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Please take all the time you need to rest and relax. Writing should be a fun activity or something you want to do, not an obligation. Btw just throwing this out there, I know that all everyone has been talking about white suit Dazai since Dead Apple but has anyone thought about a white suit Chuuya?

Thank you! I do really love writing and the stories I have are lots of fun but real life is kind of kicking my ass atm.


I think what we learned here is that the cut of this suit really does not work for me: regardless of the color scheme.


so I had this idea to redraw Rhodonite’s expressions/body language as Ruby’s and Pearl’s individually. should I continue? :p I don’t think I’ve seen anyone do this.

Dapper Prom!Owls and Cats from @silvercistern​‘s fic Character Development  

If you haven’t already read this fic, do yourself a favor and read it. If you have, then please re-read it haha

SHINee had the most variety of suits in the history of kpop

i mean they go from classic

to wedding suits

to formal suits

to even ugly suits with crazy colors

and the 70s gosh those 70s feels

let’s not forget this one

and oh god this

and those god damn velvet and leather suits

bottom line is SHINee saved those looks and no one can argue with me

throughout my impoverishing fever i literally could not stop thinking about a gemstuck eridan

probably a tanzanite? kunzite?


A change of heart within months, regarding Hanzo’s relationship with Overwatch and Talon. Hmm.. 

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