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I Promise (Mercy76)

Wow, it has been far too long.  As requested, I’ll be cranking out several Mercy76 holiday themed one-shots.  My apologizes if this is utter trash.  I literally just wrote it.  Gotta get back into the swing of things so yeah ><

Anyway, since the amazing @ynartistic asked so nicely for fics, I’m dedicating this one to you!  Thank you so much for all your amazing Mercy76 pics.  I seriously cannot get enough of them.  And a second thanks is in order too.  I’ve been in a Mercy76 slump and your art and post got me in the mood.  So thank you!!!

As she sifted through the ceaseless rolls of colored tubes, he couldn’t help but smile. She was beautiful, more beautiful than he could remember. It seemed that with each passing day, she’d sparkle just a bit more, glow a bit longer. She was truly a sight to behold and he honestly couldn’t be happier. Hell, he was surprised she even picked him. There were so many others more qualified for the role and yet she gravitated towards him. Funny thing was, he didn’t know why. He wasn’t rich. He wasn’t famous, at least he didn’t feel like it when he stood beside her. He wasn’t overly handsome like Reyes, who seemed to get everyone drooling. He wasn’t a badboy like that new kid, McCree. And yet, there she was. Or rather, there he was, having yet another Christmas with his girlfriend.

Taking a long, smooth sip from the mug she made for him, Jack continued to beam. His happiness was infinite so long as she was by his side. Darkness, though it lurked in every corner, never penetrated his heart nor mind. She was magical in that regard. Always able to make him see the light, feel the light, love the light.

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