color palette entries


New Year’s Design Resolution #2:

Be fearless with color. Timeless neutrals are great, but color evokes emotion and displays personality. A bonus? It’s super easy to change when you’re ready for something else. So this year is for painting the walls with colors that say something, for color blocking an entryway or brightening the ceiling, and for adding a bold hue (or two!) to the unexpected.

It’s a new year. Get to it. 

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so I got this idea for a story/comic

it’s like.. a post-apocalyptic world where people live in the remnants of forests and run down buildings.  They still have guns and stuff but those are rare to come by so they mostly fight with knives, etc.  Most people survive on their own cause they can’t find anyone else, but those who find other living people live in small colonies.

Now that I see it all written down, it seems like a zombie apocalypse minus the zombies xDDD

anyways, made for the color palette project thing (Mucha Nouveau APC)