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Hey everyone!

Here is a small part of the personnal project I’ve been remaking these last weeks. A brother and his sister, going by their own on a life-changing adventure in the mountains to chase an unreal creature. Then, meet Antoine and his tyrannic sister Sophie!


etsyfindoftheday 1 | 1.10.17

wool fiber // roving, spinning by beesybee

wool and blended fibers are an essential in many types of crafting, and beesybee has both undyed and dyed options for anyone on the hunt. don’t these bundles look super-soft? :)

This little darling is an oil painting that is one of my absolute favs! 😍 I was supposed to create a painting based on an old videogame but I couldn’t resist creating a painting of a videogame of my own imagination! 😘💭✨ The goal of this game would be to wake up the little sheep girl by bouncing on her head! 🐑💕 She’s also so full of love and happiness that I couldn't’ resist sharing her on Valentines! 😁 💝

And if you want to give her a loving home please contact me at before I decide to keep her all to myself forever! 😜❤


Aaaaaand Lightgazer Apprentices. A masculine familiar to round out the fam.

Okay last of the Pastwalkers for now. I gotta drop off the map for the weekend anyways. I’m totally not hiding from how many notes their lore post got, noooo not at all. lol but yeah enjoy the 4th to those who celebrate it~

Character Bio

NAME: J’inarah Marad
HEIGHT: 4′11″
SPECIES: Miqo’te, Seeker of the Sun
▌ GENDER: Female
NATIONALITY: Limsa Lominsa
NAMEDAY: 28th Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon (28 October)
RESIDENCE: Mist, La Noscea
▌ ALIGNMENT: True Neutral
FOOD: Oysters
▌ SNACK: Rolanberry cake
PET: Brightwing (chocobo), Holly (sheep)
▌ COLOR: Red, gold
FLOWER: Daffodil
▌ SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
BODY TYPE: Lean, petite, busty
HAIR COLOR: Pale flaxen yellow

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I love watching people play this game, its so much fun!! Seriously, go check everyone out on their youtube channels (lordminion777, garuku bluemoon, patrckstatic, and jpw03)
and obligatory @lordminion who’s on tumblr!!! If ya see it, i hope you like it lol