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organizing study time

Study Time is the Best Time!

I’ve read my share of Study Tip blogs and one of the biggest piece of advice they give students is always “organize your time”. WELL HOW THE HELL DO YOU DO THAT?! It doesn’t come naturally to most people. I’ve practiced a lot over the years to be able to plan my study time effectively. I decided to give you guys a little tutorial on how to organize your time following a study time table.

OH! AND I made you guys a study time table that you can print out FOR FREE(free downloads are located in “printables”)! You’re welcome and I love you too.

Let’s begin!

Using your time Table effectively:

Write in ALL activities; work, class, travel time, appointments. Color them in using markers, & try to use different colors for each responsibility.

After you’ve written in all of your MUST DO responsibilities, NOW you can block out study time. Be realistic. Block out times for eating/cooking/relaxing too. Try to set aside time EVERY DAY to study.

Think about it: WHEN DO YOU STUDY BEST? Are you an early bird? A night owl? If you have the option, schedule study time for when you study best.

Think about it: What classes/subjects do you need to study the MOST? Personally, I don’t need to devote as much time to art history as I need to devote to Chemistry. Each class is different. Be honest with yourself! If you aren’t very successful with math, schedule extra study time for math.

Try to block your study times to be between 2-4 hours with 10 minute breaks every 50 minutes. Those breaks are necessary! Even if you can only schedule study time for 1-2 hours, that’s okay! Something Is better than nothing!

“BUT WHAT DO I STUDY?”, you ask. Look at your class syllabi and take note of when your exams are, and what will be on them. THEN make your study sheets according to what you are studying for each exam.

Space out your studying! If your exam is in 2 weeks, don’t plan to study just 3 days before. It’s better to study an hour a day for 2 weeks, than 8 hours a day for 2 days. You will retain information better, and you will feel less anxiety.

Detail what your study session will be like. I made you 2 study organize pages, one is a time table and the other is a to-do list. Use this to-do list to plan your study sessions in detail. Use it to write down all your subjects and what assignments/chapters/research/papers/projects you need to do for each one. Before you plan think to yourself “What do I need to get done in this study session?” Do you have to take notes, read, essay brainstorm, research, complete homework etc.

Plan studying accordingly…If you know you need the internet, don’t go to some place with shitty wifi. I’ve actually done that so many times haha.

If you have smaller timeframes to use (30 minutes- 1 hour) for example, in between classes, use those to read, skim notes, look at lecture slides. Small things that don’t require tons of material. It takes me 30 minutes to take the train to school and I usually use it to read ahead before class!

ALWAYS remember to set aside some relax time. YOU WILL GO CRAZY if you don’t do this. My relax time is usually getting to bed early and watching a show (preferably star trek TNG with my husband) haha, whatever I’m a nerd.

I hope you guys find this helpful. Sometimes your workload can appear overwhelming, so I hope this helps you organize and prioritize!



How I make a Schmaltz page

Some people ask me, how are you able to draw this and that when it’s traditional art? How do you make it look so good? How can I make comics without the means of digitial software? Well strap right in as I share my secrets!

Format and storyboard wise, try to use different angles/close ups in each panel. There’s a whole lot when it comes to designing a comic format, but really it’s all just cinematic. 

I use lots of gray tone markers from the lightest cool grey to the warmest dark grey. And for spots that do have color I use brush markers/copic markers. Most of my grey tone markers are able to be layered in a way when drying so then the more I color, the darker it gets, to make shading. I use 0.5 pens on thick 9x6 inch paper. Here is the page when it’s done

Grey and black and white with a splash of color on key areas like Irdial’s marigolds or the horn used to honk at Irving and his colorful orange hair. This is just my style and you can color your comic any way you like. I don’t have a scanner, so what I do is put as much light on the draw, try not to make darker areas where the light doesn’t fully shine, and take a picture of my works. The next thing I do is make the entire colors of the page looks either red/warm or bluish/cool is tone. I do this by putting a filter  balancing the colors and make them all lean towards warm tones. The result:

Now everythings so warm and cozy. But, the bottom seems to look lighter than the top. This happens when a light is direct from a certain angle so it wouldnt light the whole drawing equally. This is fixed by multiplying the image on, change the opacity try to make each section; top, middle, and bottom have an equal level of brightness. I also edit out coloring mistakes or smears of ink, and make the words more legible.

Just look at the difference!

There are youngsters who want to get serious with art and comic but may not have all the resources. Well one thing youve all learned is that I dont have a scanner but I still managed by 1. Having a good light when taking a pic..and 2. sometimes filters make it look nicer.

The drawing in the upper right is the only one with a filter, makes it more blue. The other two were left as is. Photo editing apps are good too, the one I use is Pixlr for ios.

Whelp, that’s all I got for now, hope any of this info was interesting and helpful!

Art Blog  - Page 1 of Schmaltz - Commission Info


 I roughly redid the facial painting of  Star Wars The Black Series 6-Inch Kylo Ren yesterday (technologically speaking I just added some details to his face). It was just my first try at repainting so it’s still not perfect but to me his face looks a little bit better now :-p

Without model color, I used markers and nail polish (yes) for coloring. It’s just like doing your everyday makeup. Next time I may try to redo his whole face with model color so that I can give him better eyebrows LOL

tips on how to effectively study

1. Use colored markers to easily organize and color code your note taking. Plus, markers are much smoother and easier to write with than pencils or pens.

2. Set aside a chunk of time every day to study a little. It doesn’t need to be for three hours at a time, it just needs to be realistic and doable.

3. Plan your week at the start of every week. Every week.

4. Don’t read the textbook. It’s been proven that reading is essentially a waste of time. Instead, skim through the chapter and read bolded headlines and words. Take notes as you skim. Make sure to read the chapter summary of your textbook has one.

5. Don’t procrastinate. If you plan on cramming loads of information into your brain all at once, don’t even bother. You won’t remember anything. Instead, space it out!

6. Make it fun. Buy or make cute and colorful binders and notebooks so that when you study it’ll be enjoyable.

7. Have a study spot. Everyone needs a special place that is meant for studying, whether it’s a spot in your room or actually in the library, create a safe study space where the only thing you do there is study.

8. Don’t allow yourself to get stressed out. I know this is a tough one, but stress not only will negatively affect your grades, but will also negatively affect you. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed out:
- make some tea
- listen to cheerful music
- watch an episode of your favorite show
- relax and take some time for yourself
- do something that makes you happy
- cuddle a cat or human
- talk to a friend
- write
- exercise
- take a bubble bath
- read a book for pleasure and not because you have to
- blog on tumblr
- get out of your house and go shopping or go to a park or go exploring
- don’t be afraid to ask for help. ever.

9. Follow studyblr blogs to stay motivated.

10. Do your best. This goes without saying, but genuinely do your best on every assignment. It’s not about having amazing handwriting, or about the aesthetic of your pages, but instead about how well you are actually absorbing the material and putting it to good use.

I decided to try using my markers and color pencils again because it has been YEARS sense I’ve drawn on paper. I was so scared I had forgotten to use a pencil.

So many artist (  @arishynya @kalliecolors ) I follow on here are amazing with markers, and pencils that it had inspired me to give it a try once again. All I have to say is, I have no idea how they color so well using darn markers or pencils. I’ve got A LOT to learn still with those things.