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fanartist problems: when the actors (and therefore the characters) change their hair and you have to figure out how to draw it the new way lmao


If I were Ein, I’d run. And I’d run FAST.

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Character belongs to @aphmau

Art belongs to me

Unpopular opinion: Ninetales’ design is kind of bland and would have benefited from some markings carried over from it’s previous stage.



anyway this is basically my current FEH team of All Faves. Not super rounded but they’re super cool so that’s all that really matters. I am. Super proud of that line-art. Whole thing took…at least 10 hours.

also bonus bc Lucina has a dragon killing sword yes they’re blue but blah blah:

Azura is my designated Lucina/Chrom/Marth slayer anyway
‘I’m Not Responding to Him’: Maxine Waters Says O’Reilly Has ‘No Credibility’
On MSNBC tonight, Chris Hayes gave Representative Maxine Waters an opportunity to respond to Bill O’Reilly. The Fox News host insulted Waters’ hair this morn...

well said!

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Here’s a new piece for!
One of my favorite trips as a boy was to the southern parts of Escalante, Utah.  There were all sorts of vantage points and shady looking, could-be hideouts. In this piece, I went classic western style with a touch of Edgar Payne. Coyote Gulch explores making an environment in confined space for characters. Sign up from March 1-31