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Ma sérigraphie pour la Maison Tellier, Amazone, est en vente au prix de 40 euros sur :


Today my professor was like “I want you (me, specifically, since I’m the only costume major in the class) to have five costume sketches and colored renderings, along with two or three fully rendered environments, all mounted on presentation boards cut with clean, even lines by Wednesday,” and I was like “haha nah that isn’t going to happen, I’ll give you five costume sketches and renderings but that’s it” because I could be awake and not go to my other classes (for which I have work) and not shower or eat and work on his assignment for the full 48 hours and still not finish like does he not understand how time works?

mirukusheku  asked:

what kind of clothing does Hye-Rin like to wear? could you possibly draw out some outfits she'd wear, or just sum up her style in general?

She loves pastel colors and cat prints on clothing.

This gif is comprised of the pages of a lithograph color separation proof book from the Louis Prang papers (Prang was one of the premier lithographers in Boston in the 19th century). This particular lithographic print is made out of 18 different color plates - the pages on the left show the individual plates and the pages on the right show how the print looks after each color is added. With apologies to houghtonlib for biting their style, but this was an excellent idea!

For more on the process of chromolithography, and this proof book in particular, see this blog post.

Color separation proof book, circa 1890. Louis Prang papers, Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.


Milly Advertising Rebrand by Sagmeister & Walsh

“MILLY (by Michelle Smith) wanted to rebrand their advertising and communications to reflect the attributes of their new collections: edgy, irreverent, bold and colorful. When Michelle established the MILLY brand it gained fast recognition for its retro & vintage inspired looks merging American silhouettes with French atelier style. While Michelle has kept emphasis on impeccable details and high-end custom fabrics, the style has shifted towards bolder and more fashion forward looks. We worked closely with MILLY on a rebrand campaign that reflected this evolution. We kept the existing logo mark but evolved it through animation and placement. Whether the logo grows flowers, freezes over in ice, or is painted onto a woman’s body; each application can reflect the themes and inspirations of the most recent seasons clothing line and patterns.”

Sagmeister & Walsh is a NYC based design firm that creates identities, commercials, websites, apps, films, books and objects for clients, audiences and themselves. 


I heard something about his birthday’s coming up??? that he’s 18!? well whatever this was my first video game and honestly one of my all time favs. I miss seeing the guy in games as he used to be. 




「Cage Catastrophe」

Chapter 1 END

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Ah, there are tons of inconsistencies throughout chapter 1. I’m planning to redraw it and possibly turn it into a comic book zine (more info in tags muahaha) I don’t know if people would buy that though so let me know in this poll so I can plan out what I can do :’D

But anyway! >w< The long awaited conclusion to chapter 1! Will be on a hiatus for now but chapter 2 will definitely happen! But for now, I’m gonna do my own AU series~

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