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Singing Is Singing


•||Warning(s)||• Angst(?)

•||Summary||• In which you send letters to Tom after he left you for another.

•||Requested by||• No one.


It’s funny how you actually think you mean something to someone, and they just turn around and prove you wrong.

How could he just walk away like I meant nothing? Kicking me like I was dust? Breaking my heart with his bare hands and throwing the pieces away into a river, letting them drift and lose each other so I would struggle to put them back together.

At the moment he did that I didn’t want anyone to contact me. I didn’t want anyone to comfort me or even ask me if I was okay or not, so I turned off my phone so no one could reach me.

I ended up realizing that just because you turn off your cyber world doesn’t mean the real world around you is non-existent, so I turned my phone back on, turned on airplane mode, put in my headphones and blasted the music so damn loud no world could reach me.

I don’t understand, how do men do it? How do they tell a woman they love her, make promises, make her smile, make sweet small talk just to lure her in and once that’s done, they disappear, no need for anymore effort, the random texts, the long phone calls, that all goes with him, how can they do that to a woman? How does a man beg to be with a woman only to leave her in the end?

I simply don’t understand.

So, I let the tears keep on coming, not planning on letting them stop anytime soon. It’ll be a cloud with endless water. It just keeps fueling with every thought of him. An endless day of rain. And endless storm. And endless hurricane of emotions.

Bring on the disaster.




“…and though I know you’re in love with her, there are still times where I wonder if you look for pieces of me in her. If you search her blue eyes for the specks of grey mine hold. If you would ever wonder what my lips taste like compared to hers as they’re pressed to yours. If you dream about me while she’s lying next to you. If you ever regret choosing her over me.”

He read her letter over and over a million times. Letting the hurt that trailed along every word she wrote to him sink in.

She had sent these letters months ago, but only now did he have the courage to open them. Only when he felt as she once did when he left her.

How did she endure the pain? he would ask himself time and time again through the tears.

He pulled out the next letter, but nothing could’ve prepared him for the words she spilled onto the parchment.

“It hurts to know that you lost interest in me, kinda like someone punching me in the gut. And it also does pain me to walk past you, pretending we never met and never stayed up all night talking, it feels like a knife through my chest every time. But what truly hurt most, so bad that I can’t find the words to explain it, is that you left without a single word. And I keep waiting for a sign or something from you, but I should accept that sometimes, no message is a message.”

He couldn’t bare it.

The hurt.

The pain.

The knives stabbing him.

The aching in his heart.

The guilt.

How could he do such a thing to her? How did she survive this?

He cried until his eyes shed no more, until his jaw hurt. His hair and bed were a mess. Pictures of Y/N and him sprawled all over his sheets and wooden floor.

He turned on his T.V., hoping something–anything–can steer his mind off her, but alas fate hates him.

There she was.

Looking like a goddess from the oceans below. Dressed in a coral colored dress. The color making her face glow, bringing out her eyes and going so well with her complexion.

The lights reflected on the sparkles sprinkled at her chest, making them glisten. The top half of her dress being covered in different colored rhinestones. The straps were barely visible on her shoulder, due to being covered with her long locks. The lower part of her dress fanned out, reaching to the lower part of her thigh.

Her hair, her beautiful raging hair, in long curls trailing down her back and ending just below her knees.

He missed combing his hands through those long strands. Smelling all the fruit she would mix with her shampoo to give it an extra unique smell.


Her name was being screamed repeatedly by reporters and fans. Asking for just a glance, or a word out of her.

In the past eight months Y/N’s singing career had skyrocketed. With endless coming songs pouring out of her, she became one of the “Top Ten Celebrities”.

She was known worldwide. For her looks, her personality, her music and her hair, as funny and weird as that may sound.

“Y/N!” A voice yelled loudly, catching Y/N’s attention.

“Haz?” Y/N questioned, not sure if she was seeing things or not. Another familiar voice caught her attention, causing Y/N to ask, “Harry?”

“Y/N!” Both boys yelled at the same time, confirming her suspicions.

“Oh My God!” Y/N exclaimed, spreading her arms out wide for both boys to tackle her into a bear hug. “I’ve missed you both so much!” she breathed.

Through their excitement, the boys only managed an, “Us too,”

“How are you both? How’s your family?” Y/N quizzed taking both boys in.

“He misses you,” Harry said, flashing a sympathetic smile towards her.

“You know that’s not what I meant,” Y/N scolded softly, but that was what she had meant.

She worried about him, when it should have been the other way around. She missed him, when it should have been the other way around.

“Listen, I need to go, my concert starts in thirty minutes. I would love to talk to you after my show.” Y/N hurriedly said, walking backstage with Haz and Harry.

“Alright, break a leg.” Haz said, flashing a bright smile. Before both boys could walk off to their seats, Y/N stopped them.

“Wait,” Y/N whisper-yelled, “d-does he—I-I mean—does he still think about me?” she finally managed to get out.

Harrison and Harry looked at each other, giving off a silent sign while Y/N waited impatiently.

“All the time,” they both revealed at the same time as if it had been rehearsed. Like they knew she was going to ask.

Y/N nodded, letting those three words course through her mind.

She walked onto the stage, her silver stilettos clicking on the wood as she waved at her fans with a proud smile. Her heart raced inside her chest, hoping he was watching her right now.

“How’s everyone tonight!” she spoke into her mic, her voice echoing through out the giant arena, bouncing off the walls and into the ears of her fans, who were cheering and whistling as loud as possible, “I’m beyond thankful and ecstatic that you could all make it here just to listen to me,” The crowd erupted in another wave of cheers, “and I hope that you all enjoy what I’ve prepared for you tonight,” with the last word the crowd roared with excitement and the first notes of the song struck.

Taking in a deep breath she calmed her nerves and tried to relax her rigid posture.

Baby even though I hate ya
I wanna love ya
I want you you you
And even though I can’t forgive ya
I really want to
I want you you you
Tell me, tell me baby
Why can’t you leave me
‘Cause even though I shouldn’t want it
I gotta have it
I want you you you

The audience sang along with Y/N, screaming out their favorite parts or doing the wave. The amount of support her fans have given her was what had gotten her here, and to see them all smiling and having a swell time motivated her voice even more.

She got more enthusiastic and content with the lyrics, letting all her emotion flow through the walls and bounce into the ears of her proud audience.

I know you’re never gonna wake up
I gotta give up
But it’s you you you
I know I shouldn’t ever call back
Or let you come back
But it’s you you you
Every time you touch me
And say you love me
I get a little bit breathless
I shouldn’t want it
But it’s you you you


Tom Holland and his interviewer, Kevin, sat down. Both smiling and giving each other a “good-afternoon,”

“So,” Kevin started, holding his cards of which he held with all his questions from the fans, “how have you been?”

I hate my life.

“Well enough,” Tom answered, trying to hold back the truth.

“Good. Good.” Kevin said, thinking something odd of Tom’s answer. “So some of the fans have been going crazy lately with the new reveal of Y/N Y/L/N’s new song.”

Her name pulled at his heart, but all he did was smile and nod, telling Kevin to continue on. “Well, you see, most— actually scratch that—practically everyone who follows and keeps up with the both of you have their suspicions that she wrote the song about you.”

“Uh…” Tom stuttered having no idea what to say.

Yes, his fans had called him out on the song. Bombarding him with questions as to if the song was truly about him.

“Though she hasn’t yet confirmed our suspicions, we were wondering if you had taken a listen to it.”

“Um, yes. I have heard her new song, but I do doubt that it’s about me.” Tom managed to get out through his nervous state.

“Well, you are in a relationship with a girl currently, Taliah Jones?” Kevin asked with a suggestive eyebrow.

“Uh…” Tom stuttered once again, he scratched the back of his neck with complete awkwardness, “we um…— broke up a while back actually.” He revealed.

Gasps were heard from his fans, even Kevin seemed completely shocked that he almost fell off his chair.

But little did Tom Holland know Y/N Y/L/N was watching the whole thing.


She felt she should’ve been there for him. To comfort him and hold him in her arms, but then she remembered how he had crushed her. How he wasn’t there for her when she needed him.

She completely regretted the letters she had sent him. Especially the one he read last night. The one the really struck him in the heart. The letter that made him feel like his mind was on fire, his heart was being stabbed with a thousand knives and he was standing on needles and nails.

“I hope you love her. I hope she makes you want to touch the stars. I hope she makes you want to dance. I hope she makes you want to tell her how amazing she is all the time. I hope you lose her. I hope you feel the pain in your heart. I hope you cry at night, trying to hold yourself together. I hope that when you lose her, you will lose yourself too. I hope so because then you would finally know how it felt when I thought you and I were forever, but you left me for her.”

Back then she really hated him, but also loved him. She wrote those letters to expose her anger and pain. But now that she sees how much he’s actually hurting, how his eyes are breaking from the inside and how he couldn’t hide it for much longer, she regretted it.

His forest was burning. His orbs were shattering. His sea was draining.

But she didn’t know that the moment he left her was when all his suffering had begun. She was his anchor, but he untied her from him and let her go and found someone else. She held his life in her hands, but it slipped once he slammed the door, indicating their time together was over.

He made the biggest mistake of his life when he walked out the door without a second glance, and once he realized what it was, it was too late.

But it wasn’t.

He just had to find her, make her believe in him again. Restore her trust in him.

And in order for him to do that, he was going to need some help.

Big time.


“J-just get her to come, okay?” Tom begged his brothers and best friend. His eyes twinkling with pleas of help.

Harry, Sam and Harrison sighed heavily, “Fine,” they answered.

“Thank you. Thank you.” he praised

“But,” Sam said, stopping Tom from thanking him any further, “she may not forgive you. You have to understand you hurt her…a lot.

“I know,” Tom shamefully responded, “but I’m hoping that she’ll love what I’m doing for her tonight.”

Harrison sighed, sending Tom an encouraging smile, “All right, but don’t be disappointed if she doesn’t take you back, Mate.”

He was hoping that wouldn’t have to happen.


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Tamagotchi M!X Dream M!X Version Details!

Bandai Japan has just released some information on the previously leaked Tamagotchi M!X Dream M!X version. The Dream M!X version is the newest addition to the Tamagotchi M!X lineup in Japan, it joins the 4 other versions (Melody, Spacy, 20th Annniversay, & Sanrio).

The Dream M!X comes into beautiful colors, pink, and blue. Both colors feature not only a beautiful pastel colored shell but rhinestones in the shape of a bow right above the screen. Each Dream M!X version also features a beautiful “glitter sheet” that sits underneath the faceplate. The pink features dark pink buttons, and a blue glitter sheet, where as the blue dark blue buttons and a pink glitter sheet.

New characters are of course being added to this version, and they’re some of your favorite Dream Town characters! Yumemitchi, Kiraritchi, and Spacytchi will be the three featured Dream Town characters that you will not only be able to raise, but of course be able to marry and create awesome mixed offsprings!

What would a new Tamagotchi be without new locations? Of course you’ll be able to visit Dream Town and the many other locations within Dream Town such as Dream School where you can see your favorite teachers, and even take some dance lessons with Mr. Micchi! Take a trip to Music Cafe where you can enjoy delicious foods and great company.

The exclusive items are really awesome on the Dream M!X that you can purchase in Dream Town! The Yume Kira Bag is one of our favorites, which is Yumemitchi and Kiraritchi’s transformation bags, which transform themselves into any occupation/job such as idols. Using the Yume Kira Bag will also make Yumecantchi appear! Other items include a microphone, a beautifully decorated microphone, dream companion hat for your Tamagotchi to wear, and Yumemitchi’s limousine!

The Tamagotchi M!X Dream M!X version will be able to connect with all the other M!X versions for truly awesome mixes. Although information is limited right now it is expected that Bandai might be showing off the Dream M!X at the Tokyo Toy Show on June 4th in Japan. Bandai Japan has the Dream M!X listed for an open price, but we are sure it will carry a similar price as the other M!X versions. The Dream M!X version will be available in Japan starting on July 15th 2017, just one day before the M!X’s 1 year anniversary!

How excited are you about the Dream M!X version? Will you be getting one?

todays damage: red tee that says “i make boys cry” in white, brown 90s tank, grommet belts in 6 colors, rhinestone belt (fav), colourpop highlighter + lipstick, red liquid liner from nyx, white patent leather platform gogo boots, cinnamon perfume oil (pure cinnamon is my… signature scent), base nail polish ive been sorely needing, rolling rack 4 depop, jewelry pliers + silver hardware for jewelry making, snap clips 4 accessorizing, lysine pills 4 mi skin

tomorrow’s: electric kazoo + mini amplifier