color using markers

Inktober day 2: Divided - based on @infriga’s idea for a werewolf Stan who’s stuck as a wolf until he gets burned by the symbol in the basement

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“…don’t ever change.”
“I don’t exist…in anyone’s heart.”
“…what would it take for me to be like you?”

Loved, but lonely on an island in the sea.


So the colors are suuuper not showing up right, but that’s definitely because these are phone pictures instead of proper scans.

In any case, meet Izuku and Rei from @pitviperofdoom‘s fanfic “Yesterday Upon The Stair”! I’ll definitely have to make scans of these, I cropped all the ugliest parts out but a scan should fix most of the sins here.


I’m in love with awesome idea of Coralina AU by @turquoisemagpie and @northeast-artist98 >u< So sorry for giving you any credits ;-; I didn’t know it was yours idea as well ;-; Thank you for correcting me!
And this is little doodle of Anti which has great character desing C:
Really guys, you must check it and her out! C: She has so many great arts and ideas like this >u<
Just wanna say that im so inspired by that AU and her and i can’t wait to see more of her masterpieces >u<
Hope she don’t kill me for this shittly version of her miracles ;-;

90s kids in unlikely clothing is my aesthetic

 yesterday’s inktober. i’ve been really behind due to my body not feeling so great lately, but i’m ready to do the last few days now. i said i would do another MLAATR one, so here it is~ i actually had a dream about this show kind of recently, that it had some kind of big comeback and i remember being really upset when i woke up and found out none of it was real, LMAO

i still like this pairing and human jenny is cute so why not dsfsdfhdsgfjdfg let me wallow in my self indulgence

This needs a caption… I had one but I forgot it by the time I finished this.

I finally busted out my markers again for another project, so I figured I would do a traditional piece for this week. sorry for the crap quality of the image. my scanner tends to eat Ink and wash out the color purring the scan process. so I used my phone and photoshop to crop it and edit out my big ugly finger prints (no one will have my info now!!!) 

*WHOOP! got my scanner to work! here is a better quality photo with more of the details visible. it may or may not be better at least it ain’t cloudy looking.

Hey everyone! It’s almost that time of year! Halloween!! Death City is known for its amazing Halloween celebration, so Soul and I decided to start looking for costumes! We have been watching this show called Voltron. Soul liked Keith the best, figures huh. Anyway, what do you think of our costumes? If you have any suggestions let us know!