color sample

I made a thing because @elidoo gave me the idea and others people might find it useful too :> 

Relationship chart for Vaxus. I used gradient (thanks to @chaitea09 for that) presenting how feelings changed during the game. So for example Vax quickly became friends with Dorian and then he well in love. Meanwhile hardened Leliana always gave him a bad feeling. 

If you want to use it here is the template | transparent background | PS file

update: avaiable charts with extra npcs: samson (tb) | calpernia (tb) | abelas (tb) | krem (tb) | rylen (tb) | harding (tb)


(vax icon by ufficiosulretro)


TV Anime 『Magic Kyun! Renaissance』 Insert Song 「Shiny color」/Tsukushi Monet(CV: Aoi Shouta) Audio Video

Release date: 2016/12/14

Don’t wanna fall into your eyes again
Don’t wanna lose myself into this light
I could be the one to die in pain
Don’t wanna fall into this trap again
Don’t wanna lose myself into this fight
I could be the one to die in pain

But if you hold me tight
I’ll kiss you all night
Oh, do you love me after all?

Woodkid – do you love me after all

I actually ended up shading that mccree expression meme for practice so that was fun. Also unlike literally any other overwatch piece I’ve made I actually color sampled directly from his concept art to see if that would be more accurate.

Also I accidentally turned off the color layer after I forgot his serape detail was separate and thought the result looked rather snazzy so bonus: