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“Steven is a more groundbreaking main character than Connie would be!! He’s a nice and sensitive boy!!!1″

obnoxiously cute comment, Jhenniffer-Luanne, but “nice and sensitive boy”?

not as new a concept as an anxious Indian girl going on sci-fi adventures with gem aliens and getting stronger in the process.


Her faith carried him with her.
He didn’t want to disturb the silence as they rested against each other, hurting and relaxed, listening to the hum of machinery and the distant billowing of fires. He stowed thoughts of old missions and thoughts of the future away; decided to focus on what he could see and hear and smell for the last moments of his life on Scarif.
When Cassian Andor died, he would be ready, and he would be content.

white people need to fucking stop speaking over ace people of color and telling us we’re being racist for headcanoning characters of color as ace

my existence as an ace person of color is not inherently racist. i am allowed to want representation. ace headcanons of characters of color by ace people of color are not to be blamed for the desexualization or oversexualization of people of color. i am not responsible for my own oppression.


Eye colors - Default Replacement + Non-default
and Glowing Eyes for Vampires (Default Replacement + Non-default)

!!  To use these Vampires’ glowing eyes,you need The Sims 4 Vampires Game Pack  !!


ヴァンパイア用の光る目も追加しました。(ヴァンパイア用は「The Sims 4 Vampires」ゲームパックが必要です)



So just between us, everybody’s putting on a really brave face but I think they’re all really scared because I can’t imagine losing you… It’s too much to imagine but that is not going to happen, is it? My man is too strong for that. So why don’t you surprise us all and open those beautiful blue eyes and take my breath away like you know you do. Just open those eyes. And see me like no eyes ever have. And I’ll be right here waiting.


Gee Willikers  Hair ! 

+ New mesh!

+ DINE OUT REQUIRED (vampires probs not but if it doesnt work for those without that pack tell me) 

+ Baby bangs on the Dine Out hair. Longer and volume-r in the back. 

+ All 18 EA colors, I only replaced the S&Ps with my favorite actions for those. They are more like a really dark grey and muted brown now. 

+ Not hat compatible. Maybe one day~. 


i’m thinkin of changing my blog’s colors back to the old dark purple theme i had going on because i’m not really feelin the whole pastel pink thing anymore

not even sure if i really liked it in the first place

Witchtip #2

If you can’t burn candles, or need to be discreet about spells, replace the color candle you need with the right color popsicle. They come in a vast amount of colors and flavors, and can be allowed to melt down just like a candle.

Here are some examples:

  • Red: Cherry or Watermelon
  • Purple: Grape
  • Green: Lime
  • Orange: Orange
  • Yellow: Banana or Lemon (You can also use lemonade to make your own)
  • Blue; Blueberry

Another idea is to use your favorite drinks, with the right color or correspondences for the kind of ingredients, to make your own combinations. Literally any drink you can safely mix or freeze, could be used this way. And if your hiding it, just say you heard about a new drink mix or combination, and wanted to try it. It’s all about your intent. You can just use regular ice cube trays to freeze the mixes in. Best part is, you can safely dispose of most of them down the drain once melted. Or drink them, still~!

Updates to look out for: *updated*

1. Kowagaranai de, Soba ni Itte

2. 19 Days

Comment: THIS IS GETTING WAY OUT OF HAND. I’ve said that I was ready to welcome any developments in their relationship but hell, I haven’t even really started. I am neither mentally, emotionally, nor physically ready for any of this. WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME OLD XIAN? *cries 19 rivers

3. Junjou Romantica

4. Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi

5. Waruiko Series

6. Koketsu Dining *still hoping

7. Ten Count

8. Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai

9. Kuchizuke wa Uso no Aji

10. Seito Kaichou ni Chuukoku

11. Jackass! Sawatte Ii tte Dare ga Itta yo! Hana to Junketsu

Comment: I still can’t believe that Jackass! is over *cries stocking colored tears* Anyhow, to replace this is an interesting vampire themed story. I’m really looking forward to this.

12. Kuroneko Kareshi Mashita no Fudanshi-kun

Comment: It’s safe to say that the Kuroneko Kareshi series is over so every thing else moves up!

13. Kore wa Koi ni Fukumaremasuka?

Comment: There has so far only been one update and things are looking good for this one.

14. Ote o Haishaku

What this is: Hand fetish

15. Mahoroba Days

16. Kachou Fuugetsu

17. Oita ga Sugiru wa Koneko-chan

18. Kocchi Muitte Waratte

anonymous asked:

What do you use to make those nice palletes?


Thank you! I’m glad people like these palettes!

As for what I use to make them… well, I explained it not too long ago, but here’s a bit more info on my method!

I usually try to pick a gem with colors I think might work for the palette or that could give me enough colors to work with.

Take this Carnelian, for example:

Taking the original link to the picture, I paste it on this site. The result should be similar to this:

What I like about this site is that it gives me a lot of different colors to work with, without having to download any pictures! (although you can use your own if you have them, too). This allows me to work a bit faster on my palettes.

Then, it’s just a matter of eyedropping the results I got and put them on this template I made long ago:

I replace the colors by using a Clipping Mask (be it in Photoshop, SAI or any other drawing program). Now, you of course don’t have to use this template if you don’t want to, but this is the way I do it!

I try to pick colors that don’t clash visually with one another, so I usually draw a line with each color over the others to make sure it looks right:

See how the line I drew clashes agaist the fourth color? It usually means those two colors wouldn’t fit so well together.

Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t use them together, as long as you know where and how much to use each of them! Colors like these might work nicely for accents sometimes!

However, to make sure everything works alright, I usually just choose a differet one that works well with the rest:

There you have it! It’s kind of a long explanation, but I wanted to make sure you understood what I use for this clearly >u< If you have any other question about this, feel free to send another ask!

Hope this helps!

- Mod Tourmaline