color rhinestones


huge collar/choker decoration & add-on overview

as you might know i don’t do ‘regular customs’ that are based on other pictures or going apart from my own style/abilities/material too much. so now i made the effort to show you all what items i can mostly work with!

some of those items are unique and limited to 1 or maximum 2 pieces! those are marked with *** (in aqua/green)

i can provide quite a collection of bells in different sizes, studs, o-rings, D-rings, cute charms, any kind of pearls and pearl hearts in different colors, several roses and rhinestone and glitter elements, sew-on patches (stars and tiaras), etc…

soon my stock will grow even more, because i have a delivery coming in!

Re-upload but I’m definitely going to start creating more looks. I’ve been really happy lately​ and my mood has improved greatly since I got on meds. So I have more time for my studies and well being. I miss wearing bright colors and little rhinestones on my face so I’m getting back into that. I’m even learning how to cover my brows. I have so many ideas and concepts to serve! I’ll be rocking so many looks and start exploring more with makeup. This was a simple look but I was digging it. Now that I learned how to blend more and apply lashes I’ll be waaaay more precise. I’m super excited to learn and feel good and I’m just super happy with myself!!!! Also, I’ll be uploading my outfits too, since I only really thrift I find cute stuff.