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This fic that has been completely devouring my life for the last week straight is… now on AO3! the first and second chapter, anyway

It’s an AU where Akira is an art history student studying Impressionism in Paris, and Akechi is a detective brought to France to investigate a series of strange heists. It will also. get a bit spicy at points. if you’re into that

>>Read it HERE on AO3!<<

I shoulder his legacy with pride

everything about pushing daisies was/is comforting and cathartic? the usage of colors.. specifically yellow… the baking… the dialogue/character interactions… the whimsical feel of it all… lee pace

Late night (or should I say, early morning) thought

Bim Trimmer is probably the type of person to praise the hell out of a kid’s artwork in his announcer voice. Like, a kid that’s super unsure of their art who’s really nervous about sharing it with anyone, so Bim gives them a lil boost? Hear me out on this.

Bim: Aaaaand welcome back to the “Best Art In The Entire World Show!” Today, we’ll be observing the artwork of THIS fine contestant. C'mon, give the crowd a wave! What to we have here, ladies and gentlemen? Such rarity, such style! Absolutely splendid usage of color, and what a display of raw emotion! So captivating! So innovative! Dare I say it… I think we have a winner! Yes, the results are pouring in now, the crowd is going crazy! C'mon folks, let’s give a BIG round of applause for today’s winner of the “Best Artwork In The Entire World” Award! *then gives the kid a small trophy from thin air bc magic*

The Appeal Of Kyoto Animation

I have seen many people saying how K-On is a cheap anime with no creativity and effort put behind this anime. In this blog I want to try to explain what makes Kyoto Animation so appealing and why this statement is not true.

Kyoto Animation is a popular studio which is known for great animation and their slice of life stories, with their unique character designs and very relaxing atmosphere. The funny thing is that what I just said is something you normally shouldn’t. Let me explain this.

I think we have all seen statements like “The animation from Studio Madhouse is amazing” or “Toei Animation always suck”. The reason why it’s not really fair to say that is because the staff for the most studios are usually changing. You don’t have the same team working on every Madhouse production. You don’t have the same director working on every Toei Animation production. Many animators are freelancer who have their own style and way of drawing. So if you see a scene which is really badly animated, it could be the result of just one or two animators screwing up. So blaming the whole studio is kinda unfair. The same can be said about great animated scenes.

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ART STYLE CHALLENGE!! FT. my favorite ham artists (with honorable mention of birdloaf, unfortunately i could not find a sufficient ref of philip in a sketchier format :///) I tried to emulate everyone’s styles down to the brushes!! did I do it okay? i think i did!! Honestly I’m a little terrified at my style malleability, and also disappointed because i’m drawing like this when i obv have the ability to go beyond that?? and yet…

(can you see who influenced me && how lol)

@me wyd

@spibbles YOU…. YOU. You freaking astound me, your style is fantastic and lately it’s been so warm and nice and all your shapes are a-fucking-plus, and your color usage is gorgeous and your shading is On Point and your rate of improvement is 10,000 penstrokes per hour, you’ve left me in the goddamn dust and i just….. go d

@raythrill you and @huitality are the only blogs I follow as closely as I follow you two and honestly it’s so great to see your styles bounce off of each other and I adore you guys’ style okay?? Ray I love your color usage and shading and I’m pretty sure I already sent you an ask that’s just me gushing but Hui you’re also really great and your anatomy and proportions and posing is (100 OK emojis) and the thick lines are a good reminder that I can make thick lines, not go lineless, and still be a good artist

@terror-in-the-dream GOD………….. YOUR SHAPES AND SHADING AND E Y E S… GORGEOUS i can’t believe you exist. also i adore the way you draw plants and flowers too and your blocky shading is lovely. i’d love to see intense expressions from you tho, most of em seem v calm???

@lauwurens tbh i probably have no right to tag you but Gosh, I haven’t seen anyone else who adores philip to such a degree and also your style is absolutely lovely I adore it so much what the fuck,, philip’s curls and and your eyes and GOD, everything is like, perfect

@eightmonkeys your usage of shapes and your flow of figure is the most unique and absolutely amazing thing i’ve ever seen i love it ok… and it’s also a really good reminder for me that things don’t have to look v realistic to look fantastic

@pia-soleildiddle MMMM GOD I’VE SEEN YOUR ANIMATICS AND YOU’RE SO FUCKING C R E A T I V E THAT IT HURTS MY SOUL, WHAT IN HELL, your interpretations have FLOORED me, also I adore the little unique things you put on all the characters, like ham’s double cowlick and jeff/laf’s forehead lock, and philip’s also double cowlick, and jfc, why are you so good

@kei-pai i……… you…,,, god i don’t know i guess the simplicity just attracts me, and also just the pure stylistic factor is great I can’t name why I like your style in particular, it’s probably the fluidity, but honest to god i like yours a lot but I can’t name why (edit: 3 days later and only now i realize I’ve left out the freckles oops)

anonymous asked:

Hello! I love your art especially your color usage; any tips on how to get better at color theory?

Hello! Thanks!!

There’s soo many great resources out there, & I feel like I’m still really far from where I’d like to be with color - so I don’t have much personal advice for you other than, just do as many studies as you can from what inspires you! From life, photos, movies, new or old art. And rather than trying to make an exact copy, always try to figure out what makes that thing interesting, and what specific elements you can use in your own work.

Also, this list of resources is a lil outdated, but I’d still recommend most of them for learning basic realistic painting - particularly Sam Neilson’s Schoolism class!

Artist appreciation day!

Augh so my internet was down all day, so I didn’t get a chance to get this post going until too late (it’s almost 1 am now) but I love all my fellow snk artists and wanna do some shoutouts!

@alinajames - I love you girl, thank you for drawing the best Reiner I’ve ever seen in my life, wonderful reibert, and amazing gallirei. Everything I see of yours brings a big smile to my face!! <3 <3 <3

@from-armin-to-z - adorable Reiberts, ahhhhh!! your ideas are always so creative and I love seeing your improvement over the years

@sookashira - Such a cute style!! I love the way you draw all the characters, especially bertolt <3

@bear-tholdt - speaking of someone with an adorable style!! Your reibert pieces have always been so wonderful. I love your use of color, how nice and funny your pics are. You’ve been an inspiration for me from the beginning. <3 Nurse pals

@oeilvert - Great work, awesome hange, and moblit too. I always admire how easy and effortless your figures look, your clean lines, and expressiveness in your work.

@alemanriq - Ahhh your art is so good! LeviHan and otherwise, I love the way you use color and again, such nice ideas. <3

@zzz5011 - AUGH SO GOOD. Perfect linework, super awesome dynamic pictures and poses, I really admire your art! Please keep the reibert flame alive!

@hrhase - Your twitter sketches kill me everytime. Thank you for spreading the love around to lots of different characters, and always drawing fun and interesting scenes. Also draws a great Reiner, ahhh

@usnk-ussk - Gorgeous, unique reibert artwork. I could stare at their pieces all day.

@nenekantoku - Can’t pass you up Nene, you’ve been a big inspiration for me over this past year. I love the way you draw anything, but Reiner and Bert will always look best to me in your style.

@whalessong2 - again beautiful reibert work, I’m so happy you’ve started to post some more on twitter. ;-;

@melsnoodles - dude, you can draw more reibert any day of the week. :) Your sense of humor is fantastic and on point, too

@suits-neechan - speaking of a great sense of humor, I just love your reibert comics. You’re fucking hilarious and I love seeing your art!!


- Andy!! I love how clean and beautiful your lines are, and you’ve got so many amazing ideas. Please keep drawing, especially the reibert!

@rico-aot - I need to buy your doujins! I love your reibert work, it’s always so expressive and beautiful ;-;

@tycheh - Great painterly style! The reiner and bertolt stuff you were producing during S2 was rocking my world so hard! Please paint more!!

@inktamer7 - You can tell you’ve had so much training as an artist. Your Reibert pieces are so detailed and beautiful, I could stare for hours at your linework. Looking forward to your Reibert week submission!! It’s going to be amazing!

@lyferie - Your art is so soft and lovely, cute beruanis and reiner thrown in here and there. I think your color work is gorgeous!

@redcoaster - Holy shit, I’m so impressed by your anatomy and draftsmanship. Your thirst for rogue titan is also very admirable ;)))

@lampurpleart - Purple your work is so nice!! Your paintings and color usage are just fantastic. We still gotta draw chibis together one day!

EDIT I FORGOT @nelldya HOW DARE I LOVE YOUR REIBERT ARTWORK AHHHHHH it’s so damn cute and also fantastic. <3

EDIT AGAIN I FORGOT @lupotterdraws HI!! I can’t believe I forgot you, your Reiner pictures have killed me multiple times, and you draw such a great Levi squad. ;-;

I’m sure I’ve missed some folks, but wow, there’s just so many nice and amazing artists in the snk fandom. I can’t give enough love to all of you. <3

msbowser  asked:

Senpai, how do I draw as you? (Puts on a cute, innocent face) Please teach me your ways.

I never thought that someone would ask me for this…but okay <3 I’ll write a general message for anybody who reads this~!

My ways consist of:

  • Practicing for 7 years and counting
  • Getting inspired by people

and nothing else

Let me write a proper explanation:


I think that everybody already knows this step, but what is really practicing?

I’ve come to see a lot of people to who I’ve told them to ‘’practice everyday’’, and almost all of them replied ‘’I draw everyday but I’m not getting better’’… and that’s really sad, because you’re doing it wrong.

Practicing everyday and drawing everyday are not the same. Practice has the objective to improve your skills while learning your mistakes, you either get better at drawing or at observation. Drawing is just testing your skills, as if it was a self-exam.

How can you practice? Draw some specific thing a bunch of times on the same canvas, try to draw that thing that you can’t draw. It doesn’t matter how it turns out, you are learning and improving. ‘’But it looks worse the more I keep trying’’ Yes, exactly. Your observation skill is improving, your drawing skill doesn’t necessarily improve everytime you practice.

When your observation improves, then that means that you can recognize what is wrong in your drawing and what is decent good, and when this happens, this is the real time to try improving your drawing skill. You don’t like how the hair looks? Try new random ways to draw it! The face looks too pointy? Try doing more curvy lines!

References are all over the internet too, so I’m sure that it won’t be hard to find the right pose or camera angle that you need! This is also a great way to learn how things work! The more you look at it and study it, the more you learn.

(Also extra tip: If you are from the kind of people who draws hands hiding behind the character let that bad habit go. Yes, I called it bad habit. It means that you’re using the pose as an excuse to not draw hands because you hate drawing/can’t draw them, and that’s exactly where my point in practice is. If you don’t try, of course you won’t get better, so go ahead and draw amalgamates as hands! They will look nice eventually! )

And now, the other point:


Getting inspired by others mostly goes along with your drawing skill improvement. (fyi by ‘’inspired by others’’ I mean the people that you admire or that story that attracted you so much).

When you admire someone, you have 2 ways to use them as an inspirational source: Motivation and learning.

As a motivation, there’s not much to explain. You just feel like if you keep practicing you’ll get to be as good as them, which is good! but here’s the trick: When you are drawing,you have to accept something: You’ll never be as good as the people that you admire so much, but you’ll get to be as good as yourself! (Umm…does this make any sense at all?…anyway I hope that you get the point). You can’t be like someone else, but neither can others be like you!

Why do I mention this? because lots of people say ‘’I’m not as good as this artist’’ ‘’I can’t do this as great as this person does’’… and that’s the wrong way of motivation usage. You have to compare yourself to nobody else but yourself!

‘’But how can I then be as good as them while not doing that?’’ While I have to mention again the practice stuff, this is also when the ‘’learning’’ comes in!

I bet that a lot of you doesn’t have just one inspiration source, and that’s great and helpful! First, take some of that people as an example right now and take a few of their drawings together, and while you are comparing them (both, the same artist’s drawings and different artists’ ones), analyze and study some of these facts:

(there might be some more but I think that these are enough).

In resume, go crazy while improving in art thanks to your inspiration sources! learn and level up!

Let me prove my point:

That one drawing that you once were SO proud of, and you feel kinda attached to it?

BAM! DIFFERENCE! I tried changing angles, details and stuff from that drawing…and it turned out even better than what I once did! And I felt super proud of myself when I did it <3

Look, you don’t even have to redraw a super-cool drawing to compare your old art! Just take any drawing and draw it again in the course of the years…

Like this!!

This also applies to digital art as well! the lineart, the usage of color and blending can be compared too! (okay maybe that stuff can be also compared on traditional art but still).

See? I didn’t even need to finish this drawing to see how much I’ve improved in less than 2 years! (spoilers: actually I do have to finish it).

Do you want to know how I’ve improved in all this time? Because I’ve practiced everyday both, things that I could draw and things that I couldn’t! because they help me to improve and practice! what I could already do? I’m doing it better, and what I couldn’t? now I can, and it’s all thanks to being inspired by awesome people on a daily basis and practicing no matter what!

Nobody can teach you how to surpass yourself but you, because you are the only one who understands their own art and what you want to achieve <3

I was cleaning out my drafts and found this old meme! Way back when I was tagged by the lovely @lyrangalia

List 6 movies that you can watch anytime and tag 6 people!

The Fall
This movie is one that I can watch over and over again. The world is rich and beautiful, the changes in the story from the perception of Alexandria are seamlessly incorporated, and the depth of emotion is flooring every time. Also Lee Pace in eyeliner.

Howl’s Moving Castle
This is the movie I go to when I’m overwhelmed in any way. The costumes, the characters, Sophie learning to love herself, all of it helps soothe me. Plus I relate to Howl on many levels.

Pan’s Labyrinth
I’m a sucker for fairy tales that have dark twists. Guillermo del Toro is one of my favorite directors and I could probably fill half of this lift with his movies. Pan’s Labyrinth strikes a special chord with me because of the color usage throughout the movie and the emotions that they evoke.

Gosh, where do I even start? A story by one of my favorite authors, that challenges masculinity, that takes the hero’s journey and involves a cast of powerful women, and a bunch of zany deaths? Sign me right the fuck up. Also the love story is pretty great, too.

Princess Arete
This is the princess movie I wish I would have had growing up. This young woman deals with a barrage of suitors, a curse, and an evil wizard! Outside of Arete’s harrowing journey there is another woman who spends the movie working to subvert the wizard’s rule over her people.

Marco Caro and Jean-Pierre Jeunet are one of my favorite pairs in filmmaking, and Delicatessen is a film I could watch endlessly and never get bored with. The way the world is constructed and the stories revolving around the tenants, even those who aren’t the main focus, make for an immersive film that never fails to delight me.

And I tag anyone who wants to do this!


Some more commission work in the form of Sliph77′s OCs. 

These were fun to do, mainly because I don’t think I’ve ever drawn the overly dramatic anime glasses adjustment.