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Right when she’s about to scream in panic, the rope stretches out all the way and she isn’t rising any further. After glancing down it hits her that she isn’t as high as she first thought, seven feet at the most. The Doctor must’ve made sure not to let out so much rope, in case she would’ve freaked out or something.

She isn’t freaking out, though. She isn’t doing anything at all, really. She’s just hanging in the middle of the air, her arms at her sides. Her hair flows in the wind, but she isn’t going anywhere. The rope is keeping her where she is, without fail.

Without having any reason to do so, Rose lifts her arms up and holds them out like they were a bird’s wings.
“You okay up there?” the Doctor calls from the ground below her.
“Yeah, no worries!” she tells him, not really able to put her feelings into words.

I want to apologize for not posting Fic Art for a while.  I’ve just been reading this really long yet gripping fanfiction “Coal Hill Academy for peculiars” by @princesskittenoftardis as this drawing is based on.  I’ve been reading it this entire time and I must say it is sooo good. I’m only at Chapter 10 out of 17, but I’m going to continue reading it!  I’d definitely recommend reading it if you haven’t already.  It’s just soooo good! :D

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does the hair in the not-so berry challenge HAVE to be the generation's color? like, there's no "rose" hair color, unless you have recolors of a hair.

it doesn’t HAVE to be I’ll probably use recolors in my personal gameplay but you can choose what you want to do

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Name: Megan

Nicknames: I don’t have or like nicknames for myself, my husband calls me his babe and that’s it.

Zodiac sign: Scorpio

Height: 5′5"

Orientation: Straight cishet shitlady

Ethnicity: Mostly German with a little Czech tossed in

Favorite Fruit: strawberries for eating, but blackberries for pies, and choke cherries for syrup!

Favorite book: I’ll always have a soft spot for Household Gods

Favorite flower: lavender colored roses

Favorite scent: wild sweet pea mixed with pine, it’s how the ranch smells in the summer

Coffee, tea, or cocoa?: I like them both but coffee takes the cake

Average sleep hours: 5-8

Cat or dog person?: both but cats more because they keep mice away and I love my stupid housecat son Mac

Favorite fictional character: Collier Entragian from The Regulators, he’s always stuck out to me for some reason.

Number of blankets you sleep with: 1 to 3

Dream trip: I’d like to get all my aunt’s info on our heritage and visit our family’s homeland in Holland, visit the holy land, and attend Czech Days in Tabor South Dakota with my maternal aunt. I miss great grandma’s kolaches and cheese curds.

Blog created: uh. January, I think.

Number of followers: 316

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NAME: Riley Afton
AGE: Five
HEIGHT: 3'2"
ROSE COLOR: Periwinkle
IM HANDLE: [rileybear]
SERIES: F.ive N.ights A.t F.reddy’s

Mental: Anxious; doesn’t particularly want to look at dolls or mannequins ever again unless they’re F.redbear. Worried sick about his older brother, Michael after the very first motive.

Physical: Usually between 5-4 petals out of 5 & always seems to fluctuate because he trips & falls & faints a lot. After the incident with the dolls, he’s wearing some bandages; one most notably on his head. He in a bit of pain but enough time has passed for it to not really bother him anymore.

Riley is extremely timid & soft-spoken; appearing to have a helpless nature to those who first meet him. He’s very paranoid & extremely frightened of the situation he’s got himself in. A place where anyone just might kill him ? How terrifying was that ? !

Yet, he’s still keeping to his morals & being nothing but kind to those he meets. That was what his Mommy taught him & he’s not about to give that up; not even for escape. Maybe people might even be nice to him if he does that ! MAYBE he won’t die !

Still this gallery & everything in it is a test for him; a test if he can hold onto sanity.

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Character Bio - Rai Fenrir

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NAME: Rai Fenrir


5 foot 6 inches


Miqo’te, Keeper of the Moon




Raised in Ul’dah


28th Sun of the 1st Umbral Moon


His main bar and residence is in The Goblet. He’s also has a small apartment in The Lavender Beds, but it’s still unfurnished at the moment.


Taken by Xau Burwin ( @ghostlyfoxangel )


Neutral Good


Chilled Red


His special Meat Miq’abob with secret seasonings. 


Jerked beef


A lesser panda named Bandit.




White rose




Athletic and toned. Rai’s been training for nearly all his life and continues to do so in his free time.


Sky blue


White with grey highlights.

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NAME: Lestat De Lioncourt
HEIGHT:  6′0
SPECIES: Vampire
▌ GENDER: Male
BIRTHDAY: November, 27th 1760
RESIDENCE: New Orleans (Verse dependent)
▌ ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Neutral
DRINK: Blood
FOOD: Blood
▌ SNACKS: Wine, blood
PET: n/a
▌ COLOR: Gold
▌ SEXUALITY: Bisexual
BODY TYPE: Athletic
EYE COLOR: Grey eyes (That easily absorb the colors of blue or violet from surfaces around them)

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