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As an INFP Have You Ever #6

“I don’t know them, I have only heard about them, but I don’t like or trust them,”

A lot of things can be said for our type. We are very good at hearing things and putting things together, and even though we are known as the ones that look through those “rose colored glasses” there seems to be that handful of people that when their name comes up or you see them you just don’t trust or like them. Or your feathers just get ruffled. My INTJ friend always says “your favorite person was there”. I automatically grumble, he laughs and enjoys my disdain as he knows me inside and out. I mean I have been wrong at times, but when my gut says snake, it’s usually right and it only gets better and more fine tuned as I age and gain life experience. My INFJ mother and I call it being the “Personality Blood Hounds” able to sniff out what is wrong before it comes to a head.
I think this is hard for INFPs because we do have the tendency to let people go and being that we can see both sides of that “coin” makes us more blind to things than others at times. Plus we are known as the type that gives chance after chance. But having that feeling for someone that you have only heard of, that usually is when I follow my inner voice that warns me to stay away.

Have you ever felt this way? Can any of my fellow INFPs relate? 

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1. Playing with Fire - BLACKPINK

2. Work - Rihanna ft. Drake

3. wHo - ZAYN

4. God Knows I Tried - Lana Del Rey 

5. Illusion - One Direction

6. The Unknown Guest - Dean

7. History - EXO

8. All Apologies - Nirvana

9. Fun - Troye Sivan

10. Something Real - Blackbear

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name/nickname: Esie Gwen

relationship status: single/ building my empire

favorite color: rose gold

last song I listened to: Higher by Rihanna (ANTI is such a good album ok)

favorite tv show: as of right now it is New Girl 

first fandom: it was either doctor who or one direction 

hobbies: ballet dancing, singing, playing guitar and bass, writing, laughing, going to church, um idk what else? i like too many things

books I’m reading right now: Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard (i’m behind i know)

worst thing I’ve ever eaten: ok it was a protein juice drink and it was so nasty, my mom has to drink it now its called SoPure or something like that

favorite place(s): disneyland, california adventure, the grove (a shopping center lmao), my mom’s room (i love her ok)

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