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Necromantic meditation: Focusing Death Energy

To be preformed at night.
Open your Windows and light the incense of death (Rose, Lavender, Jasmine, Sandlewood…).
Lay on the ground bare backed, cross your arms over your chest and close your eyes. Slowly breathe, hold and release in a five count (or whatever is comfortable for the sorcerer).
Begin to feel your heat leave you, the cold filling your body. As you inhale, feel the cold air go down your wind pipe and into your lungs, every breath filling you with the cold night air.

When the cold has enveloped your body, begin to contemplate death, dying, what would a corpse go through during decomposition, as these thoughts invite death energy to you. Slowly visualize a spiraling vortex, it’s color is black and it spirals away from you and into a center. Slowly see this vortex collapse in on it’s and form a black orb, which radiates a sickly yellow-green.
This is where the beginner will stop and break meditation. Once this becomes easy for them they may proceed to try one of the following:

Taking in the energy:
Slowly bring the orb up to your mouth. Inhale deeply until the orb is gone. You will feel spiritualy charged and physically drained.

Press your hands together until the orb bursts open, releasing the energy.

Manipulating it:
Pull, move, compress and stretch it, see how different movements affect it’s drain on you.

Experiment [on] and examine it:
Make mental notes on it’s properties and write them down later.

Charge items:
Push the orb deep into an item, charging it with death energy.

Drain others:
By sending it to someone and then consuming it you are collecting the energy they were drained of.

Best of luck,

Pumpkin King

In the spirit of October I wanted to write a little thing for both the Septic and Iplier Egos. And this one came to me just now and I needed to write it for everyone!!

(P.S I’m very tired, so I apologize for mistakes and bad grammar)

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“(Y/N)! MARVIN DID A THING!” You hear screams and yells, a couple of grunts and finally a crash as three men burst into your room. Robbie leapt to his feet from his curled up place on the bed when the three started to wrestle on your floor. You weren’t quite sure what was going on but you stepped away from the hustle until  Anti managed to trap both Marvin and Chase under him. They squirmed and cursed, but Anti held them firm by a hand on each of their heads. 
“(Y/N), don’t listen to them. They’re fucked up on red cordial.” Anti snarled, his eyes bright green and vicious. Chase managed a swift kick to Anti’s groin and Marvin flashed him with a handful of sparks. The demon bellowed and reared away from the two men, swiping the bright lights from his eyes. Chase and Marvin took this time to scramble away from him and dive behind you. 
“Anti has gone too far! Dark is going to murder us all!” Chase whimpered and Marvin nodded. 
“He used my Magic to bewitch Darkiplier! We’re all doomed!” Marvin screeched and you turned to calm them both. Trying to get a coherent sentence out of the two, when Anti shook his head and came around with a growl. 
“It was a harmless joke. He ain’t gonna know.” 
“Not going to know?” Chase shrieked. He looked paler than Robbie and his eyes were like saucepans. “You fudging turned Dark into a vegetable!” 
“Whoa, what?” You quickly cut in. “Time out. What happened? Explain. Now!” 
Marvin turned his face away from your stony glare, fidgeting with his cloak pin and Chase bit his lip. Looking to Anti and then to Marvin. Neither seemed to want to be the one to talk and be the centre of your anger. Both glanced at Anti, who rolled his eyes and snatched your elbow, tugging you behind him through the house and into the basement. He didn’t let go until you were in front of a table. The same one you got Anti to bring down so you could carve pumpkins with Robbie. There was a simple large pumpkin in the centre of said table. The face carved into was rather frightening with the added red glow behind the eyes. Next to the vegetable was a Oujia Board and a circle of candles, something you didn’t much like the look of. 

“Um, what does this have to do with Dark?” You asked, stepping towards the pumpkin. Only to leap back with the eyes suddenly flared with an even brighter red light. You could have sworn the orange vegetable flickered with colored layers. Anti giggled and skipped up to the table to pat the pumpkin. “This is Dark. Like Boy-Tron here said. I turned Dark into a pumpkin.” 
Your eyes went wide and you stared at the flickering vegetable. The red inside it was bright and angry. 
“You weren’t kidding? Anti….how did you manage this?” You exclaimed in a shamefully high pitched voice. “Why was Dark here in the first place?” 
Anti nodded over at the Oujia Board and candles, just as Marvin and Chase peeked down into the basement. “We summoned him. To be honest, lass, we didn’t know it would work until he was standing on the table looking like a fish out of water. Apparently forcibly summoning a demon takes a bit of energy out of them.” Anti seemed quite happy about this discovery and you could have sworn the pumpkin was now shaking and making quiet howling sounds. You quickly stepped up to Anti and eased him away from the screaming pumpkin. 
“You didn’t answer my first question.” You pointed out and Anti shrugged, pulling out a half empty vial of glowing orange gloop. 
“With this. Stole it from Marvin’s room. No idea what it did till fuck-face showed up. ‘Thought it was the best time to do a little experimenting.” Anti giggled and the pumpkin literally jerked on the table. Like someone had kicked it from the inside.  You didn’t know where to begin with scolding Anti. The stealing? Or turning Dark into a vegetable? Instead you threw your hands up and marched towards the stairs. 
“Marvin get your butt down here and fix this!” You yelled and you heard the magician sigh as he slumped down the stairs. With his head hanging and how his gaze didn’t lift from the floor; you already knew what he was going to before he opened his mouth. 
“I don’t know how too.” 
The pumpkin jumped maybe two feet in the air before crashing down on the table again. It’s whole surface was splitting into two layers. 
“Well, try.” You coaxed Marvin, pushing him towards the table. “You made that pumpkin goop you can create an antidote.” 
Marvin shook his head, not daring to go near the dancing pumpkin. “It took me two months to create that elixir. An antidote may take even longer! There’s too many variables too-”
The pumpkin shook again and you gasped as a crack formed under the carved out eye. Dark’s anger was filling the room with a crushing pressure. It was already beginning to give you a migraine. Anti laughed and knocked his fist against the pumpkin’s head. 
“Calm ya tits, Dark. You’re only stuck as a decaying vegetable. Look, I’ll be nice and put ya out on the porch so you can see all the trick or treaters come and shit their pants. You like that type of stuff right? Come on, lets get you out of-”
“No, no, no, no” You quickly charged forward to scoop the glitching pumpkin into your hands. Keeping the glowing side facing away from your body so Dark could still see what was going on. “Ow, Dark, chill! I don’t want to drop you. Look, no one is leaving this house until Dark is himself again.” You stated firmly, slathering the “parental” voice on thick and glaring at the three. “That means, unless this is resolved before tonight, no one is going trick-or-treating.”

There was a chorus of disgruntled “awws” from the three men. But before Anti could start complaining, the back end of the room twisted in on itself and Wilford Warfstache stepped out of the black hole. There was a blast of air as the room returned to normal and the showman flicked his suspenders. As if he didn’t just summon a portal with glowing pink edges. 
“Now, before all you lovely candy-pops start howling, I’m here to drag Dark home. I know he’s here. And I also know our little contract about holidays being off limits for clash of the titan wars.” Wilford said as he approached. Both Chase and Marvin stepped back as he stepped forward, but Anti stood his ground and started glitching. 
“This ain’t your business, Strawberry.” He hissed and Wilford waggled his mustache under a firm glare. 
“I don’t like being here either, Bean-Baby, but alas Darkasparkle’s frustrated cries have brought me here.” 
You looked down at the pumpkin and couldn’t help but grin as you turned to hold Dark up to Wilford. To which Wilford twitched up an eyebrow and tilted his head. The pumpkin vibrated in your hands for a moment as silence settled in the basement. Then Wilford’s lips stretched in a large smile and his chest started bouncing in a loud laugh that echoed throughout the room. 
“Oh deary, Dark, what have you gotten yourself into now, hmm?” Wilford chuckled and the pumpkin shimmered in your hand. Making it difficult to hold onto. “Alright, alright, don’t get your lacey-panties in a twist.” Wilford took the pumpkin from your hands and placed it on the floor in front of him. Everyone instinctively stepped back as Wilford’s pink hair started to glow with a neon light. It shined brightly enough that you were forced to look away. It was only when you heard a loud, rumbling roar and Anti’s loud static like laugh did you dare look back. The scene in front of you made your jaw drop and clap a hand over your mouth to stop yourself from laughing. 
Dark had Anti by the throat, pinned off his feet against the wall and his body was layered with red and blue. Anti, red in the face and squirming, was cackling manically as Dark started to growl through a carved mouth. 
“You better pray I don’t find you after Halloween, vermin. Or else I’m going to string you up for next years decorations.” Dark threw Anti across the room. His body crashed into the table and flipped it. Breaking the wooden surface and scattering the candles in all directions. Anti’s giggles were still heard from under the splintered remains. 
The pumpkin gaze swiveled onto you and you froze in place. The red glow in the pumpkin’s head simmered and Dark’s voice rang out through the veggie teeth. It was a growl, full of anger and hate, but not entirely directed at you.
“You do not want to be in this house when this holiday is over, (y/n). Find yourself a place to stay for a few days.” You could only nod. Keeping your mouth covered to hide the smile as Dark, with his pumpkin head, turned and climbed the stairs to exit the basement. You glanced at Wilford, who was nibbling his lip and making a loud whistle-like exhale as he said. “Well….. I think I’ll be sleeping with a locked door and possibly a room full of lasers tonight.” 
“You mean you didn’t purposefully do that?” You gasped and Wilford shook his head. Looking flabbergasted. 
“I tried to warp his body back to the way it was before he turned veggie. I must have missed something.” Wilford grumbled and Anti stood, slapping Wilford on the back with a wide, impish grin. 
“Wilford, I never knew you had it in you.” 


Chase and Marvin dived for the furthest corner of the room and even Anti glitched out of the basement as Dark’s heavy foot-falls started storming down the stairs. 
“You’re on your own.” Wilford said before disappearing in a twisted vortex of colors. You were the only one left to stand against the burning red gaze of the Pumpkin King. Who towered over you, shadows swirling around him as red and blue outlines flicker and pulled away from him. 


Colors for part of @ephdraws amazing emoji challenge 4.0!! blushy Wing with petals; Chintinel Prime; Fix It; Vortex beholding the biggest can of soda ever; GRAND THEFT AUTO TRION, Rodimus carving a limerick poetry into [bot of your choice]’s bed; and Blurr has won a race and Starscream has mixed feelings… cuz Eph said those 2 pics go together ^_^b Thanks for letting me color your lines, dear Eph!!! <3 <3