color per person

Coloring tutorial

This one’s requested by anon. I did this all on my own. it’s basically just experimenting with stuff.

Program used: Photoshop CS6 (yes I know I have CC 2017 but making tutorials is easier on CS6)

Okay so this is the gif I used:

Step 1: first make/open your gif (and adjust it the way you want.)

What I’m going to eplain now is how I do it. How the coloring gifs look, differs per person. The best way is to just experiment with it and don’t hold onto one thing. Maybe you want to start with the Vibrance or Contrast, that’s entirely up to you. But this is how I usually work:

Step 2: click the half circle button and click Brightness/Contrast

Step 3: adjust the Brightness to your liking. Because this gif has a lot of dark shades, I want to increase the Brightness. I leave the Contrast out of it because it usually makes the gif a bit darker and I don’t want that at this moment.

Step 4: click the half circle button and click Vibrance. For this gif I increase it to 100 because it makes everything just a bit more colorful.

Step 5: click the half circle button and click Exposure. Now I want to make it darker. Here I experiment with Offset. I suggest you to keep it between -0,1 and 0

Step 6: now we want his hair to be a bit more greener. Click the half circle button and click Hue/Saturation. Decide what color you want to isolate and choose that color from the menu that currently says Master. We want to select green. Increase the saturation of green to about 33.

Step 8: we’re donesave the file :)



So I hope this helped you all! If you want me to do more tutorials, just let me know :)

Wow holy dang guess who really likes drawing dragons and decided ‘hey, you know who else likes dragons? Flight Rising people!’. So in a combination of many good things your best friend rhobi has opened up Flight Rising Dragon commissions!

Here on tumblr i’m opening 10 slots, where on the flight rising art forums i’ll open another 10! Please, only one slot per person, tumblr or flight rising.

  1. finchfeelsfine
  2. ofrooksandkings
  3. roombadragons

Here are the Rules:

  • This is for the FLIGHT RISING DRAGONS only. No gijinkas please!
  • Only one Full Body/Flat Color dragon per person.
  • Any special minor details to your dragon’s pattern or clothes? Scars? Special eyes? Just tell me! I’ll 100% include them!
  • If you want a special pose, please let me know. Otherwise i’m going to improv the pose.
  • I need either a drawn reference of your dragon and/or the image of your dragon straight from flight rising! I’ll work with either.

All payments are upfront but i promise the turnout will be very quick! Drawings will be first come, first serve. The slot openings will be open for the week of May 8th-14th, and i’ll start drawing right on the 15th. Payments go through invoices on paypal, so when you message me i’ll be needing your email! Y’all drop me a message and getchya self a DRAGON!

cloversdreams  asked:

OK I swear I'll stop after this.... but I just had a thought.... either Shinsou or Bakugou in 46 because PINK! haha... feel free to either surprise me or ignore me... either is fine ^^

lol it became bakushin - [x]

pls dont ask me for context idk why they’re doing that ;_;


I’m really happy to announce that I’m opening up commissions! 


  • Flat Image: $5USD
  • Full Color: $10USD
  • +$5USD per additional person
  • Prices may vary

Will Draw:

  • OCs
  • Shipping 
  • Very slight NSFW

Will NOT Draw:

  • Extremely NSFW/Gore
  • Mecha 
  • Animals
  • Complicated backgrounds

For more examples of my art check out my art tag

If it’s a character I don’t usually draw please provide references. Please be ready to answer questions about any details. 

Payments will be made through Paypal (Here’s a quick tutorial if you don’t know how). I will begin working on the commission once payment has been received. 

Interested or have a question? Message me and we can get started! A reblog shows support too! Thanks!


Hey everyone! Here’s my cleaned up commission information:

I will have 10 slots open at a time, but if you don’t make any of them, I’ll make sure that you are the first to be chosen in the next batch. (Commissions will be closed until I finish all 10. I’ll be sure to post if commissions are closed.)

If you’re interested, feel free to send me an ask or e-mail me at and we’ll get started!

Detailed information on prices and where to send are below:

Black and White - $10-$15 (This depends on what format of black and white you would like it in. It can range from lineart to monochromatic, with either flat grays in Photoshop or screen tones with Manga Studio debut.)

Flat Colors - $15

Color Palette -$20-$25 ( A flat color commission with a limited palette  of 2-6 colors.)

Full Color - $25

Other details:

One commission per person please, if you would like me to do other ones for you I’ll accept it in the next batch.

For all categories the price may change slightly depending on how much detail/more elements you want in your commission.

For multiple characters in a commission the first two are free with every character after costing $5 each.

Especially for larger projects, I will make sure to keep you up to date with the progress and send you the final version so you can approve it before I post it (for this I would ask that you have a submit box or e-mail available but if you prefer another way for me to contact you please let me know.) This means that I will send you thumbnails so you can decide on a composition you like, inks, color and what not so you know exactly how the image is going until it’s complete.

I am now open for NSFW commissions! This certainly means I won’t draw everything, so make sure to give me the details and I’ll tell you whether I’m alright doing it or not. Also, be sure you re 18 or older for this!

All finished commissions will be posted on my blog with a link to your URL as well as sent directly to you through e-mail. If you prefer to have it posted on your own blog or other site then please ask me and if I am ok with it make sure to credit me with a link to my url or what not. If you do so without my permission I will ask for you to take it down from your blog or other site.

Please don’t use or change the commissions you requested after I have completed them. It may be your commission, but it’s still my art.

If, for any reason, I cannot do your commission after you have payed me, I will inform you and return your money back.

My paypal is

If you have trouble with paypal feel free to let me know and I can help!

Thank you!


So…it came to this. Which makes me incredibly sad but I’m gonna have to quit my job, I’m miserable at my work, coming home every night exhausted and berated my co-worker keeping myself busy with menial tasks that are driving me insane. I’ve come home crying for several days, I’m depressed, frustrated, unhappy, exhausted, sick and I can’t do it anymore. 

With that being said I’ll be able to open up commissions full time between my part time job and job hunting to help pay my bills and keep a roof over my head and because they’re full time and emergency they’re a lot cheaper so I can do a lot more.


Icons- 15$ with 5$ per extra character.

All icons are colored

-25$ per torso shot +5 per extra character

 -30$ per torso shot +10 per extra character

-35$ for full body sketch +5 per extra person

-45$ for full body color +10 per extra person

Please send all payments in full to my payal:


These are particularly low because I need to be able to take quite a few of them a day to earn enough to live.

If you can’t get anything I always appreciate a reblog or word of mouth works awesome too! Thank you so much!

The ideal is to be able to make at least 80$ a day which is how much I was being paid at my current job but more is always good and i’ll still take whatever I can get.

I’ll have 10 slots open at all times from now on too!!

I’ll be creating a patreon which will include:

-early access to my works, including downloadable psds.


-a monthly drawing to all my patrons exclusively based on a vote,

-tutorials of the patrons’ choice,


- monthly gifts (some of which may be physical items) depending on the level of donating.

Thank you guys again for helping me through this rocky stage of my life!



The Los Lunaticos Bravos Zine is a compilation of artworks and literary works by fans of Philippine History and Culture. The LLB group aims to showcase local talent that has been influenced, in some way or other, by the movie Heneral Luna. 

LLB Zine Artwork Guidelines:

  • A4 size, 300 dpi, portrait
  • one full illustration or comics
  • full color or grayscale
  • one entry per person 
  • can be any medium!
  • but you have to digitize your work ie. scan or take a photo
  • save as .jpeg
  • old works are welcome as long as we’re allowed to publish them

A4 PSD Guide can be downloaded here!

For written works, you can put your work in a .docx or .pdf file, or make a Google Docs file and share it with us. If your work has a certain layout, please mention it in the email.

For zine submissions, please send your work to:

With the subject:

And the following details:

  • your name or alias (eg. Det Guiamoy or Dettsu)
  • where people can find you online (eg., @chuvaness on twitter/IG, etc.)
  • your location (eg. Makati, Metro Manila; Alaminos, Pangasinan etc.)
  • what you do (eg. student, call center agent, intergalactic earth ambassador, etc.)


If you have questions, please message me!