and struggling to control Her from hurting him.

“I’m the Devil,” you whisper in his ear, sensing his grip around your waist getting tighter. It’s so hard to let him go. You kiss his cheek and back out just enough to stare in his blue eyes:

Forget about us,” you utter and J blinks fast a few times, looking left and right, not understanding what the hell he’s doing out of the car in the crazy weather on a street he doesn’t recognize. The snow keeps on falling and he touches his cheek, puzzled, feeling he forgot something very important.


First time he kissed you it was in the elevator, going up to the penthouse. You didn’t fight it at all and She yanked your hand away from his neck, startled.

“Stop it!” you muttered, frowning. “Not you,” you smiled when The Joker gave you an inquiring look. “Her.” He grinned and kissed you again and She started screaming with that outwardly high pitch that made the lights flicker and the whole building shake. J had to distance himself from you and cover his ears. She scratched his face, crazed by jealousy, and he winced in pain, annoyed.

“I told you not to touch him!” you scolded Her, tracing the cuts on his pale skin with your finger, making them disappear.

“Jesus, kiddo, She sure hates me,” he smirked, pulling you back in his arms, pleased to make Her lose control.

“You know She is very possessive, She can’t really help it,” you wanted to remind him even if you didn’t have to.

“Oh, I can understand that,” he pretended to sympathize when in fact he had no clue about the meaning of the word and you knew it.

Once you got up to the penthouse he dragged you in the living room, despite Her breaking as many objects as She could in her rampage, in the same time not daring to do too much because She also hates it when you are upset.

“I have to get ready for tonight, would you help me get my stuff together?” he asked, impatient, getting the explosives from behind the couch.

“Ahhh, you don’t need all those, you know you can do whatever you want. If you get caught again, I’ll find you in a heartbeat, like I always do,” you smiled, pleased there is nothing anyone can do to stop you.

“Because I glow in your darkness?” he suddenly turned towards you, biting his lip, stopping his project with a little thought in his mind.

“U-hum,” you agreed, watching him step aside and approach with that spark in his eyes:

“Show me, kiddo! Can you do that? I wanna see. You keep on telling that’s why you save me from that hell 6 months ago. Coooome on, can you show me?”

You debated for a few moments, frowning at his demand but you decided to humor him:

“If you insist, Mister J,” you signaled him to close his eyes and warned before you started:

“It’s going to hurt!”
“A-ha, like I’m not accustomed to pain,” he scoffed, bringing his face close to yours and waited. You cupped his cheeks, your eyes turned white, shinning so strongly he had to close his.

“I told you to close them,” you sighed. Finally he did as told and after a few seconds he gasped, amazed:

“Oh my God, kiddo, is that me?!”

“It is,” you smiled, kind of relieved J got to witness what you see in the Void.

“You weren’t joking when you said I’m the only one that lights up that blackness. Wow,” he grinned and let himself go in that warm embrace he felt. “You look even more gigantic and scarier on the other side. That IS YOU, isn’t it? Right in front of me, maybe 20 feet tall?”

“Of course it’s me, who else?” you chuckled, kind of intrigued he still wasn’t scared by how She appears in Her world: just like a demon from hell, towering over everything with that menacing demeanor.

“You are so much darker than any of those gray, formless shapes, you’re easy to spot,” The Joker purred and you took your hands away, breaking the connection.

“That would be enough,” you mumbled, wiping his bloody nose and he reopened his blue eyes with an aching expression on his face.

“I feel like the train hit me, kiddo,” he deeply inhaled, cracking his shoulders.

“I told you it would hurt,” you wiped more blood, shaking your head in disapproval because he sure is stubborn. He snorted, almost choking in his own blood and you decided to heal him. You touched his forehead and the pain went away instantly; the bleeding stopped too. “There, better?”

“Definitely,” J growled and leaned over to kiss you again, completely addicted to that euphoria you made him feel so intensely. “You told me you weren’t born like this. How did you get your powers? Are you ever going to tell me, Mrs. Flag?” he pulled apparat from your lips, grinding his silver teeth.

You slapped him, irritated at his transgression:

“Don’t ever call me that again!”

He started laughing like crazy and hugged you tight while you squirmed to escape and She pulled on his hair, antagonized, thinking you’re in danger. What She really wanted to do was snap his neck but you probably wouldn’t have approved such thing. The Joker ignored the threat.

“I should kill you for what you did, kiddo,” he whispered and your reply confirmed what he already guessed:

“Go ahead and try, I can’t die!” you hissed at him, pouting, resting your head on his chest. “Do you think I didn’t try myself when I first got Her?”

The Joker stroked your long hair and didn’t expect you to get so pissed that you showed him what happened without any forewarning; it hit him like a brick wall.

**You revealed to him the lab and all those important military officials waiting on the other side of the thick glass wall, the countdown going backwards faster and faster. You were wearing your white lab coat and kept on thinking: one year of hard work, the experiment better succeed! You were sure it would but were still nervous. Rick being there made it better. He winked at you without anybody noticing and you pretended not to see. “…5,4,3,2,1,0.  Opening interdimensional portal,” the computer’s voice coldly announced and they all got up from their seats, watching fascinated as the colorful vortex got wider and wider. You were so happy tears rolled down your face and gulped when you noticed the smoke and ashes coming through the portal. You backed out towards the door, having a bad feeling about it. Before you could make another move the ground started trembling with such intensity you had to fight to stay on your feet. When She first materialized in that out-worldly, terrifying and sinister form, your heart stopped.

All the people headed towards the exit, panicking and you slowly turned your back on Her, paralyzed in fear, shaking like a leaf and waiting for your husband to open up the door so you can run. You barely got the strength to faintly knock on the glass with your wedding band:

“R-Rick…o-open up, p-please. I want t-to get out… Rick!” you yelled, seeing him walking backwards.

“I can’t, Y/N, that thing… will get out,” he muttered, distressed, thinking that some walls were able to stop Her.

Your eyes widened with shock and he watched in horror as the black smoke filled the room until he couldn’t see you anymore. When you cried out for help he couldn’t take it any longer and opened the seal, rushing inside and frantically searching the room for you. Too late, you were gone. **

Once what you showed him stopped, The Joker collapsed on his knees, struggling to breathe, unable to think straight. He started coughing out blood, dizzy and confused after the strong impact of your powers on his mortal body. He took out his gun from his holster and shot you a few times. You just rolled your eyes and helped him up, Her silver blood dripping from your wounds, already starting to heal.

“Nice try, I told you I can’t die; are you mad at me?” you snickered and J looked at you with so much hate, slapping your hand away when you tried to touch him again.

“I…I don’t need your help,” he slurred his words, not being in control making him so angry his temples twitched.

“You wanted to see so I showed you, why are you mad?” you started giggling at his entitled behavior. “If you don’t let me fix you, you’ll be dead in 20 minutes. You wanna die?” He just grumbled something not very nice while he felt Her terrorizing presence all around him once more.

“Here, stop acting childish,” you forced your arms around his neck, attempting to reason with him. The Joker gave in, still angrily glaring at you but you weren’t impressed. He felt so hot and then so cold he shivered in your embrace. “There, you’re good now. You’re welcome from saving you from certain death. Still don’t want to talk to me?” you lifted his chin up, entertained by his certainly not boring personality and temper.


“Good, because you always talk too much anyway,” you made fun of him and he grouchily kicked your ankle. “I know exactly what would make you like me again,” you muttered in his ear, being in the mood for some playful things. “Have you ever been with a metahuman before?”

“No!” he bitterly answered, pretending not to give a damn but you knew he was bluffing.

“Interested?” you seductively traced his jaw line and brushed your lips on his, almost bursting out laughing at his antiques:


“Why are you squeezing me so hard then?”

“I don’t know!” J complained, lifting you up in his arms and you wrapped your legs around his waist, admonishing Her for wanting to murder him on the spot:

I want him so stop it!” She was so jealous She cracked the windows and screeched, alarmed, not liking the fact that he’s taking you out on the balcony without you protesting. She could never understand such things, even if She had that human part of you.

** “Fuck, kiddo, that was awesome,” he panted, resting his forehead on yours, trying to catch his breath. “It feels like I will have a stroke soon,” he trapped your naked body against the wall when you attempted to get away.

“Are you OK?” you chuckled, moving your hands up and down his back, making sure to leave a few scratches you didn’t want to heal.

“Aww, I am more than OK, kiddo,” he started to kiss your neck, his hot lips on your slightly sweaty skin giving you goosebumps.

“What good is to have powers if you don’t use them, right? Aren’t you glad I intensified your… experience?” you moaned in ecstasy and stopped Her just in time when She tried to break his neck, resentful you enjoyed him so much. The Joker didn’t even notice and had no idea how close he was to death that time.

“I want this again,” he lustfully purred, anticipating that amazing sensation you could make him enjoy once more.

“Even if you’ll have a stroke?” you sarcastically inquired.

“Like you would let that happen to me,” J grinned, full of himself, aware he got under your skin.

“You just never know when you’ll rub me the wrong way and…”
“Am I rubbing you the wrong way now?” he impatiently interrupted, lifting you up more so he can feel you better.

“You’re so bad,” you giggled, ticklish, getting lost in his blue eyes.


No matter where they locked him away, he would always disappear in the first night of incarceration, despite the tough security or how well hidden the place was. Nobody knew how it happened because there were no witnesses left behind. EVER. Only dead bodies- most of them mutilated- and destroyed surveillance cameras, impossible to retrieve information from even in digital content. So strange.

Rumors started spreading and the search for The Joker escalated, especially since it was said there was a metahuman protecting him. Very classified information, of course, only available to those with a high military clearance level. And The Prince Of Crime became even more ruthless, merciless and reckless, inflicting his will and terror upon Gotham and other cities, because he knew there will never be any consequences for his actions. He had YOU and for the first time in his life, that’s all he needed.

J was even more pursued, hunted and chased but he fully enjoyed every second; it was a life style it suited him so perfectly. And you were aware he now was truly one of the most wanted criminals because of his connection to you also. How badly the government and other parties would have loved to have you on their side! But you didn’t want to be on anyone’s side; you just wanted HIM, the only one that was lighting up Her darkness, crazy enough to keep up with you because he knew he was untouchable,truly above ALL, especially in your eyes and it made him feel…something he couldn’t name.

And the night came that made you take that painful decision.

The whole tower collapsed while he was inside the penthouse, waiting for you to come back because She wanted to kill and you couldn’t refuse Her fun. You felt it and came back in an instant, pulling him out from under the rubble, upset that he was on the verge of dying, every single bone of his body broken to pieces. You started to heal him and he clenched his fists, whimpering, a few tears streaming down his pale cheeks while you could hear the snaps of his body being mended back together.

“Ssssttttt, rest,” you caressed his face with the back of your hand, barking at Her:

“Keep him asleep! If he wakes up he could die from the shock and pain! I know you want that but it’s not going to happen, do you hear me?!”

The Joker’s body relaxed, falling back into his dreamless trance when you heard Rick’s voice and you lifted your gaze to watch him walk towards you with his hands up in surrender.

“Hi, Y/N…”  

“Did you do this?!” you got up, enraged and Rick watched you transformed again as you stepped over The Joker’s body, disappearing under her frightening shape. He looked up to Her, those ethereal glowing orbs and formless mouth screaming, making his skin crawl. You were even scarier and taller than last time he saw you. The earth started to move and he heard your voice amidst the chaos you started:

“You’re not taking him!!! I’ll burn the world if I have to!!!! You’re not taking him!!!” And She approached your former husband, desiring to smash him with Her strength.

“It didn’t give the order but I couldn’t stop it either. I’m here for old time’s sake,” he gulped, taking out his dog tag from under his heavy gear, showing you your wedding ring and his on the same chain.

“LIAR!” She stomped and he grasped that all his military training won’t do any good in this situation.

Rick let go of the chain and lifted his hands up again:

“The government really wants you, and him. He is in the spotlight because of you. You made him even more wanted than he was. We have metahumans on our side; can you fight an army and more like you? How strong do you think She is, hmm? Friendly advice: if you want him to be safer, stay away. I know you can heal him, but he is just human, how much do you think his body can take? How long before he gets killed, even with your protection? Stay away!” he tried to be the brave soldier that he is, feeling the strength of Her scorching heat burning everything around, ashes and smoke raining down all over.

YOU DARE????!!!!!” She shouted so loud the ground cracked: “Are you testing US?” then you spoke again:

“I can see all of them waiting for your signal to attack, honey,” you emphasized the word, irked he dares pretending to care, like you wouldn’t sniff his treachery from a mile away. “So many of them, you are right about that…Do you remember what I told you last time I saw you? If we ever meet again, I’ll let her kill you! DO IT, HE’S YOURS!” He backed out, trying to make a run for it but he couldn’t escape Her hate: he burned like a torch, screaming in agony before he was able to give them the signal. You snatched the Joker away and disappeared before they were aware of what happened.

You took him to one of his safe hideouts and kept him asleep for the rest of the night. But you knew Rick was right: J was more of a target because of you. They would have probably loved to cut him up to pieces and study each one under the microscope to see the changes you inflicted on him, especially with how many times he was healed.

You snuggled with him under the covers, being so heartbroken it almost felt you had a human soul again. 

“I’ll turn their attention towards me more, don’t worry, I’ll always protect you. I’ll keep them away,” you kept on whispering, caressing his face and he sighed in his sleep. “I’ll burn the world for you if I have to,” you leaned over and kissed him over and over again, not wanting to leave. “Forget about us,” was the last thing you said to him before you vanished in thin air. After a few seconds he opened his eyes and moved to the side of the bed, restless, unconsciously touching his lips, having the dreadful feeling he forgot something very important.


He walks towards the end of the alley, confused, dragging his feet in the deep snow. The wind amplifies, making his green hair blow over his face and he fights to keep it in place, thinking of what he might have forgot about: A meeting? A plan to kill someone? A heist? Why can’t he remember?!

You watch The Joker from the top of the building when it washes all over you like a cold breeze: Her warning about the imminent danger makes you cringe. There are so many SWAT teams slowly surrounding him and you discern the presence of more enhanced beings such as yourself still keeping their distance but ready to jump in when needed. They sure want him badly. And he’s not even aware about what’s about to happen. Of course you will protect him and kill everything in your way, but there are so many and he’s just…human in the end. You don’t even know how powerful those metahumans are. You’ll be fine, you can’t die, but what about him?!

You take a deep breath and make your decision: you materialize behind him and grab his hand, dragging him inside the deserted building while he whines because you made him remember you.

“Jeez, kiddo, I didn’t see you all day!” (it’s really been three months) “Where were you? What’s going on, why are we here?” he glares around at the old factory, intrigued.

“You’re in danger, they are getting closer,” you carefully study your surroundings while She rattles everything around, uneasy to feel your distress.

“So?” J scoffs, not understanding. “Protect me like you always do,” he grins, holding both of your hands in his. He just senses he woke up from a deep sleep even if he knows he didn’t. Why does he feel so…different?

“I will, but this is something else, trust me…” You bite your wrist and Her silver blood emerges, dripping down on the soiled carpet, sizzling through the fabric.

“What’s going on, kiddo?” The Joker blinks faster as he sees you bring your hand to his mouth.

“You just need one drop, I don’t want to do this to you but I have to,” you sniffle, hoping he won’t refuse. “Do you consider me yours? Do you trust me?” you tug on is purple coat and his answer makes you smile:

“You’re the only one I trust, don’t you know that by now?”

“Then take it, just one drop, yes? You’re in grave danger, I will protect you but there are more things going on than you know and I don’t have time to explain. We don’t have time! Please, just one drop,” you beg and J touches the silver  liquid with his finger, bringing it to his mouth and tasting its acidy flavor.

“I thought you’ll never offer,” he admits, winking.

“Can you feel Her?” you inquire, watching his eyes starting to glow in the clearest blue you ever saw.

“Jesus, kiddo, what is this?!” he forcefully inhales and exhales, pressing your palms against his chest.

“It’s me and Her, don’t be scared,” you rest your head on his shoulder, relieved.“Nobody can’t hurt you again, I don’t have to worry about it,” you hug him tight and he silently laughs, stroking your hair:

“You glow so much in that blackness, I can see you now the way you see me. You light up that darkness, kiddo, I’m not the only one that shines anymore,” J mutters, kissing your forehead. “Let them come!”


When the first wave of the SWAT team rushed in, they were able to witness the horrifying sight of the scary metahumans in front of their eyes for a few seconds before they were shred to pieces: two insanely tall dark shadows, burning and collapsing everything around with their power, unstoppable in their hatred for the world and united in their loyalty for each other.

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The sky was ripped open in a multitude of colors and a giant serpentine-shaped mech fell out of the colorful vortex and towards the ground below.

The Time Twins had Wu cornered, but the sudden free fall caused them to loose their balance and they slid to the far wall. With a hope for escape, Master Wu hopped over broken consoles and shredded metal loose in the bridge of the Iron Doom and catapulted himself out of the opening.

Using Airjitzu, the Master soared above the landscape for a few seconds before landing painfully on the ground, his staff rolling a few feet away from him. Dirt rose into a cloud from where he collided with the ground. He turned around and watched as the Iron Doom slammed into a hill and shattered into pieces. With a sigh of relief, he looked around.

He had landed on a dirt road in a hilly part of Ninjago, next to a glistening lake. There were no signs of anyone around, or what year he could be in. He reached for his staff, but flinched when suddenly a person robed in a dull red ninja master gi landed in front of him and snatched up the staff. With an expert trick of his hands, the ninja twirled the stick around and pointed it at the Master. Wu raised his hand to protect himself, but looked up to see none other than-

“Master Wu?”

The red ninja dropped the staff and stuttered backwards a few steps. “But…that’s…it’s been…”

“It is good to see you made it back to the proper time, Kai.” Master Wu said as he slowly stood and took is staff. “But how long has it been since the incident with the Time Twins?”

Kai was about to answer, but then more ninjas seemed to drop from the sky, wearing similar dull ninja master robes. There was a collective gasp as the team recognized Wu and Wu recognized the team.

“I can’t believe it! It’s Master Wu! After all these years!” Jay spoke up, his voice deeper than Wu remembered it to be.

The green ninja master, wearing full master robes, stepped forward.
“Uncle Wu…I can’t believe…it’s been so long-”

Wu looked around at the Ninja, but couldn’t tell their age because their hoods were all still up. “Please, tell me how long it has been.”

The ninja pauses and exchanged glances with each other before slowly removing their hoods.

Light wrinkles decorated their faces. Cole still had his green scar, but it was barely visible under his cropped beard. Kai’s hair was graying on the sides, and Nya’s hair was grown to her shoulders. Zane looked the same, he might had updated some of his facial features, and Jay sported his mustache. Lloyd removed his hood, revealing his white hair and sunken cheeks.

“Master Wu,” older Lloyd said quietly, “We waited so long for you to show up. After many years, we finally declared that you had died in the temporal zone.”

“How long have I been gone?” Master Wu asked.

Kai glanced at his sister. “Master, we have been waiting for your return for 40 years.”

Necromantic meditation: Focusing Death Energy

To be preformed at night.
Open your Windows and light the incense of death (Rose, Lavender, Jasmine, Sandlewood…).
Lay on the ground bare backed, cross your arms over your chest and close your eyes. Slowly breathe, hold and release in a five count (or whatever is comfortable for the sorcerer).
Begin to feel your heat leave you, the cold filling your body. As you inhale, feel the cold air go down your wind pipe and into your lungs, every breath filling you with the cold night air.

When the cold has enveloped your body, begin to contemplate death, dying, what would a corpse go through during decomposition, as these thoughts invite death energy to you. Slowly visualize a spiraling vortex, it’s color is black and it spirals away from you and into a center. Slowly see this vortex collapse in on it’s and form a black orb, which radiates a sickly yellow-green.
This is where the beginner will stop and break meditation. Once this becomes easy for them they may proceed to try one of the following:

Taking in the energy:
Slowly bring the orb up to your mouth. Inhale deeply until the orb is gone. You will feel spiritualy charged and physically drained.

Press your hands together until the orb bursts open, releasing the energy.

Manipulating it:
Pull, move, compress and stretch it, see how different movements affect it’s drain on you.

Experiment [on] and examine it:
Make mental notes on it’s properties and write them down later.

Charge items:
Push the orb deep into an item, charging it with death energy.

Drain others:
By sending it to someone and then consuming it you are collecting the energy they were drained of.

Best of luck,

You feel your friends’ souls resonating within Asriel!

Strangely, as your friends remembered you…

Something else began resonating within the soul, stronger and stronger.

It seems that there’s still one last person that needs to be saved.

But who…?

Suddenly, you realize.

You reach out and call their name.

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