color palette practice


Congratulations on 5 16 million subscribers Jack and the entire jacksepticeye community! Sam hopped out of his tank with cake and balloons just to celebrate!

that was the caption on the very first fanart i made for jack back on june 11, 2015. and that 11 million subscriber fanart was the first one i did with my new drawing tablet.

Jack reblogging that 5 million subscriber fanart was one of the reasons i started to draw again. and his constant interaction and support in this loving community is what encouraged me to keep going with it. I’m so thankful to be a part of this community, whose creativity always motivates me to keep trying new things. 

Thanks for everything, you guys

*casually decides to do one of these things for practice* 

Send me a character from a show (assuming I’ve seen it) with a palette and I’ll draw ‘em. 

I’m stopping at 10 requests for the time being as a heads up, so first come first serve

Color palette credit to (won’t let me tag for some reason??)


the goal was to see how Soft™ i could make a drawing look

~send me a character + a color palette!~


Guess what fandom is “hellbent” on haunting me again? XD

I think this is one of those rare weeks where i have a lot of creative energy, but but everything I doodle turns out……blah, XP.

Either way, I wanted to do some color palettes so here’s some colorful Lewis, Vivi and Arthur.

mightykyleaimi  asked:

i think a cherry soda reshiram would be cool