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Happy Birthday to the talented, kind and simply amazing Kali!!! @cosmicloveoftheages

I hope you’re spending the day just the way you want to, surrounded by love, happiness and warmth. ^^

Here, have a thing


@lesbianalluraweek Day 2: Coming out/Telling the team


Surprise! I’m your secret skk valentine, @soukoku-writes!!
I suppose this can also count as my gift to you for uploading your first fic~
Guys, please check out Bob’s amazing writing. Here’s her ao3. 
Also, thank you to everyone who participated in the skk valentines exchange!!
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female awesome meme ♡ [1/10] lead female characters 

riley matthews (girl meets world) - there is no end to my horizon 


ilvermorny houses + palettes

[template credit]

i really don’t want to do that again 


Laugh Emotes ft. Bedouin Pharah and Winged Victory Mercy