color usage


Some more commission work in the form of Sliph77′s OCs. 

These were fun to do, mainly because I don’t think I’ve ever drawn the overly dramatic anime glasses adjustment.  

other people progressing their art: better composition, more appealing color usage, better shading and line quality, amazing attention to detail and visibly better, different, and more interesting pieces all around
me progressing my art: remove the nose


Soooo… auctions were a bust.  Ah well.  SO.  CHANGING THEM INTO FLATSALES YOOOOOO.

Both Sweet Scent and Velvet Fondant are a mere $10 USD!  


For $15 instead of $10, I will design a cutie mark for them!  You will even get the full transparent cutie mark to use for future use!

For $20 instead of $10, you’ll get both the cutie mark and a reference.  So I’ll make a little reference sheet with their name, cutie mark, and their colors for easy usage!  

Lo and behold, adoption rules:

  • Send an ask to my inbox indicating which pony which you’d like to adopt.
  • As soon as I give the okay for that pony’s availability, I’ll give you my and instructions for sending the money.
  • Bought ponies will be greyed out and with SOLD over them.  Make sure you have a second option if the pony you wanted was already bought!
  • As soon as I received the money from you, I’ll send you a high-resolution of the pony you adopted which shows their colors more clearly AND a clean shot of their cutie mark!
  • Crystal pony adopters can ask for their pony’s original file in the form of a PSD or a SAI file.  Let me know!  This way you can see the settings and the actual colors of the gradients I did for them.
  • I do allow alterations for the pegasi, unicorns and earth ponies.  I would prefer only minor alterations to the crystal ponies and bat ponies since they are a bit more complex characters.  
  • Slight color changes are fine for all of them as are sex!  As long as they remain recognizable by me.  I love seeing these guys being drawn!
  • None of these adopts may be used in a NSFW fashion, tasteful nudes or not.  

      The ponies are first come, first serve and I won’t hold any of them.                       Interested in any of them?  Send an ask to my ask box!

anonymous asked:

Hiya, burnbuckie! Just wanted to say I really love your paint strokes on your drawings and especially the usage of color! Sorry if this already been asked, but by any chance, do you have a twitter or any other websites besides tumblr?

i use to be have a twitter account but i had delete that one.

I have tumblr blog and furaffinity account 

ahhhhh sorry for my awful English it’s not my first language :(

anyway furaffinity account is here

necro-om-nom-nomicon  asked:

What do you think of my current blog theme? The desktop version, not the mobile version.

The top part and side part are a bit confusing at first, but it’s better than most themes. At least it uses more space than 20% of my screen. XD It also looks like the theme doesn’t do well with some posts.

The text snaps out a bit. But I do like the color usage of it. c:

anonymous asked:

artists who complain about the lack of attention/quality in their art but never try to improve make me roll my eyes. like people who try to "work on their anatomy" without using any reference, never step out of their safe spot of color usage, and never implement any critique they're given.

It was the naming of Pantone’s 2016 colors of the year: Rose Quartz and an ethereal cornflower blue called Serenity. The announcement is a seemingly simple, top-down decision with massive butterfly effects, like the federal funds rate or the dimensions allowed for a photo posted to Instagram. It was the first time that Pantone had chosen two colors instead of one, and as the company explained to the New York Times, the pairing has to do with “societal movements toward gender equality and fluidity” as well as “an open exchange of digital information that has opened our eyes to different approaches to color usage.” This sounds like a lot to project onto a couple of colors. This sounds like art
—  Kevin McGarry, Art Forum Scene and Herd, 2015